Rainbow Currency Webinar Recap
February 13, 2018
Presented by: Cate Kozikowski

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Topics in this recap:

1. Rainbow Currency Foundation Board of Directors’ election results.

2. Updates on the Rainbow Currency website and transition process.

3. PERNUMPAY payments within the SafeZone; coming soon.

4. Prize Mania re-launched.

5. Outlook on cryptocurrency strategies.


1. RCF Board of Directors election results


Alright! That was Letty, who won the Biggest Talent contest of 2017. She was the Biggest Talent of the world, and that was her new song, “Family”.

Ok, let’s get to the exciting things.

Everybody’s so excited, and I’m so excited; and so happy to be here with all of you. For those of you who don’t know, I am Cate Kozikowski, the CEO and President of the Unicorn Network; which is the company that created (and is supporting) the Rainbow Currency and the SafeZone. Today, is a very special day. We are going to share the results from the Rainbow Currency Foundation Board of Directors’ election.

So, this is a very special time in the history of the Rainbow Currency; and, as well, the Unicorn Network and SafeZone. We are so proud, and so happy to be sharing all this with everyone.

There were a number of very fine candidates who applied to be on the Board of Directors. So, definitely for everyone who put in the effort, who put their hand up, who volunteered to take part in this very special organization—we want to thank all of you. This is the “Power of We”—all of us working together towards a common goal; and our common goal is the success of our project—because privacy, security, and quality are some of the most important things for all of us. And, really, if we want it done, we need to do it—we, the “Power of We”. This is just so fantastic, and I’m so thrilled to be sharing all of this with everyone today.

Now, the candidates that put their hands up to be part of the Rainbow Currency Foundation, were from 7 different regions; and all of them are Rainbow Currency holders/owners—people who see the vision, and who have a passion for our project. You know, that’s something that all the different companies (generally, we refer to everything as “our (one) company,” but really it’s many different companies), are working together, providing the services and the quality that all of us are looking for out there.

I want to share a lot of information with you all here today. There are a lot of different things going on, and a lot of different things happening, going forward. Today, with the results of the election, this is a major milestone; where the Rainbow Currency Foundation will have the full board, so they can really strategize, and really move forward with all the updates and ideas, and various different things that everyone wants. The board members want the exact same thing. We are all Rainbow Currency owners. At least, I am; and the Board of Directors, as well, through the Rainbow Currency Foundation; and many, many, many more people around the world. And that is so fantastic.

The candidates are from 7 different regions, so that way all members, all Rainbow Currency owners can be represented by this Board of Directors for the Rainbow Currency Foundation. I’m really thrilled with how many different backgrounds the candidates came from, with varying experiences; both with cryptocurrencies and, as well, across different industries, and with different experiences within our network. Most of these candidates have been members for a number of years—some of them since the very beginning; and that is a fantastic thing. That is something that we all love to see—when our members stand up and put their hand up, and get involved more in the TEAM, in the group that is helping to bring all of this to reality for everyone.

Now I want to share with you the results. (I know I’m keeping you in suspense!) And I’m also going to go through some current updates that are happening on the Rainbow Currency website right now; and explain that to you a little bit, in case you are unaware; and, as well, talk about some vision for the future, because this is such an exciting time. There are so many different people (not just the Rainbow Currency Foundation Board), but many different people across our network who are making connections, who are doing various actions that will help everyone. This is the “Power of We”—all of us do our own little part, whatever that is. It’s all relative, and it all matters, and it all counts. So, by all of us doing these little pieces together, we can accomplish anything, we can do anything that we put our minds to. And our whole network is proof of that, because it has been created, all of it, with the “Power of We”.

So, we have 7 different regions. Let me start with the first region. So, for the region of Africa, we had many different candidates—all of them highly qualified. And, I’m happy to announce that Shafi Kaluta Abeid has been elected from the African region. Congratulations! Shafi has been with us for a long time, since the beginning; and has been active in a number of different areas; and definitely has a lot of experience, with his banking background. So, welcome aboard, Shafi!

The next region is Asia; and from Asia, we have a very qualified candidate who has been elected; and this is Alon Basis. Congratulations, Alon! He is from Israel, and he has experience in a number of different things, specifically for security and information technology. Those are great skills to bring to the board. So, congratulations, and welcome aboard!

Now, the next region is Europe. The candidate who has been chosen, also has been a member for a long time; and she brings with her, a number of experiences and skills, both in business and also communications in many ways. This is Lora Bilger. So, congratulations, Lora. She is from Germany; and definitely, “Welcome, aboard!” So, congratulations! We’re glad to have you.

The next region would be India. Now, in India I know we had a lot of candidates—India and Africa were two of the biggest regions where people wanted to get involved. So, thank you, and congratulations to ALL of you for participating; however, we can pick only one to join the board. So, this person, also, has been a member since the beginning, so understands the vision of the SafeZone and the Unicorn Network; which will help to fully understand how everything fits together. He has a lot of technical expertise; and many of you already know him. And this is Ishaq Ali Khan; of course, from India. So, congratulations, and welcome aboard! We are glad to have you.

Now, for the next region, we have North and Central America. Again, we had a number of highly-qualified candidates in this area/region; and this person who has been chosen has also been with us since the beginning, and is involved in a number of areas in the Team; bringing with him great experience with leadership, writing, and administration; and, of course, his knowledge of the Unicorn Network, the SafeZone, and the Rainbow Currency. And, this is Anthony Wright. So, congratulations, Anthony! He is from the U.S.A., so welcome aboard. We’re glad to have you!

Now, moving on to the next region—South America. Now, this candidate actually ran uncontested; so, we’re so happy to welcome aboard Martha Isabel Castaño R., from Columbia! And she brings with her experience in addressing the public, analysis, as well as business administration, and much more. So, very cool. We’re so glad to have you with us—congratulations!

And for the final region, South Asia/Oceania. Again, this region had a lot of great candidates with lots of experience. And the person who has been chosen actually has a lot of experience in sales, communications, as well as a number of other great skills, like entrepreneurship. We’d like to welcome David Glyndwr Phillips, from New Zealand. So, welcome aboard! Congratulations.

So, congratulations to all of the participants. Definitely, we appreciate ALL of you! And just because you weren’t elected, it does not mean that it’s done, and there’s nothing left for you to do. There are always different things for you to get involved in, if you still want to help and get involved—to get more involved in the “Power of We”. The more of us come together, the faster things happen, and the more that we can create together. Definitely, we’ll have more information available very soon about how more people can get involved, and help out in various different ways. So, stay tuned for that.

Of course, as the Rainbow Currency Foundation Board of Directors has just been elected, just moments ago; so, we want to give them some time to get settled into their positions. They will need to have, of course, some meetings, and set some things up. I know that there have been a number of things already being developed; and I know everybody wants to see various different updates on the page. Definitely, Anthony and Shafi during the interim time, were listening to all of your feedback; just like all of us (here on the Team) listen to the influence of the members. That’s part of what makes this all so unique and special. Influence is one of the absolute core values of the Unicorn Network; and that transfers over to all the different projects that we participate in, and do, ourselves.

That’s just the way things should be; that people that are actually using these things—whether it’s a website, or the Twinkles, or whatever else it is—that the people who are enjoying this, who are being entertained, or who are just being a member, or however it is; that you have a say in things. And that’s what you have with the SafeZone, the Unicorn Network, and the Rainbow Currency. So, all of these people who were elected to the board, were elected by actual Rainbow Currency owners. They are owners; they were elected by owners; and now they will get into things.

I know there are a lot of things planned, and, as soon as possible, everyone will see the results of all of this. As I said, give them a little bit of time, and I’m sure within the next couple of weeks we will have some more updates for everyone, on everything moving forward.


2. Updates on the Rainbow Currency website and transition process.

I want to share with you all, some of the updates that have been happening. For those of you who have logged into the Rainbow Currency website, you will have noticed that there is a large update letter/note there, sharing with everyone what to expect during this transition process. What is happening with the Rainbow Currency website itself, is that, just as we’ve had the election results today for the Rainbow Currency Foundation Board of Directors, we are also transitioning the Rainbow Currency website to be more focused—just on the Rainbow Currency Foundation, and the Rainbow Currency itself. All of the membership information really belongs in the SafeZone and the Unicorn Network so, you will see a number of updates in the Profile section, on the SafeZone.

The Rainbow Currency Foundation is separate from those two things; while still connected, at the same time.

So, with these updates, the functions and features that we’ve previously had on Rainbow Currency will be moving to various places within the SafeZone Network, where they belong—where their final place will be. And with that, we have a number of other things planned and in the works, coming down the pipeline; so definitely, very soon, we will have many more exciting things to share with everyone.

At the same time, though, we are doing a number of things, as the note says on the Rainbow Currency website; including moving the referral and Affiliate information to We Share Success (WSS). There will be a NEW referral link that is targeting specifically the SafeZone Airdrop Campaign, which is with the Rainbow Currency; that is what is being given away in the airdrop campaign, as we know. But really, the purpose of the airdrop campaign, is to increase the membership of the SafeZone; so it is really the SafeZone who is putting on this airdrop campaign. So, you will see that information moving to We Share Success; and for those of you who are unaware, WSS is our Affiliate central. So, as we go along, you will see more and more information specifically regarding the Affiliate features, functions, and opportunities that come included with your SafeZone membership. So, that is great, and we’re very excited for those updates to be completed.

We are working on everything, absolutely as quickly as possible. We won’t give any deadlines at this point in time, but just understand that it is all happening, step by step, and as quickly as possible—always! You know, it does take some time to release things, and get them just the way we want; however, rest assured, all the teams behind the scenes, whether they are working with Rainbow Currency, the SafeZone or Unicorn Network, or one of our third-party partners—all of our teams are working diligently, efficiently, and non-stop to make all of this happen for everyone.

So, in addition to the updates you will see at We Share Success website, the transfer, the balance, and value information will be moving from the Rainbow Currency website to PERNUM, and to PERNUMPAY. You will see more information about those things coming out very soon; and, rest assured, we will keep everyone updated on the Rainbow Currency website throughout this transition, so that way everyone understands what’s happening, and the progress as it’s happening. So, keep checking that page for more information.


3. PERNUMPAY payments within the SafeZone; coming soon.

Now, there is something that I want to share with everyone, talking about the PERNUMPAY that will be coming soon. I can’t share too many details just yet, but what we will have coming (and this is specifically for the businesses participating through the airdrop campaign), are a couple of APIs that are being developed for points of sale (POS), like if you have a restaurant or a shop (a brick-and-mortar business), where you can accept Twinkle payments right then and there; and, as well, we are developing an API where you can accept payments on websites—and I’m talking about payments within the SafeZone.

So this means there are no fees, and it is instant—you don’t have to deal with all the wait time, and complicated ways of doing things on the blockchain. So, this is all happening, and I’m so happy that we’ll be able to share all of this with you very soon.

There are some little tweaks that we’re doing over the next day or so, and once those are done, we will send out an email to all of the businesses who have signed up to participate in the airdrop campaign; and we will let them know more specifically what are the next steps, and all the information that they need. So, everything is moving forward, step by step. We really are doing this; and it really is all happening.


4. Prize Mania re-launched.

In other fantastic updates, if you guys have not heard already, our website Prize Mania has been re-launched. We’re so happy to be able to share this with everyone. Prize Mania is one of our free prize-draw websites, through the Unicorn Network, which has been integrated into the SafeZone; so it is now fully a part of the SafeZone. All you need to do is log in with your SafeZone login credentials, which we also call a “SafeZone Pass”.

The cool thing about Prize Mania is that you can win a prize in six categories: ebooks, smartphones, jewelry, a surprise gift, shopping jackpot, or even a Twinkle jackpot (So you can win Twinkles!). All you have to do to play, is click to see if you’re a winner. Each drawing lasts for one hour. They’re staggered to expire every ten minutes; and if you are a winner, when you click on “CLICK TO WIN”, it will tell you “You are a winner”! Or, if you are not the winner in that particular drawing, it will tell you that you’re not the winner. All you have to do is check back during the next drawing. Each drawing is timed, so you can see when the next one starts, and how long the current one is going for. And that’s the whole thing.

The catch is simply that, if you’re a winner, you have to claim your prize. You claim your prize by clicking on the link “CLICK TO WIN”. Once you click on that link and it says, “You are a winner” you will receive an email with details on how to receive your prize. If you have any questions, you can always take a screenshot, and contact Support.

So, that is really cool. You know, so many people have won! Prize Mania has been online since 2012; and since that time over 100,000 people have claimed prizes. So, that is so cool; and some have even won real cash, and received a free trip to Las Vegas, like Sasa Krstic did! And you can read his story on the Prize Mania website https://prizemania.net. And, I’m so excited to see who our next winners will be. So, just understand, you can see the latest winners on the Prize Mania website; but just understand, if you have not claimed your prize, and you see your PerNum on that latest winners’ list, that means you’ve missed out, unfortunately.

So, it’s important, that you claim your prize while that particular drawing, when you’re a winner, happens. But otherwise, you’re free to click, and check, if you’re a winner throughout the day, as often as you like. The answer does not change during the drawing; so while you have one drawing going, and you click on it and it says, “You are not a winner”, then that will not change, unless the drawing changes. The winner is there for that whole hour, on each drawing. So, if you are the winner (in a particular drawing), you’ll see it for the whole time during that hour; or, if you’re not the winner, again, you’ll see the same message (that you are not the winner during that particular drawing). So, that is cool as well.

We have a few other updates happening on that page, in the next couple of days; but for the most part, everything is all set, and it’s very simple to play, and very cool; and we’re very excited to bring that to fruition for everyone.


5. Outlook on cryptocurrency strategies

The last point that I wanted to address for today, is for people to understand what happens on these cryptocurrency exchanges. Now, each cryptocurrency exchange is different; it’s unique; it’s its own thing. And, that is great; you know, you can decide which one suits you best. But, you also have to understand that the cryptocurrency market is one of those limitedly-regulated type of industries. We are all pioneers. I know cryptocurrencies, in general, have been around for about ten years now; however, we are still pioneering.

So, everyone who is getting involved right now—you have to kind of get that “pioneer spirit”, because we are the ones who are paving the roads that others will follow easily behind us. Definitely with Bitcoin, and everyone who has been involved with that, and Ethereum, and many of these other big cryptocurrencies have definitely paved the way before us, with the Rainbow Currency. But, at the same time, we are also paving the road for others who are coming after. So, with that, you also have to understand what you’re dealing with. Of course, I am no expert in the financial markets; so, absolutely, you need to do your own “due diligence”. You need to seek your own counsel, with experts, regarding things.

You also should understand some basics about the stock markets. The stock market, while it is completely different than a cryptocurrency market, you also see very similar behavior (in the markets), and that’s what I’m talking about here today—the behaviors you see on these different markets, because they’re very similar.

Of course, the Rainbow Currency is the currency for the people, so we are bringing cryptocurrency to a whole new group of people who previously maybe never even knew about it; or, really understood how things worked. So, there’s a learning curve that goes with all of that. So, you have to understand. Do some research, and learn how things work, on your own. Pay attention, and read articles.

There’s a number of things I’ve been paying attention to on these exchanges, and how people react, and how they participate in these things. You have a number of different things. And I want you all to understand these points, because with knowledge, you gain confidence; and with confidence you can make rational, logical decisions; and you’re not tied to your emotions so much.

Anytime you do anything in business, you should always keep a level head. Don’t get too emotionally involved, because then you might not make good decisions; because you’re emotionally re-acting, instead of logically acting. So, you have to understand, that whether you understand this or not, there are many others out there who probably don’t, and who are working with this more emotional mindset, when they’re doing things on these cryptocurrency exchanges, and even on the stock market.

You can tell, whenever there’s a “bad news” day, all of a sudden the stock market tanks, in some fashion. Maybe it doesn’t happen all the time, but there are plenty of examples throughout history of that exactly happening. So, that’s when people get emotionally distressed and they get worried, and they don’t have a real logical strategy; so they fall victim in these traps, sometimes.

You also have things going on in these cryptocurrency exchanges that sometimes you don’t find in other places. That’s because, like I said, we’re pioneering, and there's not a lot of regulation yet. I don’t necessarily think a lot of regulation is a good thing; but some regulation might be needed—more or less than what’s going on. But that will all come with time.

But what you need to understand is that there is something out there, a strategy that people use; and we can see this happening sometimes on the cryptocurrency exchanges, where people are kind of “playing the market”, using micro-transactions; where their strategy is to just make a tiny profit, often, throughout the day; versus, holding, and making a larger profit over time. So, I see that in my layman’s experience, looking at things happening, where you have those who are really just trying to make as much money as they can within a small, tiny fraction of time.

For example, you can see on SouthXchange sometimes, where the price just fluctuates between like two numbers. And, every time you see it go up a little bit, then it shoots back down; and that’s because that is a strategy that some people are using, where they want to keep the price down, so they can buy low; and then they let it go up just a little bit, so they can sell and make a little bit of profit, and then they keep the price down again.

So, to overcome this, we need to keep building the demand; because when the demand outweighs the people that are just trying to make their little bit of money on a daily basis, then, you’ll see the price really start to go higher. So, it’s all happening. I don’t want anyone to feel discouraged; because this is, regardless of what is going on, definitely an exciting time.

It’s only a matter of time before that demand really starts to happen. Because we are moving forward with everything we’ve said, from the beginning; and it’s all happening. So, that part is solid; and all that’s really missing is the demand, and that will come. As I said, there are a lot of updates happening right now. There are a lot of updates planned to come, and all of these things will be released as quickly as possible.

We’ll keep everyone informed over the coming days and weeks, as these updates are completed. I know that on the Rainbow Currency website we did mention that there is always the possibility of things changing. Of course, things happen. That’s just the way it is. However, at this point in time, we are really strategizing and working, to make sure that there are no down times, and there are no delays in the current functions that are available right now. That will stay in place, and we will basically just “flip a switch”, and turn it off in one place, and turn it on in another.

So, understand that we are working on these things to provide the smoothest transition possible, so that everyone can continue to enjoy and use the functions that they have right now. Then they will see, after the updates are complete, that all of a sudden you’ll have all kinds of new things that you can do!

So, thank you all for joining me, and for participating in the Rainbow Currency Foundation Board of Directors’ election. We appreciate all of you. We will keep you posted. I’m sure we’ll have an update very soon, where everyone in the Board of Directors will be able to come and speak, and share some of their vision, and what they would like to see.

Thank you all again. We’ll have the recap out to you as soon as possible. WAAAZZUUUUB! And all the best to everyone!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team




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