Unicorn Network Webinar Recap
August 20, 2018
Presented by: Cate Kozikowski and Ishaq Ali Khan

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Topics in this recap:

1. Rainbow Currency Foundation Updates

2. Unicorn Network/SafeZone Updates

3. TwnklEstate Q&A

Most important, see the Additional Info from Support at the end for important updates published on August 21, 2018.


Cate: Welcome Everyone! Thank you for joining me today. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Cate Kozikowski, the CEO of Unicorn Network, and today I’m joined by Ishaq Ali Khan who is a member of the Board of Directors of the Rainbow Currency Foundation (RCF). So without further ado, Ishaq, welcome!


Ishaq: Thank you Cate.

Dear Rainbow Currency Holders, members of the SafeZone and the Unicorn Network,

Greetings from your Rainbow Currency Foundation (RCF). This is Ishaq, representing RCF. Today we have an important message, a severe warning, and an official announcement to be made.



Effective August 15, 2018, Rainbow Currency (Trading Symbol TWNKL) has been moved to a new private blockchain called TwnklChain. All currency holders who transferred their old TWNKL into a PerNum Wallet before the deadline (August 14, 12pm U.S. Pacific time) did receive the exact same amount in TWNKL on the TwnklChain.

The old token contract on the Ethereum Blockchain has been officially renamed as Moved (MOVED) and the MOVED tokens have NO value within the SafeZone. Thus, MOVED tokens cannot be transferred into PerNum wallets. Actually, the old tokens are abandoned and without any function.

Nevertheless, at some places, there is still the old trading symbol TWNKL in use. All coins/tokens sold under the trading symbol TWNKL at other places than at our exclusive official exchange, CryptoCoinStreet (CCS), are not related in any way to Rainbow Currency. There is only one place where you can buy/sell TWNKL, which is www.cryptocoinstreet.com.



(Note from Support: Please also see an Important Update at the end of the recap in the Additional Info from Support.)

And this continues with the RCF Warning regarding non-CCS Exchange (mainly SouthXchange):

Consider this as a very severe warning. CCS (cryptocoinstreet.com) is the only official Exchange for Rainbow Currency. I repeat, CCS is the only official Exchange for the Rainbow Currency. Some traders at SouthXchange and also other non-CCS exchanges are trading MOVED Tokens. Unfortunately, the name is still either Twinkle or has the symbol TWNKL there. But these are no way related to the Rainbow Currency. You have absolutely no option to move these Tokens to the SafeZone PerNum Wallet or to CCS. We are not responsible if you invest money in those Tokens at those Exchanges. The only official place to purchase/sell Twinkles is at CCS, www.cryptocoinstreet.com.


Alright. After the Message and the warning, it is time for something exciting. It is time for the Official Announcement!


Dear All:

In the last RCF Board meeting, we discussed multiple things. One of the points of discussion was naming the smallest Unit of Rainbow Currency.

The Smallest denomination of Rainbow Currency is 0.001 Twinkle (TWNKL), which hereby is officially declared by RCF as 1 "Dan", honoring the Creator of the Coin, Dan Settgast.

There are many virtual currencies whose smallest denomination is named after its creator. So, RCF decided to name the smallest denomination of Rainbow Currency as Dan, the most deserving name of the currency.


Congratulations Dan for having a Currency in your name!

May "Dan" be circulated around the world!!!


Let us also look at the smallest denominations of Bitcoin, Ether, and Twinkle along with their Values.


Bitcoin (BTC):

The smallest denomination of Bitcoin is called a Satoshi. It has 8 decimal places with respect to Bitcoin. Bitcoin will ever have a maximum supply of 21 Million. But the supply of Satoshi would be 2.1 Quadrillion (i.e. 2.1 * 10^15).


Ether (ETH):

The smallest denomination of Ether is called as a Wei. It has 18 decimal places with respect to Ether. But the more used denomination is called as GWei (Giga Wei) which has 9 decimal places with respect to Ether. Ethereum has unlimited Total Supply which keeps on increasing and is currently more than 100 Million. The supply of Wei/GWei would, therefore, be unlimited. And as of now, the total supply of GWei is more than 100 Quadrillion (i.e. 10^17) & the total supply of Wei is more than 100 Septillion (i.e. 10^26).


Twinkle (TWNKL):

The smallest denomination of Rainbow Currency is 0.001 Twinkle (TWNKL) and is now officially called a Dan. It has much higher value as compared to most others. Twinkle has a fixed supply of 100 Billion. Therefore, the total Supply of Dan is also fixed at 100 Trillion (i.e. 10^14).


This means:

Dan has 21 times less supply than Satoshi.

Dan has 1000 times less supply than GWei.

Dan has 1 Trillion times less supply than Wei.


Now, let us compare the value of these smallest denominations with USD.

For Ease of Calculation, let us take a recent rounded value of (USD) $6000 for Bitcoin and $300 for Ether.

And the price of Twinkle is 1 Cent.



1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC = 0.006 US Cent

1 Dan = 0.001 TWNKL = 0.001 US Cent

1 GWei = 0.000000001 Eth = 0.00003 US Cent

And the Value of Wei is a billion times less than GWei.


As of today the value of 1 Dan is 33 times better than 1 GWei. And 6 times less than 1 Satoshi.

When the value of Twinkle would reach just 6 or 7 US Cent, the Value of 1 Dan would be better than 1 Satoshi.


Our whole-hearted congratulations go again to Dan Settgast for having 100 Trillion Dan called in his name as the smallest units of the Rainbow Currency.

All the best to everyone. Thank you!

RCF Board of Directors


Cate: Thank you very much Ishaq, wow, that is exciting news! I am going to open the chat for a few moments so that people can share their thoughts about these exciting developments. And on behalf of Dan, I know he is busy doing important things right now, of course he sends his greetings to you all, I’m sure he’d love to hear your feedback in our community now, so if you have your thoughts to share, definitely do post your feedback in our groups and our community.

So, thank you very much to everyone; thank you to Ishaq and all of the RCF Board of Directors, we appreciate all of you, and definitely big congratulations to Dan! This is really awesome, and everyone in the audience is very excited too judging by the feedback.

And, there was a question, “Does that mean that Twinkle will change to Dan?” NO, there is always Twinkle, we have both—a Twinkle (TWNKL) is the smallest coin, but that coin, based on the 3 decimal points, can have a smallest digit, 0.001, and that smallest digit, that 0.001, is now called a “Dan”.


Ishaq: And guys nothing has changed, only we have given a name to the smallest tradable unit, it will be called a Dan. Nothing has changed, we will be trading in TWNKL, it will be the same, only a name has been given to the smallest tradable unit, which is 0.001 of a TWNKL, and has been named 1 Dan.


Cate: Absolutely, so very cool; and thank you very much everybody.

And, I wanted to share a couple of links in the chat for more information, and thank you Ishaq definitely for those warnings; I do want to stress with everyone, that it is super important that you understand these things. Rest assured everyone who had difficulty understanding Ishaq, we will have all of this in a written recap.

What I will post now is a link if you want more information about this change that Ishaq talked about; how the TWNKL on the Ethereum blockchain has been renamed officially to MOVED, you can visit that website, www.twnklmoved.com.


Now, for some other updates as well, the www.rainbowcurrency.com website has also been updated, so that way, everyone can see…


Ishaq: Yes, this is important, www.rainbowcurrency.com has been updated, now you will see only whatever you have in the PerNum Wallet, which is in the TwnklChain, so you will not have any public or TWNKL listed there, so kindly recheck that, and you will be happy that all your TWNKL have moved to the TwnklChain properly.


Cate: Exactly. Very good, thank you Ishaq. Also, there is a notice there posted about the Ethereum blockchain token now being renamed MOVED. And also, if you’re on www.TWNKLBDS.com, there is also a notice at the top there notifying everyone about the difference, so that way everybody knows what is going on there. So keep that in mind, and definitely be sure to inform your first generation and others, of course, through our community; and share and like our social media posts—that will help spread the message around too.

And, of course, if you’re ever wondering, “Where are we on social media?” At the bottom of every webinar recap, there is a whole list of various social media places where Unicorn Network and Rainbow Currency updates are posted. So just be aware of that.

Another question I’ll answer real quick: “What will it take to increase the minimum value of Twinkle? - That is really simple; all you have to do, since only Rainbow Currency holders can sell TWNKL, the only way to increase the value as far as what is sold on the exchange, is simply that people ask for higher prices. So, you as a currency holder, remember, you are always in control of how much you are selling or trading your Rainbow Currency for.


Now, a couple of different points:

First, for those who are bidding on TwnklBds. I know some of these auctions have gone quite high in the Twinkle values, and that’s part of the supply and demand, both for the item being auctioned on TwnklBds, and also, for Twinkles. You know, we’ve talked about this at length at various other webinars so I’m not going to get into all the details there, but do understand, when you see something to purchase, if you think that the price is too much in Twinkles, well then, don’t buy it. There will be some fluctuation as we’ve said, and as we’ve seen on TwnklBds, as far as how many Twinkles people are willing to pay for certain items, and that’s really because things will fluctuate over time, and especially as the number of sellers on TwnklBds grows. I know that there are a number of very interesting things in the works that will be showing up soon, potentially on TwnklBds, so definitely, whether you are a seller yourself or if you’re interested to buy, keep your eyes on TwnklBds. And definitely if you’re a seller, check it out; reference the April 20th webinar recap for instructions on how to list items and other points like that.

And, I have some other updates as well that I want to share with everyone: Now I’m not sure if you guys saw this or not, but this is actually a couple of months old. But I want to share it with everyone as it’s quite interesting; it was an article that was written on a platform called The Chain, and this is a platform where various different independent writers can go and write stories; a lot of them are based on cryptocurrency, obviously, by the name of the site. And so, this one article in particular, was titled, “First ever real estate deal closed using Cryptocurrency”, and, it was posted by an article writer named Reid Moore; he actually talks about the real estate deal that was done with Rainbow Currency in Germany; as well, he talks about the e-commerce platform TwnklBds.



It’s definitely a great article and points out a number of different things, like that there were other real estate deals, however, the real estate transaction that happened with Twinkles earlier this year, was the first of its kind, simply because the purchase price was paid in TWNKL. It also mentions that it was the first one in Europe, in Germany specifically, but across Europe as well.

And, another member shared another article about a real estate transaction happening in Bitcoin in Delaware, USA, just a few months ago. So lots of interesting things happening in the cryptocurrency world and, as well of course, with our Rainbow Currency; so, exciting things are happening.

And I have other updates for you guys, so I’ll answer some of the most pressing questions on TwnklEstate a little bit later, so rest assured about that. But first, I do have some updates for everyone; I know everyone is so excited to get into CCS and be able to do things, especially trading the TEC and TWNKL, so there’s a few updates with that.

Now, for tomorrow, August 21st: the transfer function will open up to transfer TWNKL and TEC to CryptoCoinStreet, and trading will start at that point. (It has, see more details in the Additional Info from Support below.)

So, a couple of things for those people who want to prepare today for that:

First, if you already have TWNKL in CCS, you have a couple of options, so keep this in mind:

1. Of course, you still have the ability to trade those TWNKL for other currencies.

2. Specifically, you have the ability right now, today, you can set up a Buy offer. If someone has TWNKL or TEC to sell, they’ll see it as a Sell offer for them, and those who would be buying it, they would set up a Buy offer. (I know sometimes this gets a little bit confusing on any exchange, the difference between the Buy and the Sell offers). So, do understand, as someone who wants to purchase the currency, you will set up a Buy offer; as someone who has the currency and you want to sell it, you would be looking at the Sell offers.

So, for those who already have TWNKL in CCS, you can go ahead and set up a Buy offer if you would like to purchase more TEC when they’re available starting tomorrow. Some people already have, and we can see that the offers that are currently there, they’re arranged from the lowest at 100 TWNKL for 1 TEC, all the way up to 113 TWNKL for 1 TEC. And so, it will be interesting to see if anyone takes up those people’s offers, or maybe if the values are higher, we’ll have to wait and see. And, for those who have TWNKL and want more TEC, tomorrow you’ll be able to transfer your Twinkles to CCS so that you can purchase some of those TEC that people are willing to sell.

So, tomorrow, for TEC holders, if you are one of those people who wish to sell some of your TEC, you will be setting up a Sell Offer, or you would just simply be clicking on the Sell button next to one of the Buy orders that are already set up.

Now also, do understand if you are one of the people who has TWNKL in CCS; as I mentioned, you do have the option now to purchase TEC starting tomorrow with those TWNKL; so maybe you want to purchase some of those, maybe you don’t, but you do have that option, so even if you have a Sell order up for your TWNKL, you could cancel that and then purchase TEC instead if you want it. So, we just want to make sure everybody knows what options you have and what’s going on from that. So, instead of waiting for someone to buy your TWNKL at US$0.01, you could buy TEC if you wanted. So that’s the updates with CCS.


Now in other news: keep your eyes open guys, especially all of you TwnklSoccer fans, it’s on its way back! Later this week, it will be back for the Nations League, which is held by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), and the first match is starting on September 6. So, you will have plenty of time to log in, invite others and all of that before the first game starts. The first game will be a match between the OLD world champion, which is Germany, versus the NEW world champion, which is France. So that’s the first game that will be kicking off on September 6, and as I said, this week, TwnklSoccer will be back and you’ll be able to log in and check that out; or join, if you are a new person.

Now, the other thing about TwnklSoccer is that we have found a sponsor for this next game; so, they will have a special offer for all Rainbow Currency holders and that will be revealed a little bit later; so keep your eyes out for more updates happening at TwnklSoccer, so very exciting with that.


And, as well this week, we will have an exciting update about Biggest Talent. So, lots of things happening, everything’s coming together folks—the perfect time for the perfect reasons and doing the perfect things, so that is just fantastic!


Now, in other updates: I want to answer a few questions on TwnklEstate. The biggest questions, after the August 17 Webinar, are about Smart Contracts and Fractional Ownership and some more details about that. Now do understand, all this information is coming out step-by-step, and what we’re sharing today, is just some general information so you can better understand things. Now, as far as a Smart Contract goes, definitely do your own due diligence, and check this out online and various information on sites like Wikipedia, of course, this is just one source. There are plenty of other places as well.

(See the link below on The Chain article I mentioned before; there is also great articles about some basic cryptocurrency terms and some other information on there too.)



So, you know, all kinds of different resources are available to you online to learn some basic details about it, and about how these things work, like Blockchains and Smart Contracts and even Fractional Ownership as well. These are not new concepts, some of them are older than others, but they have been talked about at length in various other places too. So, definitely do your own homework and research on that to learn more.

Now, specifically for TwnklEstate dealing with Smart Contracts. Understand, with Smart Contract, basically, it’s like any other contract, ok? It’s only on a blockchain which makes it smart, and also, what it has to do with when the contract is executed. With the Smart Contract, there are certain factors/criteria that must be met in order for the contract to be executed. So, for example, with TwnklEstate, many times it will be based on the value of TWNKL, so when the TWNKL reaches a certain pre-determined level, the contract will be executed, meaning, pay out the contract and purchase the property. And then, at that point in time, once the property is purchased, then for those TEC holders who purchased the Fractional Ownership Rights (FOR) on that particular property, that would then be transferred digitally to those new digital owners.

And, we’ll get a little bit more into some of the benefits and differences on the FOR in a moment, but just so you understand the basic concept of the Smart Contract, generally speaking, this is how it works: so you have a set number of criteria, and when they’re met, the contract is executed—very simple, just like that.

Now, regarding the Fractional Ownership Rights: there’s been some questions about, “Could these FOR be traded later? So, do understand:

1. Any property that is being purchased through TwnklEstate, each individual property will have 1 Token created for it on the TwnklChain of course, and;

2. That token will have 5 decimal points, so it would be 1 and 4 zeros (0.00001), and that means, that in total, there would be 100,000 different units for that 1 Token; that 1 property. This means, if they wanted to, 100,000 different TEC holders could be buying just 0.00001 of that property. However, in the real world, generally speaking, TEC holders are going to be buying multiple parts of this individual token, the property token. So, you might have someone who has 300 parts of it, or someone who has the whole 100,000 and then it would just be the 1 owner of the property. So it can vary depending on the property, depending on the individual TEC holders, as well as, their individual goals and what they want to do. So that’s generally speaking, how the fractional owners work as far as that goes.

Now, because there is 1 token broken down to this 100,000 different units on the blockchain, YES, later these Fractional Ownership Rights could be traded on, I would say it’s a high probability, it would be CryptoCoinStreet (CCS). So, at a later time, yes, those types of things could happen, so generally, that’s the answer to those types of questions.

So, a couple of other things to understand: Do understand how the process works as a TEC holder. When you do see properties coming up on TwnklEstate, you’re not buying property in the first step—you’re putting your TEC in escrow, with the promise to buy, so to speak; this will happen while the Smart Contract is in effect waiting for that criteria to be met in order for the contract to be executed. So, for a period of time, your TEC will be in escrow while waiting for the criteria to be met, and, as I mentioned, once that happens, then the Smart Contract is executed, and then, depending on the fractional owners for that particular property, then that would all be distributed and you would be notified. So, do understand, it is not until actually the Smart Contract is executed, that your TEC are actually used to purchase the property.

Now, there’s been another question about one of the benefits of the Fractional Ownership, which is the VIP nights, for example, in a resort. Now, do understand, as a Fractional Owner, you cannot personally trade or sell your VIP nights to anyone else; if you choose not to use those nights, then that suite would be rented out; then ALL (including you) Fractional Owners on that property would benefit by higher profit from that increased revenue. So, do understand that if you’re thinking about purchasing some Fractional Ownership Rights for a resort or some other vacation place where you’re just going to have those few VIP nights (depending on how many Fractional Ownership Rights you have on that particular vacation property), that you cannot trade or sell or do anything else with those free nights, as they’re there for you (to use) only. So just be aware of that; but of course, you can bring guests (limited); more details about how those free nights can be used specifically, will be coming out later when we have a property that is using them. The final details, of course, will be dependent on each property; each property’s details might be different, so do understand that.

And now, there was also a question about how the TEC will return to market; so, right now, we have the TEC holders, and then they are using their TEC to purchase properties, so, those TEC would then go to TwnklEstate to pay for those properties, and so then TwnklEstate ends up with a bunch of TEC. Well of course, do understand: the whole business model for TwnklEstate is fully developed, and as I’ve mentioned, all the details will be shared step-by-step; however, there will be no white paper or anything like that, that would explain our strategies to our potential competitors. So, I’m just going to generally say, regarding this question, or ones like it, is that, step-by-step, the information will come out that is needed; but generally speaking, just like any business, they would be circulated back through and used accordingly. So, because this is a long-term business model, it’s not a once-and-done type of thing, more properties, and more properties, and more properties will be available in all different places regarding TwnklEstate. So this is just the beginning, still super exciting and definitely it’ll be interesting to see what the first properties will be.

Now, I also want to mention, that we heard from Matt Burrow on the August 17 Webinar, and he is not the only real estate expert that TwnklEstate has. We already have a great real estate company in Germany, and they’re already preparing more properties that will be available, and, as well, Matt is already looking into properties, and we have many more. So, that is fantastic. Now, if you are a realtor, or a developer, or a real-estate seller, or an architect, or whatever the case is, if you are someone who is interested in offering property or in taking part in this more, contact details and so on, will be available step-by-step.

But, in the first part, we’re looking specifically for realtors or real estate companies, so if you are one of those, or if you are in contact with someone who is interested, you can always, first, send an email to me at: cate@safezone.info, but please do put TwnklEstate in the subject line, and we’ll connect back with you as soon as possible. So, in the first step, specifically, just for realtors, or those who are interested in selling property. So you can send us a message there right now, and again, more information will be coming out step-by-step regarding everything.


So, that is about it from my side today. Now we will open up about any last questions about TwnkleEstate; like I said, we’ll just open for a quick moment so we can get this recap out to everyone as quick as possible. So if you have any other major questions that have not already been answered, you can ask real quick.

And, regarding anyone who is awaiting any updates such as things happening in the SafeZone, everything’s happening step-by-step, so definitely we’ll be following up for that.

As far as when properties will be available to purchase on TwnklEstate, do understand, that it will take a little bit of time to be posted, but we do have several real-estate experts looking for the perfect properties to list first, so, as soon as possible that will happen.

As far as specific timeframes, that will depend on each specific property, so more information about that will happen later. And as far as taxes and final things like that, of course, that will depend on your local area. The best thing to do, would be for you to contact your own local tax experts regarding that. Otherwise, more information will be posted on each specific property when it becomes available.

We do have some instructions on selling TWNKL on CCS, and that is primarily available on Ishaq’s blog “All About SafeZone”, which Ishaq will post in the chat.


Ishaq: Well actually CCS is changing, and so the previous things are to be updated and so I will post it in the community rooms as soon as possible.


Cate: Thank you Ishaq for that update; rest assured, as soon as possible that will happen, otherwise, you can go there to learn some basics, www.allaboutsafezone.com, and just do understand, that some things may change.


Now, there was another question about a list of fees; do understand, that as far as transferring TWNKL on the blockchain, just as was mentioned, it is a flat 0.1% fee, and the minimum fee is 1 Dan, right?


Ishaq: (chuckle) Yes, the minimum fee is 1 Dan, and the maximum fee is 1,000 TWNKL subjected to 0.1% of the total amount you are transferring. If you are transferring an amount of more than 1M (1,000,000) TWNKL, then it will be applied 1,000 TWNKL (fee). If the transfer amount is less than 1M TWNKL, it will be 0.1%. And the minimum of course, is 1 Dan (0.001).


Cate: As far as anyone who had challenges with exchanges, and regarding the bunch of different issues between us and SouthXchange and all of that, we will have information at a later time. For the time being, anyone who is affected by this, do save your proof, save your verification of your claim, and as soon as we have further updates, we will share them with you, but for the moment, you have to have patience.

And as far as, “Why can’t we sell TWNKL in CCS? You can, but you have to wait, they’re still doing the final connections right now; so, you can set up a Buy order for TEC today, that’s available right this moment, and then more will be happening tomorrow. So watch our community for updates tomorrow on being able to transfer your TWNKL or TEC from your PERNUM wallet to CCS, so the TEC trading will be happening tomorrow.

And absolutely guys, it’s the TEC holders who will decide. Just because there’s a Sell order for 100 TWNKL for 1 TEC, doesn’t mean you have to use that offer; you could ignore it, whatever, or maybe you decide 113 isn’t high enough; that’s up to you guys, those of you who are selling your TEC, so be SMART!




Ishaq: This is important to understand; You, as the Seller, you can decide your price, ok? So, you put 130, or you put 300, it is UP to YOU. Similarly, the Buyer, it is up to them, they can put anything, they can put 1 TWNKL, but their TWNKL will not get sold, simple! So, do not get worried if someone is offering at a 100, that is what he wants to buy, so if he wants to buy very cheap, so what does that mean? It does not mean anything, so if he offered at 100, there is no point; if it is traded at whatever higher price, that is the important thing, so please understand.


Cate: As far as trading TWNKL tomorrow, we will have further updates tomorrow on what specific functions are available in CCS. There is no minimum in CCS for TEC, but do understand, there are plenty of us who have lots of Twinkles and who want more TEC, so if you will be stupid enough to trade yours for less, we will be happy enough to buy them from you, haha! So I’m just being blunt and honest with you all, so do be smart, be smart, always be smart in what you do.

I know you are wondering about the next TwnklEstate webinar, it will be happening. As Matt said, maybe later this week, they are working on various things right now, so as soon as we have further updates, we will let you know. (See Additional Info from Support below.)

So, I think we’ve covered the most important questions right now, so now, we are going to stop here so that we can get this recap out to you all as quick as possible.

Thank you all so very much; thank you Ishaq for joining us. Be proud to be a Unicorn, be proud to be a TEC holder, and always, HAPPY HEALTH to everyone.

We will see you next time. Be sure to come to the radio show this Thursday, I’m sure we will have lots of interesting things to talk about. As always, follow us and like our posts on social media, whatever network you are already on, come and check us out, we are probably there. Take care, all the best, we’ll see you next time!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, Ishaq Ali Khan, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team





Additional Info from Support:






For several reasons it is crucial to change the trading symbol for Rainbow Currency on the TwnklChain. Today we have been informed by Etherscan that they refuse to change the token name and symbol from Twinkle/TWNKL to Moved/MOVED for the old, abandoned token without giving a reason.


Thus, there is a token with trading symbol TWNKL on the Ethereum blockchain and we have no power to change it. Pages like CMC request a unique trading symbol to be listed there and therefore we must change the trading symbol for our Rainbow Currency. So, we decided to change the trading symbol for Rainbow Currency on the TwnklChain from TWNKL to YEM.


YEM = Your Everyday Money


Just to be clear:


The name of our blockchain is still TwnklChain


The name of our currency is still Rainbow Currency


The names of our denominations are still Rainbow, Glitter, Twnkl, Dan


Why Twnkl and not Twinkle?


1) we have branded everything to Twnkl

2) a company from Asia just launched a token on the Ether blockchain, and they named it Twinkle


Of course, we will still fight with Etherscan to change the name and symbol of old Twinkle/TWNKL to avoid any confusion.




Trading is now live on CCS for TEC and YEM. You are able to transfer to and from your PerNum wallet and CCS. Be aware that if you do a transfer out of your PerNum Wallet, you are confirming your balance to be correct.

As noted in the recap above, Ishaq’s blog AllAboutSafeZone.com will be updated with these updates as soon as possible. If you need assistance with learning how to do things, please wait for those tutorials and info to be published before taking any action.

Also be aware the standard TwnklChain transfer fee of 0.1% will apply to all transfers (paid in YEM). If you are transferring out of your PerNum Wallet, the fee is deducted from your PerNum Wallet.

Always start small, make sure everything is good and you understand what you are doing before proceeding further and be sure your PerNum is set up properly in CCS before initiating any transfers for fastest results.





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5 Step Daily Plan to boost your personal commissions and bonuses.

(And as always, NO SPAM and BE HONEST ALWAYS)


1) Log into WSS and grab your campaign link. Right now, Solario and Invitation Marketing are great to use.


2) Post some informative posts in all of your social media. Reminder if interested, join MINDS through our link (see below). You do not always have to put in your invitation link, simply ask interested people to message you.


3) Talk to people you meet about UN, RC, Solario.


4) Put in ads in FREE sources in your area. In USA, for example, there is Craigslist.


5) Put your links in free traffic sources like mailers and traffic exchanges. And commit a little time each day to those to promote.


If you were responsible for 100 SOLR Tokens sold each month, and 5 new active affiliate members for your TWNKL 5x5 game, you would be filling up your Personal Success Pools steadily month after month after month. Think of how fast you would be able to achieve all your Personal Success Goals!



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Beginning July 7, 2018, we will be adding Minds.com to our regular social media posting. Minds is a social network that shares many of the values that we do in the Unicorn Network. If you wish to support us on Minds, please join through our link so that we may collect tokens to use for more views to our posts, and then grow faster.



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Unicorn Network Third Party Social Media Disclaimer;


The Unicorn Network uses third party websites and applications for marketing, and will often ask members to voluntarily interact with these services in order to increase reach of our postings. However, unless specifically stated, the Unicorn Network does not vouch for the safety or security of these services, and the member is advised that they use these services with the understanding that any issues which may arise from their usage are not the responsibility of the Unicorn Network.




** Reminder for all members: ** We have a strict anti-spam policy. Please be professional when sharing links for any of our offers. It has been noticed that some members have been posting their links on other people and group's Facebook pages. ** This is spamming!!! ** You should not post your links on anybody else's pages or in groups unless it is a page or group specifically set up for sharing business opportunities. You should not post your links on the timeline of any other person in any Social site unless they have given you permission to do so. Please be respectful and professional. Thank You.




Member Invitation guidelines

***Dear Members,

Our Rainbow Currency is a very exciting opportunity for all members and for the future of commerce and financial transactions.

We know everyone is super excited and very eager and innovative in promoting our Rainbow Currency and this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

As always we want to be mindful of the reputation of the company and of course yourself when promoting. A few things to be mindful of:


A. Whenever translating any information, brand names must be in English. Rainbow Currency, Twinkle, Glitter, Rainbow, SafeZone, etc., must be in English.


B. Always give accurate information using company pages as a guideline for information. Don't mislead by making wild claims or by changing the meaning of anything. If you are not sure what something means, please clarify.


C. Be sure to comply with local and International anti-spam regulations regarding emails. If using mailings you should be sure that those you are sending emails to are opted-in to receive emails. If you are emailing friends/family be sure to respect their wishes if they ask you not to send them offers.


D. Never use our Mailaxy for any marketing mailings. It is intended to be used for personal use only. Accounts may be closed if we get blacklisted due to members using Mailaxy for marketing and marked as spam.


E. In Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., always follow their terms of use.

*Never post your links or promotions on the profile page of any other member. If you post on your own profile those who follow you will see it if they follow your posts.

*Never reply to someone else's post or comment with links or promotions.

*If you belong to groups that allow you to post marketing, and there are many, be sure to follow their rules and don't flood them with constant posts. Watch to see what others do as a group. If there are several hundreds or thousands of active people in that group and there is only one person posting the same thing every 5 minutes or every hour don't do the same thing just because that one person does it. Do what is customary for that group.


F. Don't constantly tag random people on your posts. That function is meant to tag a person who may be in a picture, or tag someone that needs to take attention to that post because it is relevant to them.


G. Don't add people to groups without their permission. This happens to me all the time and it is very annoying. You can send invitations and that gives the person the option to join, ignore, or simply delete your request.


H. Many members have posted marketing material that can be used and shared, graphics and videos that can be shared, and ideas on better marketing practices. Always be mindful to personalize things that you use and be sure to keep information accurate. If you see something that you like that has not been given to share or use, always contact the owner of that material and ask their permission before doing anything with it.


I. If you create your own Pages, Groups, Blogs, etc., be sure you comply with the terms of use of the host. Be sure you comply with our Affiliate Guidelines for Social Media and Internet Activity. You can view them here:






Because our websites are hosted on the worldwide web, access may be available in other countries. We are happy to make the content, software, products, and/or services available to people in any country where legal to do so. And while we are not currently aware of any country that bans information of this type, nor specifically the information we provide, we make no representation that materials on the websites are appropriate or legal for use in any locations outside the United States. The laws regarding use of content, software, products, and/or services via the Internet may vary in different countries. If you have access to our websites from a location outside the United States of America, you and you alone are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws of your jurisdiction. Accessing the websites is prohibited from any country where the contents are deemed illegal, or where they are contrary to regulations.




Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our project. Any examples of results are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed on our website depends on the time you devote to the project, on your knowledge and on various marketing skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee any success or specific result. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions. Materials found on our website may contain information that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future events. You can identify these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. They use words such as “anticipate,” “estimate,” “expect,” “project,” “intend,” “plan,” “believe,” and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with a description of potential results or earnings.


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