August 17, 2018
Presented by: Cate Kozikowski, Dan Settgast, and Matt Burrow

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Topics in this recap:



From Cate:

Welcome, everyone! Thank you all for joining us today. We have a lot of exciting information to share. I’d like to introduce our speakers for today. We have Mr. Dan Settgast, CEO of SafeZone; and, Mr. Matt Burrow, who is a real estate expert who will be talking about TWNKLESTATE, as well. And myself, I am Cate Kozikowski, the CEO of Unicorn Network.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce Dan Settgast. Dan, welcome!


From Dan:

Hello, everybody! WAAAZZZUUUUUUUUUB! Well, it’s another exciting day in Unicorn land!






Today is the official launch of TWNKLESTATE, and TWNKLESTATE is about real estate, plus blockchain. And of course, in our case, it’s not just a blockchain. We’re talking about the TWNKLCHAIN, plus cryptocurrency; and of course, we’re NOT talking about Bitcoin, Ether, or something like that! We’re talking about OUR cryptocurrency. We’re talking about our TWNKL; and, I’m pretty sure many of you listening right now are proud owners of TEC, the TWNKLESTATE Coin; and I’m pretty sure many of you have not just ONE TEC, but 2 or 3 or some more. And, today you will learn the basics on what you will be able to do with your TEC.

So here we go, have fun!

Let’s talk about TWNKLESTATE, just for a minute.






TWNKLESTATE is a joint venture of international real-estate experts, blockchain experts, and marketing experts.

By combining decades of real-estate expertise for retail, office, vacation, and residential property, with the benefits of modern blockchain technology, we have developed a disruptive business model for the international real-estate industry.

So, let’s have a look into the real-estate industry.



About Real Estate



Average annual returns in long-term real estate investing, vary by the area of concentration in the sector.

Average 20-year returns in the commercial real estate slightly outperform the S&P 500 Index (a stock index), running at around 9.5% (per year).

Residential and diversified real estate investments do a bit better, averaging 10.6%.

So we can see that the average real estate, done by the average real-estate owner or real-estate investor, is doing a little bit better than the typical stock market.

But here is where our real-estate experts come to the table. I am very happy and proud, and I am sure that you will feel the same after Matt introduces himself and shares with you a little bit about his background; and maybe, if we’re lucky, he will tell us a little bit about his numbers in the past, and his plans for TwnklEstate.

So Matt, welcome. Please take over the microphone, and share a little bit about your real-estate magic with us.


From Matt:

Yes, indeed. Thank you so much, Dan, and thank you, Cate; and thank you everyone being here today.

I am an investor and owner in TWNKL coins, and just so everyone knows, I put a very large percentage of my TWNKL coins into TEC; and the reason for that is—I’ve got a 15-year background in real estate, and that 15-year background is as an investor, a principle—not a realtor; not an agent representing others, but the guy that actually signs the contracts, and makes sure that money goes in to purchase the deal.

In the last 15 years, I’ve bought about US$100,000,000 worth of real estate. 50 million of that has been houses—buying, fixing up, and flipping. A lot of that has been rentals, as well—buying and holding. And the other 50 million has been in commercial real estate—apartment complexes, condominium complexes, office complexes, and things like that.

So my background on the residential side, the average is that someone just buys a house, and puts it out on the market for rent; so that is around 10%, depending on the market, and the price, of course, that you buy the property for and what the rents are in the area.

I, however, am a very firm believer in that you make your money when you buy. So, I don’t buy a US$200,000 house for US$200,000, and hope that the market increases in appreciation and value. I buy that US$200,000 house for US$150,000, or for US$125,000. And when I rent it out, the result is that my yields are a lot higher; and that’s simply because you make your money when you buy. If you buy at a lower price point, your yields are higher because you get the same rents, the same cash flow as someone else who bought the property at retail price, their market price.

So, my returns are on average up in the 20%-25% range. On some of my properties, I get a yield as high as 50%, or more.

When I do a buy, fix, and flip—when I buy a property, I might hold it for a year, then I sell it; my returns actually exceed those (percentages) by a considerable amount.

On the commercial side—on apartments and condominiums, those are fantastic opportunities because on larger investments, you, of course, can get larger yields and returns.

Once I bought a US$17 million apartment complex (and we’ll be talking about this a little later); re-purposed it, changed them into condominiums, and it became a US$35 million condominium complex. And that took one year to create.

So, there are a lot of different ways to creatively add value. Sometimes you create value when you buy at a discount. Other times you create value by re-purposing a property; and that’s my background and experience for the past 15 years.

I am so very excited to be joining Dan and the TEC, TWNKLESTATE opportunity; because it’s more than just real estate, as Dan is going to outline. Real estate has power; especially if you know what you are doing, and if you buy right, upfront. That’s the key. Don’t wait on the market, but buy your properties right; because you make your money when you buy.

I am excited about TEC, because that actually multiplies the opportunity for profits with real estate; and, Dan, I’d like to come back to you. You are the TEC guy. Talk to us about how TEC works!


From Dan:

Thank you! Welcome to the Family, to say it with Letty’s words.


Matt: Thank you!


Dan: You are very welcome. And what is so exciting about your expertise, is that without blockchain, TWNKLCHAIN, and without TWNKL and TEC or whatever, it already would be a great benefit for the rest of the Family having you on board and just doing some kind of old fashioned real estate deals or investments, or whatever. But now we are putting a little bit of our special spice on to it; and, of course, that’s the blockchain. So let’s see how the blockchain can effect real estate.



About Blockchains



A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger.

The use of a blockchain confirms that each unit of value was transferred only once; solving the long-standing problem of double spending. That’s why you have, for high-valued things like real estate—you have these public ledgers, so that nobody can sell real estate two times. But public ledgers and notaries, and title companies, and the banks involved, make the system a little bit complicated.

Doing real-estate deals is normally not a thing where you can sit in the evening after work, look on a website for real estate, and say, “I got some TEC, so let’s buy some!” That’s not the regular role; but the blockchain gives us the option and possibilities to make participating in the success of real estate, much, much easier and comfortable.

So, blockchain-based exchange of value can be completed quicker, safer, and cheaper than with traditional systems.

A blockchain (and that’s, of course, very, very important for TEC, as well), can assign title rights because it provides a record that compels offer and acceptance.



The 3rd player in our TWNKLESTATE game is cryptocurrency. And you know we are talking about our TWNKL, and in this special case we’re talking about our TWINKLESTATE Coin which has been created especially for participating in the exciting real-estate venture of TWNKLESTATE.



About Cryptocurrency



A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange—and that is exactly what TEC will do in our business model.

Of course, you know that, however this is a presentation for new members, as well; so, we’re explaining here that a cryptocurrency uses strong cryptography—that’s why it’s a cryptocurrency—to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units; and, of course, verify the transfer of assets.

So, the control of each cryptocurrency works through a distributed ledger, which is a blockchain; or, in our special case, our TWNKLCHAIN!


So now let’s talk about the TWNKLESTATE business model. What are we doing, exactly?



TWNKLESTATE business model



In the first step, we offered you TEC, TWNKLESTATE Coin; a very special cryptocurrency—by the way, a real cryptocurrency. And it’s a very special cryptocurrency, because it is accepted only at TWNKLESTATE.

So, now we sold you the TEC for TWNKL, because we are proud to accept TWNKL. You know for our whole project for the SafeZone, it is our goal to create a TWNKL economy; so of course, we have to be first! That is why we said, “Don’t give us Euros, don’t give us U.S. dollars, and don’t give us Ruble, or any other fiat currency— we only accept TWNKL.

So, within the last 10 or 11 days, while the pre-order was open, we collected 16.6 billion TWNKL (16,600,000,000); and you received in return TEC. And of course, 100% of these Twinkles will be used as a budget for real estate deals. So, now you know why nobody received a commission; why nobody received any Family Bonus on this TEC pre-order event. And of course, NOBODY—none of the Team, not the Company—nobody received any benefits from this 16.6 billion Twinkles. 100% of them will be used as a budget for real estate deals.

You know that right now, that we’re finally with our Rainbow Currency, on our own TWNKLCHAIN, we have the minimum value of US$0.01 per Twinkle established. So, I can tell you 16.6 billion times 1 cent? That’s a lot of money! More exactly, that is 166 million USD. That is the current value of our budget that we have now in the TWNKLESTATE, and we have it in the hands of Matt and his colleagues. We have it in the hands of true real-estate experts!

And, guess what? Now, our real-estate experts are looking for the best real-estate deals available.



All different types of real estate



That can be residential property. This could be a house. This could be an apartment. This could be a full apartment complex. This could be office space. This could be just one office, or one office unit; or it could be a whole office building.

This could be any kind of retail space, it could be just one unit; or this could be a whole shopping center, or shopping mall.

And for sure, the nicest way to use real estate is for vacation. And again, this can be a vacation apartment. This can be a vacation house; or this could be a full hotel, or vacation resort. And guys, we’re talking about international. We’re talking about everywhere—of course, everywhere where our business model is within the laws. We will find out, step by step, which countries these are.

For sure, all of you know about our Solario project, the Solar Energy Revolution. It’s the same here. For the Solario technology, we will find out in which countries we are allowed to establish these micro power grids. Here it is the same. We will find out with national, local real-estate experts, how we can get our TWNKLESTATE business model running in as many countries as possible.

It may take some time in some countries, but rest assured, it is a process; and combining real estate with blockchain technology, to avoid these very complicated public ledgers, that is something that will happen definitely all over the world within the next 3, 5, 7, 10 years. It is just that, you know, we love to be first! We love to be trend setters, and that is what we’re doing here.


Now I need to tell you what the life circle of a property is, within our TWNKLESTATE business model.





Now that we have our budget, we’re able to connect with real-estate owners and landlords; and tell them, “Hey, look. This is us; this is our business model. Would you like to make a blockchain-based, smart contract with us, where we will buy your real estate in the near future (it may be in 6, 12, 18, or 24 months).

So what is next?

After we have closed the smart contract for real estate, TWNKLESTATE puts the property on the blockchain. That means literally, as we have 1 house, we will create 1 token for this house—and this token is tied to the house. That makes the blockchain, in our system, the official ledger for this property.

So now, we can present this property to you. Of course, we will tell you the value, we will tell you the current price. We will tell you the future prices, based on how our main currency—how well the TWNKL—is doing. So of course, the higher the TWNKL value is, the bigger our budget is, and the more buying power there is to your TEC.

Remember? At US$0.01, we have a US$166 million budget. Well, just at US$0.02, we already have US$166 million times 2, which is a US$332 million budget for real estate (166 million x 2 = 332 million). Of course, because you, the TEC holders, gave us those Twinkles, we will make very special offers to YOU! So, in short words, the higher the value of TWNKL, the lower the prices in TWNKLESTATE to be paid in TEC.

This is the very special thing, and this is (another reason) why we created our own coin for real estate. We want that those who bought TEC right in the beginning, we want them to benefit the most.

So, you can open escrow, so you can say, “Well, I am interested in this house and want to buy the whole house, or… I want to be just a partial or fractional owner of this house”. We will see how it goes, it will be different for each property, we will see some might sell very fast, and some might need a few weeks or months, until we have enough TEC holders who opened an escrow to participate in that specific property. And when we reach that point, and when the TWNKL reaches the right value for that price level, TWNKLESTATE buys the house. And thanks to experts like Matt, we will buy them at the best prices possible.

So now, in the public ledger TWNKLESTATE is the owner of the house because we buy the house with our budget. But the TEC holders who opened an escrow and now participated in this property, those TEC holders have digital owner rights. It means that all the profit that is coming from this property, for example rent that is payed, this profit is shared on a yearly basis, of course with the digital (fractional) owners.

So now the day might come when TWNKLESTATE sells the house, and I will give the mic to Matt in a few seconds, and he can explain what that could mean…maybe with some numbers… So what does it mean when we buy the house, and later we are selling the house, what might be the difference here? And of course the digital owners receive their share from selling the house, because you are the digital owners, you hold the digital owner rights for this property.

So Matt, would you like to add some numbers here, maybe give an example on how that could look?


Matt: Yes. There are a couple of things here: One is that we are going to have an upcoming webinar that is actually going to go through some sample transactions. Because I am a touch it-feel it-walk me through it-step-by-step person. When I started buying houses, at first I started with one house in a month, then the next month was three houses, and then the next month was eight houses. And I have analyzed probably over 20,000 houses, to buy the volume that I have bought so far. And I needed to create my own software to analyze them quickly. But, visually, once you are able to see a transaction, and see the numbers laid out very clearly, that’s when it becomes real. So this is the high-level introduction we are doing, and in an upcoming webinar we will take 2 different transactions as an example; one would be like a vacation property and another one might be an office building. And we will walk through the numbers, so that anybody with a high school education level could understand it. I like to say that even my 14-year old son could understand it.

So one thing, before I get into an example. As you showed all the different kinds of properties, everyone would notice that they are all income-producing properties. There is also a vacant land that is just sitting there and it does not earn any money, or you can make money there too, if you buy a piece of property and somebody is farming on it, so they rent the land from you. There are great creative ways to create income. But the ideal way to purchase real estate is that you realize profits for the upside at three different points:

One is when you buy it at a discount to the current market value. So the house is worth US$200,000 and you buy it for US$150,000. It’s a distressed sale, or somebody has a reason to sell it at that price. It’s not the penthouse in Beverly Hills, but it is a gem, you know a needle in a haystack; it’s not laying there in the open public, otherwise everybody would be buying it.

I buy my properties for example at 68% of fair market value. That’s my average.

So, when you buy it, you can immediately sell it and turn it around, and make money. So you make money when you buy.

But that’s cutting yourself short. Because when you hold the property, and as you saw with all the examples that Dan gave, is that there are rents to be paid by a shop owner in a mall, by someone renting an office space in an office building, and individual renting a house or a condominium, and certainly for vacation properties. Very similar to a time-share, if you folks are familiar with that, so like a hotel where income is being produced, daily, monthly, etc.

So the types of properties that we are going to be going after, are those income-producing properties; first buying them at a discount to the market, upfront, so that we are not waiting for market appreciation; so there’s one value there. The income along the way, that is going to be shared with the TEC holders on an annual basis—that’s a return there. And then, when you sell the property, any types of increase in value, just on the real estate itself, that is the third time that you realize a profit in the right real-estate deal.

Some people buy property at retail value and they bet that the market is going to go in their favor. And wow, it is like putting your money to gamble in Vegas. I don’t work that way, and smart real-estate investors don’t ever work that way. Out of 100 properties, I say NO to 99, and yes to only 1.

So everything I just described I have been doing for 15 years, but now you add the TEC component, where the currency itself rises in value, like the example from 1 cent to 2 cents. There is the direct correlation between the value of the TEC to the TWNKL, 100 TWNKL to 1 TEC here at the very beginning. And as the actual value of the TEC goes up, just itself, that increase of value is happening in parallel, while at the same time, side by side, to all of the value that I and the other very experienced real-estate investors are also creating in the real estate itself. So you have an increase of value on the hard asset (the real estate), as well as the digital asset (the TEC).


Dan: Thank you Matt, I think this is the right time to give an example here in numbers because they’re the next slides following.



rising value of TWNKL means it will cost less TEC to buy



So let’s say this beautiful house in 2018 now has a value of 1 million USD (US$1,000,000), so that means of course, right now, 1 TEC represents 100 TWNKL at US$0.01 = US$1.00 (per TEC), so we would need 1,000,000 TEC to buy this house. To be honest, if you would have US$1,000,000, you could buy the house right away, you would not need the TwnklEstate model. So now, let’s check out what happens if you combine: the real estate, the blockchain and the power of the cryptocurrency.

We have announced our goals that the TWNKL shall reach at least US$0.10 (10 cents) from US$0.01 in the next 12 months, and that’s a ten-fold (increase) from US$0.01 to US$0.10, and then another 10-fold (increase) in the next 12 months, so reaching in 2020 US$1.

So what does that mean for TEC holders? As already has been said, the rising value of the TWNKL automatically means that the buying power of the TEC grows. So that means in 2019, accounting for the value of the property to rise 10%, so adding US$100,000 to the price, so we are talking about US$1.1 million, but it is not 1.1 million TEC, it is just 110,000 TEC that you would need to buy this house.

So, looking in 2020, and adding another US$100,000 to the value, so we are talking US$1.2 million in value, but you would only have to pay 12.000 TEC to really buy the whole house at a value of 1.2 million. So you know that you’ve paid for your 12.000 TEC 1.2 million TWNKL at the value level of US$12,000! So you literally get this house for US$12,000, it is just not today, it is somewhere in the future.

And nobody says that we will need 2 years until we reach US$1; because guys, you know who has it in their hands, and that’s the TWNKL owners. So only if TWNKL owners are willing to sell TWNKL at US$0.01, the value of the TWNKL is at US$0.01. As soon as no TWNKL owner is willing to sell at US$0.01, but at US$0.02, well the value of the TWNKL is US$0.02, and that means that automatically the buying power of TEC doubled from US$0.01 to US$0.02.

So now, here comes the kicker:

You as a TEC owner, when we present this house to you that we have taken under Smart Contract, and you like it, so to make it easy right now, you say, “Well, I want this house”, so you put the full 12,000 TEC in escrow NOW, in 2018, or whenever we present real-estate property to you. TwnklEstate is not a one-time deal, this is a long-term business, so we will have more, and more, and more, and more properties available within time.


Matt: Dan, I just want to add something real quick. I think something that’s fantastic (and this is one of the things that attracted me to TwnklEstate), is that one person can put in the amount of TEC that’s needed to own the entire property, but you can also own a portion of it by putting in a smaller amount of TEC, and then you get your chunk or your share; so that’s the exciting part of this.


Dan: Yes, Thank you Matt.


example of buying a house



So here we go, we said we put the house on the blockchain, and that means (I made it a little bit shorter), but the group of numbers and letters on the left represents the encrypted Smart Contract; literally, because it is 1 house, we are creating 1 token for the house on the blockchain, so nobody can manipulate it.

So here comes the great news, which you already mentioned. This token will have 5 decimals, and that means that we have available for each property in total 100,000 Fractional Owner Rights (FOR)! So that means that if you want to participate in that deal, you don’t need to put the full amount in escrow. You can say, “Well, I just want to put in 100 TEC”. And then 1000 other members say the same, and BAM—we have the budget covered for this real estate. Now we just have to wait a little bit until the value of the TWNKL goes a little bit up and, BAM—you are a fractional owner of a property like this, or any other kind of property.

So now you might say, ”I want to live in this house, in this special house”.

To be able to move in you need at least 50,001 Fractional Owner Rights (FOR), because then you have the majority, you literally can decide what happens. So, you would move in, and of course, we have other fractional owners, so you would have to pay rent on the rest of the house which is not yours. So let’s ask Matt what would be a reasonable monthly rent for a house like this.


Matt: For a house of US$1 million value, here where I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, for something like this, you’d be paying roughly US$4,000/4,500 per month.


Dan: Ok, so let’s say US$4,000, so that means because you own 50% of it, you don’t have to pay the full rent, but just 50% of the rent, so in this case, it would be US$2,000. Now of course for a house with a lower value, the rent would be lower, so you would save on rent if you don’t fully own the house.

This is just an example. I know that it is a lot of information and it is all exciting stuff. We will have other webinars and step by step you will learn and understand how everything works.

Nobody is pushed to do anything, today, tonight, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Take your time, learn about the opportunities that TwnklEstate gives you, and then make your decision. Nobody is pushing you; today is just the first step of the journey.


Matt: Yes, high level overview today and great point here Dan.

In my area, in the Phoenix area, it is an exclusive area. The low end is a million bucks, and it goes up to US$25 million for a house, in a place called Paradise Valley. If you could be in a house there at US$2000 a month, oh my gosh, you are living next to people who bought a US$25 million dollar house. But you are in a house not far from that; and so again that is the power of leverage and partial ownership, digital ownership rights; and so the upcoming webinars that we are going to have will be geared towards each type of TEC owner:

One would be hey, you want to live in a house-fantastic!

You want to go ahead and be involved in investments that have cash flow returns-fantastic!

You want to make sure that you have cash flow returns and an opportunity to use a vacation property, and be able to go to Europe for a week out of the year, etc.-awesome!

So we will have those webinars that will be sliced up, and members can attend what they want. They will educate themselves first, the deals will be presented with all the numbers and then they get to choose. Believe me, the numbers will speak for themselves and that is one of my strengths, like I said, I have analyzed 20,000 houses...


Dan: That is a small town!


Matt: Yes (haha), it is! Over 14 years, sometimes it was 200-300 properties per month, again, that is why I had to develop my software. When you are at the right deal, you see the numbers, and anyone can see, “That’s a deal! That is something I want to be involved in.”

If you ever have to say, “Well, I am not sure,” that is not a deal and we won’t be presenting those to our TEC holders. Only the ones, where you could literally, as I like to say, you could trip and make money on the investment side.

The exciting part here is if you only have enough money to live in a US$150,000 house or US$200,000 house, but instead you wanted to buy and be able to live in for the same price, in a US$750,000 house—that’s an amazing thing, for your family, the neighborhood that you are in, for the schools, etc.

Sorry, go ahead, I did not mean to interrupt.


Dan: No problem, that’s fine. If you have a few more minutes, you gave me an example how you earned big money on real estate, so please tell the members too. You turned an apartment complex into separate units, something like that; please tell the members, that is a strong example of how you can really make money with real estate.


Matt: Yes, absolutely! So here in Phoenix, this was back before the economy just tanked, properties values fell in half, in 2008. Two partners and I bought a 200 unit, US$17 million apartment complex. We knew that you have to make sure that there is security and safety, so you don’t just have one exit strategy, you have what’s called multiple exit strategies, so you are never in a box. The rents were at US$650 per unit, and they were all 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths. There was a complex next door that was apartments converted to condominiums. You go to the city, you get the right paperwork, and all of the sudden you have 200 units that you can sell. That next door complex had been converted 20 years ago, and units were selling for US$190,000. Well in our purchase, an apartment by itself was US$70,000, so you can see the value difference there. We put US$20,000 worth of upgrades into each unit, and then all of a sudden, we had a US$35 million dollar condominium complex, when you sold off units at US$200,000 a piece.

Now, what was interesting about that, is that the market tanked, right in the middle, and this is a great example, because my 2 partners and I would have split US$13.5 million dollars. Fantastic if everything had gone right. Our bank failed, along with Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. Our bank failed, they called the loan due, and we had to sell 200 individual condominiums as an apartment complex. What were we able to do? We were able to actually sell it off for US$24 million dollars, we were into it for US$23.5 million dollars, and so even while everyone else was tossing the keys to the bank and walking away from their property, did we make the US$13.5 million? No. But did we have the loss? No. Real estate is not just about what you make on the upside, it’s about the protection of your money and your investment on the downside. You need to have both, and that is why you have multiple exit strategies.

By the way, we sold off the apartment complex, we had been you know, letting the leases go as we were preparing to sell empty condominiums, we sold for US$24 million dollars, an apartment complex that was 90% vacant. There were 20 people living in this apartment complex that was on 8 acres, all the rest of the units were empty, getting ready to be sold; and we were still able to go ahead and sell it, protect ourselves from the risks of an extreme real-estate market crash. So that is the success story here. So it is not just that, yes, there was US$13.5 million in profit to be made within 1 year, almost double of our money in a large way. And someone with TEC, if we had bought that together, they had their share, that is almost 100% return on your investment here, as far as what we saw in this example. There is the protection, because you buy right, and you buy smart. My partners and I had said “no” to 45 other apartment complexes before we choose that one. There was three days of due diligence for each one of those apartment complexes because it had to fit the model.

So real-estate investing has huge potential upsides, you say “no” a lot, you only say “yes” when you can protect yourself from the risk and also maximize the upside of the profit.


Dan: Very impressive, thank you Matt.

One little point that we did not mention yet, when we talk about that TWNKLESTATE at a certain point will sell the property, of course most likely we will sell it for fiat currency, right?


Matt: That is exactly right. Let’s explain that, that means for USD or Euro, etc. correct?


Dan: Yes, exactly. Of course, that means the fractional owners will receive profits; when we receive profits in fiat currency, they will receive their profits in fiat currency. I just wanted to point that out.


Matt: Yes, so you don’t invest in TWNKL and TEC with cash (USD) and then your profits and upsides are trapped in that cryptocurrency, no! We sell it in fiat currency, so then your money comes back out, but you enjoy the lift of the cryptocurrency along the way—the digital side, along with the asset side, making our money when we buy.


Dan: Perfect, thank you!

So you see, wow, it is already an hour, so let me give you one more example of what we will do at TWNKLESTATE.



example of buying a vaction resort property



Now let’s talk about vacation, and let’s talk about a resort or a hotel. Here it is absolutely the same thing, there will be a smart contract, there will be 1 token created for each resort or hotel. That means we have a total of 100,000 Fractional Owner Rights (FOR) available for this destination.

So now when we buy a hotel, we will always have 1 special VIP owner suite and for each 300 FOR that you personally hold, you will receive (on top of any profits that you receive from being a Fractional Owner in a project like this), you will receive one free night per year in the VIP owners’ suite of that hotel. So now if you say, let’s buy 3000 FOR in this hotel, that gives you 10 free nights per year.

So now look, you walk in there to the reception, you can walk in and say, my name is… I am one of the owners and I have the owners’ suite waiting for me. So this will be just one of the very special benefits that we create for you here at TWNKLESTATE.






Hope you like it, what you have learned today, hope you are happy that you pre-ordered TEC. You know that we have announced that TEC will be tradable on CCS, that will happen. (Updated: It will happen on Monday at 12pm USA Pacific Time.)

(Additional info from Support: The additional time before trading opens is so that TEC holders have time to read this recap before trading opened. If you have any questions, come to the webinar on Monday, August 20, 2018 at 11am USA Pacific Time, registration is open now, see Support notes below for details.)

What I believe is that maybe literally no TEC holder is willing to sell TEC, or at least not at the pre-order rate of 100 TWNKL. So I am very curious and very excited to see the first offers for TEC. And you are the only ones who hold TEC, and that means that you dictate the price. It is very, very important to understand that. If none of you is selling, there will be no TEC on the market and all the real estate will be for you. If you decide for whatever reason to sell some TEC, for people who don’t have TEC yet, that’s their only chance to get their foot into this highly exciting and highly profitable venture.


Matt: Dan, as you shared this opportunity with me about the TEC, like I said I have 95% of my TWNKL investment in TEC because I know real estate so well and I know where it is going and the underlying value. The fact that this is not like Microsoft, where they can do a stock split, and all of a sudden 500 Million more shares are available to the open public… the fact that that CANNOT happen, that there is a set amount and therefore it is the trading that will affect the price… That to me, is huge! HUGE!

Because when there is a limited supply, and as real estate is added in, which the TEC owners are actually going to be owning, and there is value in that real estate because we are buying smart, there is only one direction where this coin can go, and that is up. Because it is tied to something, and the something, the hard asset that it is tied to, anyone can see, right on the books that there is immense value in the real estate itself.

That was one of the exciting things for me, and that is why, as I said very candidly, I put almost all of my TWNKL into TEC. I know where this is going, so there you go.


Dan: Perfect, thank you Matt. That is all from my side.

Matt do you already know when you might be able to have this first special webinar going a little bit deeper into numbers?


Matt: Yes, what I am going to do is put together, like I said, little segments of real estate—a niche, and have a webinar on those. There will certainly be available recordings, I envision early to mid-next week. We will start with something in the investment arena, a basic, like owning an apartment complex or a single family home, and we will go through the numbers, slide by slide, very straightforward, and very easy to analyze the returns.

And then, I think the next one, there are several versions of that, vacation properties, like hotels, I am very excited about that one. I use that one, by the way, myself. Buy a place where you can own, receive returns, and then for a little slice of time, you can USE IT. I love that model. Then of course, another one is where you actually buy a home and live in it or own it with TWNKL.

I think we will start out with investing, second webinar will be about owning a house, that’s going to be at a higher dollar value than you would be able to afford with cash, then we will go back to other types of investments, I see at least 4-5 webinars in the series, so probably middle of next week.


Dan: Cool, perfect. Thank you Matt. Thank you for being here with us, thank you for being part of the Family, you are very, very welcome. So thank you in the name, I am pretty sure, of all members, at least of all TEC holders.

Cate, do you want to take over?


Cate: Holey canoley guys! I am sooo excited! Thank you both so much! Wow, this is just…I am just so excited! Definitely folks, we will keep you posted as soon as we have more information about specifically when these next presentations will be happening, so definitely do watch our community for updates; Whether you are in various social networks or in our Skype groups. Of course, as always, you will be able to register in the SafeZone and on Unicorn.Network, so keep your eyes on those pages as well.

Definitely WOW. I think I agree with you Dan, that I am not so sure that any TEC holders would be selling their TEC, unless they didn’t want property, there is always that possibility, but it will definitely be interesting to see (haha).

Dan: Haha


Matt: And it won’t be too long before the first properties start coming and are available to TEC owners, I already have some in my sights right now. So this is going to be an exciting, exciting, exciting journey.


Cate: That is great because I know we have a lot of people who are looking to buy those properties. So, really this is just such an exciting adventure because here we have this fabulous team, especially Matt, you really know your stuff, I was very impressed listening to you speak, so thank you so much! And definitely, I echo Dan’s sentiments, you are very welcome to our TEAM!

Matt: So happy to be here, so happy to be here. I am just excited to see things progress, and to see all the TEC owners, and other real estate investors and all those kinds of things, I am just excited that everyone in the Family gets to be a part of this journey, so thank you.


Cate: Absolutely and gladly done.

Do we want to open for questions, or save that for another time?


Dan: Definitely, I know our members will have tons of questions, they all will be answered in the next webinars, it would simply be too much right now. I know people are very, very excited, I can already see that from tons of questions and messages that I have received in Skype.

I just want to add one more thing, to those of you who say, “Well it would be really great to have some nice hotels, resorts, and apartment complexes, and whatever all around the world, I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this internationally, but what I want most is a house for my family, for myself here in my region”. Rest assured, not today, not tomorrow, but at TWNKLESTATE you will be able to suggest real estate. You can suggest a house or type of house that you would be interested in, and our local/national real-estate experts will find the house for you, will negotiate with the landlords for you, and will make it a great price for you; and if you started this process, we won’t offer this house to other members, this will be like a personal service.

Guys this is not something that will happen in first one to three months, we need time to build our network of real-estate experts. Of course, you can recommend local and national real-estate experts, we will interview them, and if they are a good fit for the team, they are highly welcome. TWNKLESTATE is a global real-estate business.

Thank you guys.


Cate: Dan, you read my mind, that is awesome!

So, thank you all so much! Thank you Matt and thank you Dan.

Exciting presentation today, definitely a lot of information today. (Everyone should give a huge thanks to the Awesome Recap Team, they really are awesome and were able to get this full recap done within 24 hours for all of us.)

The webinar recap from August 16, 2018 is now posted. Of course, it is always available in the recap sections, so if you are ever looking for a recap, in the SafeZone, there is a WEBINARS hexagon, very common sense for you there, as well as look for webinars on and on because this has to do with TWNKL. If you have not done so already, be sure to read the recap from August 15, 2018, it is already posted in those areas.

So definitely be proud to be a Unicorn, be proud to be a TEC holder, HAPPY HEALTH to everyone, we will see you all next time, and all the best. Thank you guys, bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, Dan Settgast, Matt Burrow and

Your WAZZUB Support Team





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Pass it on and see you there!





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