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July 19, 2018

From the desks of:

David Phillips, President of Rainbow Currency Foundation
Cate Kozikowski, CEO of Unicorn Network, Inc.
Dan Settgast, CEO of SafeZone, Inc.

Dear Rainbow Currency Holders,

As you know, our Rainbow Currency has been created to become your everyday money all around the world. It is our goal to combine the benefits of blockchain technology with the high standards of the Unicorn Network and the SafeZone.

We thought that with our 2-wallet system we would bring you the safety and privacy of our network, and at the same time the freedom and transparency of the blockchain. But unfortunately, it turned out that the cryptocurrency market is even worse than expected.

The public, anonymous blockchains are full of hackers, fraudsters, and other criminals. On top of that, unregulated exchanges allow dumpsters and fraudsters to play their games, as well as they accept that criminals use their platforms to sell stolen cryptocurrency. Many exchanges manipulate the prices of cryptocurrencies with bots – an automated software that is set up to trigger more transactions from currency holders by dropping or raising the price as they wish.

Within the last few months, we have seen several hacking attempts, an exchange that closed overnight, leaving hundreds or even thousands of currency holders in the dark, losing all their coins (among them more than 120 million TWNKL). Another exchange, after we reported a criminal who has stolen about 70 million TWNKL, never did refund the balance, even worse, they never reported to us the outcome of their investigations. The same exchange is ignoring us for several weeks now, not answering to six(!) emails and requests to delist our currency from their exchange.

The main wallet provider for the Ether blockchain has been threatened by successful phishing attempts 2 times in just a few weeks. Other exchanges have been hacked, have been closed by governments or law enforcement authorities, or simply turned out as criminals, stealing coins from their customers.


Even the price for Bitcoin (BTC) is under official investigation for manipulation, and more and more vendors stop accepting Bitcoins and other leading cryptocurrencies because of the high volatility and the unknown sources of the funds (criminal activities, money laundering, tax fraud).

Anyway, most of the cryptocurrency holders are not interested in using their coins for spending, they bought BTC and other coins/tokens as an investment, believing pied pipers who told them that the value of these coins have potential to multiply overnight. Since December 2017, most investors lost 60% to 80% even on popular coins, while more than 70% of all ICOs from 2017 are already wiped out with 100% loss for the investors.

It was never our intention to be a part of this dirty industry. Our Rainbow Currency has been created to be the first safe, secure, transparent and at the same time private virtual currency that can be used every day for your everyday spending.

Since the ICO of our Rainbow Currency we have analyzed the national and international market for cryptocurrencies, and we found out after a few weeks that it is impossible to reach our goals on a public blockchain.

Thus, after consulting several experts, we decided to create our own blockchain, private and exclusively for our Rainbow Currency. We named it the TwnklChain, and it will be set up on a special, powerful, highly secure server network within our SafeZone.


100% Secure

TwnklChain has all the security features of modern blockchain technology. It is impossible to manipulate transactions, and it is impossible to create additional coins, once a currency is created.

100% Private             

A big drawback of public blockchains is that everybody can see every detail of every transaction as well as every balance of every wallet. It is like posting your bank statements on Facebook. With TwnklChain, nobody but you can see your balances, and nobody can retrieve any personal data from transactions.

100% Transparent

Nevertheless, TwnklChain is fully transparent. Every interested person can check at any time the total supply of coins as well as the ledger of all transactions. For each transaction, there will be the transaction ID, the hash, the timestamp, the amount, the value, and the status displayed.

100% Fast

Public blockchains suffer from very long transaction times, literally making instant payments impossible. With TwnklChain we are set up for processing thousands of payments per second, which adds up to more than 100 million transactions per day.

100% Cheap

Especially in busy times, not only transaction times, but transaction fees explode on public blockchains. How does it make sense to pay $50 fee to pay for a $5 coffee? With TwnklChain, there is a fair and low fee for transactions: 0.1% per transaction with a minimum fee of 0.001 TWNKL and a maximum fee of 1,000 TWNKL. Paying $5 for a coffee with TWNKL is a tiny fee of a half (0.5) U.S. Cent in value.

100% Legal

The TwnklChain is legal in every aspect, and it is prepared for the future. For example, Governments might establish a transaction tax or other forms of fees. On top of that, we already fulfill all requirements for being an official substitute currency for Euros. Every currency holder needs to go through an identification process, which is a nightmare for all the bad guys, because they love the anonymity of public blockchains.

100% Convenient

Making payments with TwnklChain is convenient and easy. The PerNumPay App just needs the amount and the PerNums of sender and receiver, all secured by your random One-time PIN. Our payments are faster than any other form of payment with comparable security features.

Another huge drawback of other cryptocurrencies is the high volatility. Thus, it is hard for merchants to accept payments in virtual currencies because they never know what the value will be tomorrow. This is due to another big challenge for most cryptocurrencies: instead of being used as a form of payment, their main purpose is being traded. Most people holding virtual currencies hold them as an investment. Unfortunately, trading is not creating any value, and the inner value of most cryptos is zero. So, even for Bitcoin this means that without demand the value must drop to zero one day if no ‘real’ demand is created. Because of this risk, and because of manipulations, we can see a high volatility. The more a virtual currency is traded, the more volatility you will see.


Rainbow Currency is not created for trading, it is created as a new, convenient currency for everyday payments. A minimum value has been established to minimize the volatility, which is crucial for currency holders as well as for businesses. Once a TWNKL economy with thousands or even millions of vendors is established, the value per TWNKL will naturally go up based on supply and demand, and with a steadily growing economy the value per TWNKL should go one direction only – up!

We have already achieved a lot. Real estate, solar power, online marketing, eBooks, and daily auctions for goods and services have been paid for in TWNKL. And we are already negotiating with car dealers, hotels, restaurants, and local shops and service providers about accepting TWNKL. The three keys to success are ‘legal’, ‘easy to implement’, and ‘stable value’. With our TwnklChain we have all that covered.

Now, what does the implementation of TwnklChain mean for our current TWNKL based on the Ethereum blockchain?

All existing TWNKL need to be moved back into the SafeZone, so that we can do the switch to TwnklChain. This should happen as soon as possible. All exchanges will be informed that after the switch TWNKL cannot be traded anymore in their systems. The only exchange for TwnklChain will be CCS. As a side effect, we can refund those members who lost TWNKL at OctaEx with proof of balance. Of course, we will not allow any fraudsters to switch their old TWNKL into new TWNKL.

After the switch, old TWNKL will no longer have any value, and new TWNKL will be traded at a minimum price of US$0.01 exclusively at CCS. Now, here is an important message for those who think that the current value at the other exchanges is the ‘real’ value, and the US$0.01 is manipulated:

98% of the Rainbow Currency is in the SafeZone, only 2% are on the public blockchain. The transaction volume (without same person wallet-to-wallet transfers) has been less than US$25,000 value in total within the last 10 days, while the transaction volume within the SafeZone has been more than 14 million USD in the same period at US$0.01 per TWNKL. We all, as the founders and creators have the right to give our currency any feature that we think is needful to protect our currency and to reach our goals. For sure, this has nothing to do with manipulation, it is protection in the interest of all currency holders.


The following message is for those who need to sell TWNKL because of their personal financial situation. We know that some of you are forced right now to sell your TWNKL far below the minimum value, and that you might think that if it is hard to find a buyer at US$0.0004, how would anybody buy at CCS at the minimum price of US$0.01. Please understand that right now many businesses as well as private users hold back from buying TWNKL because of the low and volatile value at the exchanges. As soon as there are no TWNKL available below US$0.01, they will start buying at CCS, and step by step we will see bigger volumes of trading than we have now at lower prices.

Therefore, you should remove your TWNKL from external exchanges as soon as possible. With every single TWNKL at external exchanges, you support the rotten system of hackers, dumpsters, fraudsters, criminals, and unregulated exchanges. If you want to do something good for you and for our Rainbow Currency, transfer your TWNKL from exchanges and other public wallets back into the SafeZone as soon as possible. This needs to happen anyway before August 15, because this is the planned day for the switch from Ethereum blockchain to TwnklChain. If we have all TWNKL back in the SafeZone earlier than August 15, we might be able to do the switch even earlier.

Now let us talk about what is changing for you, the TWNKL holders. In the first step, nothing changes, your PerNum wallet stays exactly the same with all balances. In the second step, you will see many improvements: more and more businesses will accept Rainbow Currency, more and more users will join our network, and more and more governments will accept Rainbow Currency as an alternative form of payment.

Thus, we need a powerful, and at the same time easy to handle app for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, which fulfills all legal requirements in different jurisdictions. On the same day when we will move our Rainbow Currency to the TwnklChain we will launch our brand new PerNumPay App.

You will experience the most convenient payment process ever, paired with maximum privacy and maximum security. Business owners will find all legal requirements fulfilled, especially the exact value of transaction in their national fiat currency, which is needed for the calculation of VAT to be paid. Additionally, the value is important for proper accounting.

As far as we know, no other cryptocurrency has the same level of privacy, security, and convenience to become a part of your daily life.


Here are some screenshots of our brand new PerNumPay app:

The login process is the same as you know it from our websites.

After login you can make a payment, or you can see your transactions.

As you can see in the transaction statement, the value at the time of the transaction is displayed and stored for tax reasons, which might be crucial for the receiver as well as for the sender. What we can tell you is that we are definitely the first virtual currency fulfilling the requirements as defined by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) regarding substitute forms of payments replacing the Euro.

Now let us talk about how we make it even more attractive for businesses to accept TWNKL for goods and services:

First and most important, it is free for them to join. Second, we decided, instead of giving them a 5,000 TWNKL welcome bonus as a part of our airdrop campaign, to give them 2 CBMT Marketing Units (a 6,000 TWNKL value), so that they can use them for online marketing within our network. If they see results, they will most likely buy more, and they will offer more goods and services to be paid in Rainbow Currency. Additionally, they can order our SafeZone services for small and medium businesses. If they pay with TWNKL, they will receive a discount.

On top of that, we give businesses the option, instead of offering all their products and services, they can now try accepting TWNKL with selected exclusive offers. Let us give you an example: a hotel with let’s say 30 rooms can offer just 2, 3, or 5 rooms at a time, it is their decision.

And now imagine we would give businesses a TWNKL buy-back guarantee where they would receive 90% of the value of their TWNKL received through PerNumPay, if they don’t want to use these TWNKL for marketing instruments or other products and services in the SafeZone.

Can you imagine how easy it will be for businesses to join our network?

The more businesses are joining, the more members will spend their TWNKL within our network. And those who want or need to sell some TWNKL at CCS can do so and will see much higher trading volume than we have now at other exchanges.

Here are the highlights of today’s announcement once more:

  • Rainbow Currency will have its own blockchain named ‘TwnklChain’
  • All current TWNKL need to be transferred back into the SafeZone as soon as possible
  • TWNKL will be delisted on all exchanges but CCS
  • August 15 is the planned day for the blockchain switch
  • TWNKL will always be traded at a minimum value of US$0.01 or higher
  • The PerNumPay App will launch together with TwnklChain
  • Members who lost TWNKL at OctaEx will receive a refund

Thank you all for your trust in Rainbow Currency! As you can see, there are very exciting times ahead…

Additional webinars will be announced shortly.

Kind regards,

David Phillips
Rainbow Currency Foundation 


Cate Kozikowski 
Unicorn Network, Inc.

Dan Settgast
  SafeZone, Inc.

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