Unicorn Network Webinar recap
April 20, 2018
Presented by: Cate Kozikowski

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Topics in this recap:




Welcome everybody! Thank you for joining us today on such a short notice. We appreciate everyone’s time, and we appreciate you spending it with us here today.

We are all so excited. What I am going to share with you all today is really a milestone in what we all have been working towards for so long; and we continue to make progress and release fantastic things like I am going to share with you all today.

For those who may, or may not have heard the news in the last few days, through the SafeZone, we had a webinar just a few days ago; and we shared some very exciting developments; as well as, through our SafeZone Radio Show this past week we have also shared a lot of developments and news.

I highly recommend (if you have not already), to read the webinar recap from April 17, you should do that. It is already published on www.safe.zone and it already is translated in a few languages.

So… I know I am keeping you all in anticipation….haha…

I am so happy and so excited to share with you today the release of our newest project, which is a combination of several different things coming together, to provide many solutions for some challenges that we have seen within our community, as well as just solving some challenges out in the world.

I am pleased and proud to share with you our newest project TWNKLBDS.




Now I know, you are looking at the screenshot and you think, “Hmmm, it does not really seem like quite that much”, and that is because this is a screenshot of what it looked like earlier today, and it actually looks a lot different right now.

The point of TWNKLBDS is for listing auctions, as you can see, and the great thing about this is that it is not just for businesses; it is available for all members. If you have something to sell and want to receive Twinkles, you can list it here. Businesses can do the same. We have really streamlined things with this auction site, and we have added some very cool privacy enhancement features. Because as with all things created by the Unicorn Network and through the SafeZone, we have privacy by default.

I am going to share with you some pretty cool innovations that we have used with TWNKLBDS, that shows that we mean what we say, we say what we mean, and we really do care about your privacy; we care about our own privacy. And we will always provide solutions that enhance your privacy, unlike other companies that are out there. This is just one fine example of how we do that.

I want to explain a few key features of this page. That is part of the reason why I chose this image as the first one to share with you, because it keeps it all together, and it is very easy for you to see the whole page. And then I will share with you many other things throughout this webinar.

You are going to learn everything you need to know about TWNKLBDS today.

This is the homepage. Above from where you see LATEST AUCTIONS and NEXT ENDING!, you will see FEATURED AUCTIONS.

If you want to see all the available auctions, you can click on “All Categories”, or depending on what you are interested in, you could refine your search by looking in a specific category. As you see here, this one auction that is showing is in the Books category.

If you have questions, or you need other assistance, please check our FAQ. We have written a number of different questions and answers for everybody in the FAQ. So, it is better that before you do anything, read the FAQ so you understand everything better.

If you have further questions or if you have a request of some type, check out the “Message Boards”, and I will show you more about that here in just a moment. The Message Board is kind of like a basic forum-type thing, where you can post messages and then check back later to see what kind of feedback has been posted.

And you can also access the “Message Boards” from this top menu, as well as the “Help” which links to all the different FAQ. So it is very easy for you; if you have questions, you can get help right away.

Another thing I want to point out here, as far as understanding Terms, and fees and things like that. All of these links at the bottom have all that information. We are adding additional information to the Terms, specific for TWNKLBDS, however most of the information is already here on the TWNKLBDS website, as well as in the regular Terms for Unicorn Network and the SafeZone.

As a seller, I would recommend reading through the Shobbit Terms, especially for merchants, inside the Terms and Conditions. That will give you a good understanding of products, things that are prohibited, or any other important information.

Regarding the specific fees for TWNKLBDS, there are some fees; however we have kept things really simple. If you are familiar with other auction sites out there, they might have no fees to do this or that, but then when you get into that, they tack on other fees they don’t tell you about until later. Or, they do tell you in their Fees section, but it is so complicated that until you are in the thick of it of really selling things, you don’t really understand how much of your money is being chewed up by the fees. We do not do that. We are very open with what are the costs associated.    

So, it is free to list an auction; however, if you want to use some additional options, which are of course optional, like having your listing featured, that does cost Twinkles. And, of course, this is an auction site, where the only currency that can be used is TWNKL; and all the fees are also in TWNKL. 

As a seller, there are some fees when you sell an auction. Depending on what type of auction you have, you can go and check out to see the fees. Again, we have kept things very clear and simple, as much as we can. We are all about innovating and finding solutions to challenges, however, at the same time, this is a business, so we do need to make some many, and that way we can continue to bring you these fantastic services and websites.

As a buyer, there is one flat rate that you pay, and it is 10 TWNKL.

So you can click on “Fees” at the bottom footer there, and read all about it, and as you can see this is a product of Shobbit, Inc., which is the e-commerce business within the Unicorn Network Group of companies. And of course this page will be in the SafeZone, but you will see those updates a little bit later on.

Now, when you are searching to find a specific product, or see what else is available, you can type in a search term, at the top-right in the Search-box, and this stays in the header, no matter what page you are on. If you are looking for something specific, I would use the Advanced-search functions, and you can see filters, which you can use to help you refine your search. This will come in handy, once we have a lot of products on this page.

And the categories, as well, can be used to do some searching, if you are looking for something more general.


TWNKLBDS Message boards


Now, let’s talk about this “Message Boards” a little bit. When you go there you will see something very similar to this. You will be able to see how many messages are in each board, and when the last message was posted.

You will notice we have “Buyer Requests”. This will be where as a buyer, if you have specific, or even general products and services that you would like to see and purchase on TWNKLBDS, put a little note there. Then sellers, you can come and check that message board and maybe there will be something that you can offer, that will fulfill the requests from the buyers.

We also have a “Rainbow Currency” message board, so that would be updates and information about Rainbow Currency.

And we have “Seller Notices and Promotions” and that is for sellers, like when you have a new auction posted, maybe you want to create a little promotional message to drive traffic to your auction, so you can post a notice here in this message board. And, then of course, buyers check out that board to see all the cool auctions coming up.

And we have a “General” message board, for general questions which are not already answered in the FAQ. So please do check the FAQ first, because many questions are already answered there, before you ask a question on any message board.


Post a message


When you do click on a board, you will see very simply that you can just post your message and click on “post message”. Then you will see the messaged displayed below. Now it does show a little mailbox icon on the messages when they are posted, but that is not actually connected to anything; it’s just a little icon for design purposes.


TWNKLBDS auction listing


Let’s talk about the auction page.

When you click on an auction, you can see very simple info and easy to read. Each auction has a selection of up to 5 images, so you can have a nice little gallery for your auction. Then you can see some information about the auction, as well as the Highest Bid, and you will see the value in USD. This is just for reference, so you know what the value of the product is in USD. It is just more of an understandable reference for everybody.

The point of this all is not necessarily to look at it from the current market price on TWNKL, because we all understand there are very few people selling on the market right now, and there are still very few people out of those people who are really dictating the price on the marketplace. So we, who believe in the power of TWNKL, the 98% who are still holding most of our TWNKL, we understand that this is just the beginning. And as we continue to bring out these partnerships, services and products, and with everything that we do, and at the same time creating demand, like we are doing with this site here, and as well, with the product and service offerings really allowing people to see how TWNKL is your everyday money, of course, the value of the TWNKL will rise.

You have to understand, and just for full disclosure, do your own due diligence. Any time you are making any decision, always speak with your own experts. I am not giving you any advice, but I am sharing with you some knowledge. So understand, we all have in our minds the whole fiat currency system, because that is what we all live with. The way that system works, is the money is constantly devalued. So it is always more expensive tomorrow than it was yesterday. Buying gas, or the electric bill, or buying food, it always seems the prices are going up and up, and it is because the value of the fiat currency is going down; and it always takes more fiat currency to buy what you want.

Now here comes cryptocurrency, which flips the script, because it starts very low and then continues to increase in value. Now of course, this applies to both, fiat and cryptocurrency, but it seems more visible in cryptocurrency sometimes, but the same applies to both; like I said the price goes up and down. With the price going up and down, what we see most often with fiat currencies is the value of those go down, and with cryptocurrencies, many times the value goes up.

So even looking at this auction here, with the Highest Bid being 40 TWNKL, don’t think of it as the value right this moment. Because those 40 TWNKL could be worth much, much more at a later time. Of course, that is not even the end of this auction, this auction will go for a number of days still, so the TWNKL bid could go much higher in that time.

We all have to adjust our mindsets a little bit, because we are breaking out of the fiat currency paradigm, and breaking into a new paradigm that combines many different options, so we have many interesting new things ahead of us.

So understand, as a seller, you should believe in the power of the TWNKL. Speaking as a RC holder myself, I know I believe in the power of the TWNKL. And that is one of the great things about this platform.

With TWNKL the value is expected to grow, therefore the amount of TWNKL it takes to purchase something today will be less tomorrow, for example.

As you have seen on this auction listing here: you have basic information, additional details, like shipping and all that stuff, depending on what options the seller has chosen.

Now as a buyer, if you have a question about a specific auction for the seller, the easiest way is to click the link up at the top (of the specific auction page), to Send question to seller.

Then as the seller, when you see in your back office, just click on My Control Panel at the top, and you can see “View messages” on the left, and as the seller there is a little tick box, right above the submit button, when you reply, to post it publicly. When you mark the tick box, the question and reply will show here on your auction page, so it can be like a little FAQ. So if you have people asking you questions, where others could benefit from knowing your answers, be sure to post that publicly on your auction page, to help others.

So now when you go to “sell an auction”, what do you need to know?

Well to get started just click on “sell an item”. You will find that in the top header bar, and then you are going to select your category.


TWNKLBDS auction listing categories


You can choose a main category, and then depending on what that main category is, there might be subcategories, so you can choose one of those.


Choose your category


Then click on “select category”.


TWNKLBDS auction listing form


Then you will see this form. This is fairly basic; you fill in some details, make your selections and then submit. But let’s go through it a little bit more in depth.


TWNKBDS auction form


As you can see here at the top, you have an item title, a subtitle and a description. When you are doing searches, it will search the titles. So if for example you are selling a book, you might want to use the word “book” in your title. Just make sure your title is relevant for what you are offering, so when people search for it, they will find your auction more easily.

The subtitle shows on the search results, and that is the only place it really shows, or when you are in the categories. So if you are putting important information in the subtitle that you want people to know on your main auction page, be sure to also put it in the description.

And then of course you have a full description, and you can put it as you see fit, so it is pretty simple.


TWNKBDS auction form


And then, as a mentioned, you can have up to 5 photos. You just click here to upload the pictures, it will open a popup, so you can select all your 5 photos at once and choose “upload photos”, or you can upload them one at a time.

Now the quantity of items, it is always just one item, or rather 1 auction. So if you are auctioning off multiple things that would go to different people, then you must do it in different auctions. If you are auctioning off multiple things that would go to one person, then it would still be one auction. For example, if you have 5 teacups, but you are selling them individually, just post one auction at a time, and you do it 5 times. But don’t do it all at once, don’t flood the board with the same things, like 52 times, that’s not the point. Put one up, and let people be interested in it. Let them have the fun of bidding with it, and then post another one afterwards. Otherwise, you might end up with nobody bidding on the bulk of the auctions; or they bid just one here, one there. You’ll get the best results if you use a more focused approach, as a seller.

If you know that you really want to receive a certain amount of TWNKL for an item, use that as your starting price. Of course, you should never put your starting price so high, that it makes the bidding on the auction irrelevant. For example, you are selling a car and you really want to see 50,000 TWNKL on it, so maybe set the starting price at 35,000 or 40,000 TWNKL, or just a little bit less, but give them enough room so the bidders can have fun bidding. So with the starting price you are letting them know around what is the threshold you would like to see.

But at the same time also understand, as I said, as a seller, believe in the value of TWNKL. Because 50,000 TWNKL today, might be worth 5 million dollars later. We believe in the value of TWNKL, and definitely it will continue to climb, because WE believe in that value.

And again, the value in USD is for reference only, so people can understand the value of the item you are auctioning.

Then you have the starting date. You can choose anytime you want it to start. Maybe you want the auction to start some time from now, or immediately.


TWNKBDS auction form


And regarding the ending date, if you want to have promotions and get people attracted to your auction, be sure to set the end date after a few weeks at least, or longer, depending on what your strategy is. And especially these first few weeks, when everything is building and people are getting invited, maybe you want to have an auction that lasts at least 3-4 days, so people can get in and check it out; or longer, whatever you think is best.

And we do have an automatic relist. This means that if nobody bids on your auction, before the end-date, when it ends it will automatically be relisted. You can choose how many times you want it relisted; I believe it is up to 2 times that it can be relisted.

Then you have your shipping details. The shipping fee is in TWNKL and if you have any additional shipping or shipping terms, you can write them down here. You have different options that you can offer for shipping, whether it’s is the buyer paying for the shipping expenses, the seller is, or they need to pick it up in person. And if you want to sell internationally, tick the “international shipping” box. Otherwise, leave it blank, and then write in which countries you ship to, and any other shipping terms you have, in the box below.


TWNKBDS auction form


And then right below that are the payment options. Of course, PernumPay is the only option. And then there are some additional options below that. If you choose any of these additional options, you will see the fees included, listed down in the blue area, and if you already have Twinkles in your wallet here in TWNKLBDS, then it will just automatically do that deduction, after you confirm your auction. If you do not have Twinkles in your wallet here in TWNKLBDS yet, then you will go to PernumPay, after you confirm your auction, to complete this purchase. So the Twinkles must be in your private Pernum wallet, and then it will go through the PernumPay API to complete that transaction.

The business that you see in the PernumPay API (on TWNKLBDS), is for TWNKLBDS. So pay attention to the business that it shows, the PerNum that you see above it, is the business’ PerNum. So in this case you will see, the business will be TWNKLBDS, and so the PerNum is for TWNKLBDS.

So that is basically it. Very simple to list an auction. After all this, you will go to a page to confirm all the information and you can always come back to this form to edit and make changes. Then when you are done, you submit, then you go through a confirmation message, and you will see your listing.


TWNKBDS auction listing


It might look something like this one…which is the very first apartment that is offered in Germany for TWNKL on TWNKLBDS.

So as you can see here when you fill out additional details, the page expands and it looks really nice.

Now, let us talk about how you can place a bid. Let us say you want to place a bid for this apartment in Germany. You would enter the amount of Twinkles that you wish to bid, right above the “Place a bid” button, and then you click that button to place your bid.


TWNKBDS place a bid


And you will see a confirmation page like this where you can adjust it if you want to, and confirm your bid. So then you just click “confirm bid” and you will see your bid is being processed.


TWNKBDS place a bid confirmation


So, now, this auction right from the start has been very popular, because I have been on this auction to make these screenshots for you.


TWNKBDS auction listing


When you go to the auction you’ll see at the top a little notice about your bid, and if you are outbid you can go in your Control Panel, and then go down to “Your bids”.


TWNKBDS outbid




Now this small yellow box with the “= Outbids” is just to let you know that when you see it yellow, it means you have been outbid. So by the time I got back to my Control Panel and clicked on “Your bids”, I was already outbid. Which, of course is expected, I only bid 15 TWNKL. But, you will see that when it is a bid where you have been outbid on, the whole line across becomes yellow.


TWNKBDS auction listing


And when you go to that same listing where you have been bidding previously, you will see a message “You have been outbid” if you have been outbid; and then you can choose to bid again.

And you can also add these listings to your “Watchlist”; you will see a link up at the top for that, and when you add them, then you will be able to access them from your Control Panel, under your “Watchlist”. Especially if you are watching a number of items, add them to your “Watchlist”, so it is easier to access them this way. You can just come to your Control Panel; you don’t have to search them out across the website. So that’s a handy feature for you.


TWNKBDS place a bid


So, I went to bid again, and this time I bid 25 TWNKL, so let’s see…


TWNKBDS low bid


…and ohhh I was not high enough! So you can see that if your bid is not high enough to go above the current high bid, then you will get a little notice.


TWNKBDS place a bid


You can go back to the auction if you choose, you can adjust your bid, or you can view the history of the bidding on that auction.


TWNKBDS auction bid history


Now this is way at the bottom of the listings page, so when you click from the link on that bid confirmation “view history” (or from on the listing itself), it will take you as a shortcut right to the bottom of the auction listing page (which you can view or hide).

Now I want to point out something very cool when it comes to these bids. As a seller you will be able to see the PerNums of each of the people who have bid. As a bidder in the community, you will see your own bid, and that is it. And you will see Bidder 1 as the person who has the highest bid. Bidder 1 means the top position. So this is one of those privacy enhancement functions which allow you to see your own activity. So this is my activity here, and I can only see my bids, and that Bidder 1 outbid me each time. So this is very cool. This is one of those privacy-by-design functions. And here with the simple fact that we are using the PerNum, you know your private details are masked as much as possible.




Now here is a more updated view and you will see at the top (this is one of those featured listings), and it shows right above the LATEST AUCTIONS and NEXT ENDING! And this is exactly one of those apartments in Germany, which is a real apartment. These are real auctions that we are seeing right now, just in case you were wondering. So this is not a test, we are looking at the actual page with the actual real auctions on it.

So this is so exciting! And the more auctions we have on this page, you will see the homepage grow and fill in.

Now I want to bring up a couple of quick points before we close; and answer a few questions too.

This is a classic auction platform. What we have done is really tried to make it user-friendly for both, the seller and the buyer. I’ve mentioned a lot of cool features that will help sellers and buyers, throughout the presentation today, and those are just a few things. You know we are always innovating and always listening to your influence, and coming up with fantastic solutions that solve challenges.

Now, I want to explain to you guys… I know there are other sites out there and they have a “reserve price” or a “buy now” feature. You will not see these in TWNKLBDS, and here is why:

As a bidder, and even as a seller, with the “reserve price”, this is in many cases really not all that great. Because the item is not sold if it does not hit the so-called “reserve price” which is like a minimum sale threshold.

Now, as the seller, it is frustrating. You want to sell something but the bids were just not there at this time, so it didn’t sell. So then you have to put it up there again, and hope that this time it will get passed that “reserve price”.

And as a bidder, it is frustrating also, because when you go to bid on something and maybe you have hit that “reserve price”, or maybe you have not; and if you have not, that means that the item cannot be purchased and you can’t win that auction. So it’s kind of a catch 22 in many instances, where it is just not good either way.

So we don’t have the “reserve price” because we want to avoid challenges where none need to exist. Because they never show the “reserve price”, you don’t know how much it is, you just bid in the dark, and then it just tells you if the “reserve price” has been met or not.

Now we have a starting price, which is a better understanding for the buyer as to what kind of threshold you would like to see as a seller. It keeps it more open and honest because you can see what the starting bid must be. So it’s a clear situation for the buyer and the seller.

As I mentioned earlier, when you put a starting price, do not put the full amount that you want; give people time to get into it. Maybe your idea of a final price is not as high as what the community ends up doing, because it all depends on the demand. Auctions are a great way to see supply and demand; the supply is the auction, the demand is the bids. Sometimes you could have a group of people bidding, so the price could jump very quickly, and other times you might have just one or two people bidding, like doing a little bidding-war between them.

So with the starting price, and no “reserve price”, this allows every auction to close, and it allows the buyers to really know what you are looking for when you put a starting price.

TWNKLBDS is a great place for everybody; for sellers who believe in the power of TWNKL, where they can sell various products and services and receive TWNKL; and it is great for the bidders, whether you believe in TWNKL or not, because you can get real products and services for your Twinkles.

We have seen some people selling millions of TWNKL for just a few hundred or few thousand dollars. So if you are willing to have just a small amount of dollars for millions of TWNKL, perhaps at the same time you might find those products and services that you actually need and want, here on TWNKLBDS; rather than dumping your Twinkles on exchanges, perhaps you can buy with them what you want on the TWNKLBDS page.    

So this is a great opportunity for everyone!

This is really unique, because it really helps us all to get into that proper mindset where we are moving away from always thinking in USD, or fiat currency, into a mindset where we can expand and see that we can get items for Twinkles too.

So if you believe in the value of TWNKL, don’t worry what happens on the exchanges, because you know where we are headed. Be smart in how you use TWNKLBDS, in how you place auctions for sale, and as I mentioned, if you have multiple items that you want to sell from the same thing, do not flood the page with 52 pairs of exactly the same sandals, for example. Instead, post one pair of sandals and let people experience that; keep your auctions just 5 days at a time for example; give people time to get in, have fun and then you can post the next auction right after that; or post maybe two auctions next. The point is: be smart. If you are posting multiple things, don’t use short dates; give people time. Or if you want to make promotions, give it enough time for it to have an effect and it can bring traffic to your offerings. So think about those things.

So we are so proud to be able to give TWNKLBDS to the world, to be able to release it today, for the world to enjoy.

Now, talking about the “buy now” feature. Especially in the beginning, we want to make sure that everyone has a fair chance; especially with these apartments. This is really amazing! You can purchase this apartment with TWNKL from anywhere in the world. Whether you want to move to Germany, or you are living in Germany, or you want an investment property in Germany, whatever the case is…this is a real place!

And this is really exciting, because as far as we’ve been able to tell, there’s really only been one or a few real estate transactions that have closed in Bitcoin, prior to this. We found no real estate transactions in Ether, or in any of the other popular coins. And when you go to look for websites where you can purchase real estate with cryptocurrency, whether it’s Bitcoin or anything else, when you get into the contract with it, you find out that when you close that sale, you have to sell the cryptocurrency, and the person receives Fiat currency in the end. Well that’s not a cryptocurrency transaction; that’s a fiat currency transaction.

So that is not the case with TWNKLBDS and this realtor you see with the apartments in Germany. Because we have already completed a deal, and we talked about it in the past webinar, so go there and check it out. 

So with the “buy now” feature, if we were to put that out, that means that one person who has millions and millions of TWNKL could just go and buy up all this stuff, and poof—it would all be sold! It is great for the sellers maybe, but everyone else will be sad because they did not get a chance. So to keep things fair, and to allow the community and the page to grow, that’s why we have no “buy now” feature.

Once TWNKLBDS is further established, we may implement that “buy now” feature later; but at this moment in time, there will not be one.

And understand, TWNKLBDS is the only page in the world where you can get real real-estate for TWNKL. You know, I talked about what has been going on with Bitcoin. In fact, the real estate deal we made with TWNKL-that was actually the only cryptocurrency deal ever made in Germany. And it was with Rainbow Currency. And in the world, we are the second cryptocurrency ever, to complete a real estate transaction in cryptocurrency. So second to Bitcoin, who do you find?—You find Rainbow Currency.

So, we are setting milestones; we are setting records. This is what we do. And here with TWNKLBDS is the next one.

So that is the end of today’s presentation. I will now see if there are any questions to be answered.

Here is a question asking “What about delivering things?”. As a seller, you have shipping conditions. You have different options that you can offer for shipping, whether it’s the buyer paying for the shipping expenses, the seller is, or they need to pick it up in person. And you can write in the bottom here, whatever details are needed. Once someone wins some of your auctions, in the Control Panel you will see an option towards the bottom “winner’s details”. Click that and you will be able to see details based on the auction type and what is required. Because remember, our whole site is privacy-by-default, privacy-by-design. That is the highest standard, and we will always bring that for you.

If you have no shipping (it’s a pick up only), you won’t see shipping details from the person who won your auction; because it is not required, you don’t need to know those details, because the person is coming to you. So they need to know your details.     

Another question about Reflinks. Yes, we will have Reflinks, those will be coming out soon for TWNKLBDS (meaning they are not available yet). In the meantime, you can use any other SafeZone invite code or other Unicorn Network Reflink to register new members, and they can just log in to TWNKLBDS after they have registered.   

A question about the Twinkle price, whether it is related to exchanges, or with the 10 cents per Twinkle in the SafeZone? This is a platform where the only currency is TWNKL. So the prices that you see within the platform loosely may be based on the current market rate, however the reality is that they are based on the value that the seller and the bidder see, as the value of the TWNKL. So it could be different for each person and for each listing.

The best thing is to see what the seller listed as the reference price in USD, and then that will give you an understanding of what kind of value they have, and then think about what is your value for a TWNKL. How many TWNKL would you see for that USD value, and then bid that and see how it goes.

This is in many ways creating supply and demand, in very miniature scales. We are talking about one product, one auction at a time, and it’s really the buyers and the sellers coming up with their value, as to how valuable really a TWNKL is.

So as a seller, as I talked about, use the starting price. If you have a value in your mind, as far as how many TWNKL you would like to see from an auction for that particular product or service, start with something lower than that. But be smart about it, like I talked about.

Next question is: What if the product you purchased is faulty or damaged, and is there any warranty. Well TWNKLBDS is only lending this platform to the sellers. So you must check the terms on each auction, as to what the specific terms are. If there is any warranty, info on returns etc. If you don’t see any info of that type, the first thing I would do is contact the seller. Also, just like the seller can find out who won the auction in their Control Panel, you, as the winner of the auction, also have the ability to do that through your Control Panel. So after you log in, get familiar with where things are located, and you will find many different solutions. If you still have challenges that cannot or won’t be solved with the seller, please do contact Unicorn Network support and we will do our best to assist in the situation.

And you can always check the FAQ; there is a lot of information already there.

So TA-DAAAA! Here is the link of the TWNKLBDS page https://www.twnklbds.com/

How do you like it?

[Everyone loves it!]

Thank you guys, I am so glad you love it.

And for anyone wondering when you’re going to get an offer for buying real estate in many other parts of the world, well, do you maybe have a friend who is a realtor? Go talk to them. I have friends and I am talking to them. So invite them to join and they can list their real estate.

Regarding the question why we have no minimum price in TWNKL on TWNKLBDS, like we have in the SafeZone (10 cents per TWNKL), the point of it is that in the SafeZone we want to have a stable value that the SafeZone uses for calculating things; for example in the API through PernumPay, and as well for various functions and features, like the prices for eBooks on EEBOOX, or the prices for business packages on safezone.info. We needed a standard that we could keep stable.

You will see in TWNKLBDS, some of the fees are based on the SafeZone price for TWNKL, like those 10 TWNKL which is really a value of US$1.00, but we use the SafeZone value. So the point is, on TWNKLBDS this was our way to not keep the price at one stable level, but let it grow more, and really let the people figure out what they wanted for the value, based on the products and services that are on the platform. And if you read the press release from the first real-estate deal in Germany, you will see that the actual price per TWNKL that was paid on that was closer to 3 cents per TWNKL, which is a lot higher than what you will see on the market places right now, for various reasons.

So understand folks, as the holders/owners of TWNKL, you are the ones that really set the market; you are the ones that dictate the value and the price. If you want the price to go up, then give more value to the TWNKL. Sell it for more on the exchanges. If you are doing that or, when you are bidding on an auction, don’t be so quick to bid thousands of TWNKL at once, if you see the value higher. That is the best way to think about that and understand more how the market moves and how the value grows.

And guys, if you ever have a challenge with a specific seller, contact the seller first. Work to get the challenge resolved with the individual seller directly. There are plenty of ways to contact the seller; go through their individual auction listing; or as the winner of the auction go through your Control Panel. You will see in the menu on the left many different options. And also read the FAQ for many answers to your questions.

Until the item is marked “received” by the buyer, your bids are protected. So read the FAQ, it’s all there.

Ok guys, so thank you very much for being here with us today. Have fun with TWNKLBDS and we will see you next time.

All the best. Bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team





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