TwnklEstate Webinar Recap
September 3, 2018
Presented by: Cate Kozikowski, Dan Settgast, and Matt Burrow

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*F.O.R. means digital Fractional Owner Rights (Rights include Duties and Risks).



Topics in this recap:

1. TwnklEstate







Cate:Waazzzuubbb! Hello, hello everyone. Welcome to our very exciting webinar.


So today, I am so happy to introduce to you both Mr Dan Settgast, of course, who you know and Matt Burrow who will be sharing some details about TwnklEstate which I know we are all excited to hear about, so without further ado, let me introduce Dan; Dan welcome!


Dan: Hello, hello, hello, or to say it like Gee, Waaazzzuuubbb!


Ok, let’s start right away; this webinar is packed with info, and it is so important that you listen very, very carefully. Everyone needs to be 100% focused in this webinar because (and I know this has been said before), but this is the MOST IMPORTANT webinar we’ve ever had. And of course, we have highlights from time to time and this is one of the highlights, especially for those of you who bought some TEC, for those of you who converted your Twnkls (YEM) into TEC (the TwnklEstate Coin).


Today, you will learn Wazzub with TwnklEstate.


So far we have always talked about digital products, about marketing, about websites, about Prize Mania, about the Biggest Talent contest, about this, about that, about communities, and of course we’ve talked about e-commerce as well, yes there is some money involved. But, I think you all know, there is a big difference between buying a pair of socks, or a book, or maybe a even a smartphone, or whatever, compared to buying Real Estate.


Real estate is not just one of the most important wealth and fortune opportunities everywhere in the world, it is the most important one!


I literally know nobody who would say, ”Oh no, I’m not interested in real estate, I don’t want to own a house or an apartment or maybe something bigger.”


So with TwnklEstate, we are creating a whole new way for you to convert your digital currency, from Rainbow Currency to TwnklEstate Coin (TEC), and now from TEC into real estate – REAL, real-estate property.


This is huge and this will be a game changer, and will be a game changer for many of you. It is so crucial that you fully understand what we are doing here, especially what we are doing for you and what kind of opportunity we are creating for you, that we said, ”Hey, we need to take the time to explain it to you step by step by step, so that you fully understand how big this is if you do things right.” 


What are your chances, what are the risks, and most important, what is in it for you? And, you will understand during this webinar, ”WHY!”   


Therefore, we decided to make it a little bit slower so that we can really explain to you step by step what is happening.


In our webinar on Thursday (August 30), when we talked about this and decided to have the webinar today (Monday, September 04), and that we would open the (TwnklEstate) website and we have, and we already have 12 properties in Germany and in the USA...well, I can tell you, we now already have 15 or 16, and we have so many members calling us and saying, ”Hey, can I sell my property as well?” or, ”I have a property that I would love to buy but I don’t have the funds, so can you manage that for me?” And so on and so on.


So our portfolio is growing, and NOBODY can take this portfolio from us. It is secure; we have that covered; and it is growing; and it makes NO difference if you put your TEC into escrow  whenever …because NOTHING is changing at TwnklEstate or about the TwnklEstate strategy. It’s all about YOU, and you need to have the chance to fully understand what we are doing and why we are doing it.


We could not do what we are doing without an absolute genius real-estate expert on our site, and this team real-estate expert is MATT.


I am happy to pass the mic to him so that he can introduce the TwnklEstate strategy for you, bite by bite; Matt, please take over.



Matt: Fantastic. Thank you Dan, and good morning everyone.


Ok, as Dan mentioned, I want to go ahead and speak on a high-level about real estate. Many of you are new here, so I’ll just repeat that my background over the last 14 years I’ve bought about US$100,000,000 (100 million) worth of property; US$50,000,000 of single-family homes, and another 50 million of commercial (apartment complexes, office buildings, etc.).


More importantly, I’ve had to analyze at least 10-15 times that amount to buy what I buy. That’s about (U.S. dollars) 1 billion or 1.5 billion dollars’ worth of property over 14 years. A part of that, in my experience, is that when you buy real estate, you have to understand contracts; you have to understand what you’re getting into, because this is NOT: “go to Vegas, put it all on ”red” (in roulette), and hope that you see the money!”


(No), real estate instead is about having a strategy, understanding that strategy very clearly, and as Dan mentioned, understanding risks, and rewards, and making sure that you make smart purchases with your money (your TEC in this case).


As Dan also mentioned, there are 2 ways to grow true wealth:


1.  Start a business (and if you were Steve Jobs/Bill Gates you’d grow your wealth).

2.  Real estate; real estate is (unless you’re a business builder, which takes a lot of smarts, a lot of energy, a lot of capital), real estate, especially here with TwnklEstate, is the way to grow wealth over your lifetime; you have to look at it as a long-term strategy.


I’ve made my money very well, but it’s taken me time, a decade and a half (15 years) to get where I am at, so patience and a thorough understanding of what you’re getting into is KEY!


Now, the good news is that Dan is here on the TwnklEstate side with the currency (Rainbow Currency), and you have me heading up the actual real-estate portion of buying properties, analyzing properties, making sure that the right properties are put out in front of our TEC holders; YOU.


So, maybe you’ve heard these numbers, but 3% of the population owns 98% of the wealth in the world, and they start up businesses or they own real estate, period.


So, we are in one of those big 2 right now, and I am going to share my screen about the specifics of the TwnklEstate strategy, and as a TEC owner, how you can get into one of those 2 wealth-building strategies, one of those 2 forms of building wealth – real estate.







OK. So I am going to start with some of the basics. The reason why Dan and I decided that this webinar was put on, going back to the basics, is that we had questions posed in different rooms throughout the last week and a half; some people saying, “Gosh, if I put my TEC into escrow, will I get money in 2 weeks, will I get my profits?” etc. etc.


So just some questions, that showed that we needed to inform and educate. If you know this already, great, if you don’t, please listen in. Either way, make sure that you dive in here and pay close attention because this is the model that you are going to be putting your TEC into.






Let me start out with the middle, TwnklEstate is a real-estate services company, and what is happening is that I am heading up the real-estate side of this company making the choices, making sure that we pick the right properties, and over here on the right side, is you, the TEC holders of your coin, and we are working with you to make sure that we put the right properties out there, and that you go ahead and get into the actual Fractional Owner Rights (F.O.R.); so we provide the platform and the opportunity. 


On the other side (left), we are dealing with the property owners, and what we have (in the middle) here is the company, TwnklEstate.


(Dan speaks briefly now to let everyone know that the NOBODY whatsoever will miss any chance of joining the TwnklEstate to purchase available properties until the recap is completed and out, so everybody will have an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to place their TEC in escrow once everyone has the chance to read and understand the recap).


So what we have here (in the above image on the left), the company, TwnklEstate, we deal with the property owner, so we are negotiating the property, and we are involved here in the middle, and we are working with you as TEC holders (soon to be F.O.R. owners) are over here on the right, and then separately, we are dealing with the property.


So to the group, there are 2 sides to this:


1) TE (TwnklEstate) the company is working with the property owners.

2) On the other side, when we get a property that is tied up and an interested seller is talking with us and says, “Yeah, I like what you have here, so I’m interested in working with TwnklEstate to go ahead and sell you my property.” Now, once we have the initial part of that started, we then reach out to YOU, the TEC owners, and we say, “We’ve got a property; are you interested in spending your TEC on digital owner rights on this property?”


Now the 2 things that I really want to highlight:

1) When we work with the property owners, we give ourselves an “out”. This is called an option agreement, which is what we handle with the property owner.

2) Over with you, TEC owners, we have the blockchain (TwnklChain) and we are putting the house up on the blockchain with a Smart Contract, where you go ahead and place your TEC into escrow.


So the 2 are separate, but connected.


So let me go ahead and talk to you as TEC owners what this real-estate opportunity means to you; 2 high-level parts:


Part 1) We are using the increase in valuation of the coin (YEM) as a part of our strategy and we only buy the property when the coin reaches a certain level or price point; for example, if it’s over US$0.03, almost US$0.04, we may put something under contract that says that we are actually going to buy this property when the coin reaches US$0.10. So there’s a delta there for when the coin is now, when we talk to the owner, and then there’s the timeline of when and at what price we will go ahead and purchase that property at and the increased value here into the future, so that is 1 component of our strategy and then how we buy, it’s the price of the coin, the Rainbow Currency (YEM), therefore, the value of the Twnkl, which is trading at US$0.01 right now.  So we put a property under contract at 1 cent, and Twnkl (YEM) goes up to 5 cents, and then we say in our contract, “When it reaches 5 cents, we’ll go ahead and buy the property.” So this is exercising an option. So the price of the Twnkl is a part of that contract, that’s Part 1.


Part 2) This is the timeline. We give ourselves a timeline to reach that price point of the Twnkl. So, the timeline of the contract might be 6 months, it might be a year, it might be 24 months (2 years), and what we’ve done is given ourselves time for the Twnkl to rise higher in price; the 2 are tied together – time and price; the trading price point of Rainbow Currency (YEM).  


Now, we have covered that you as a TEC holder are working with us the company, in the middle (in the image above), however, you are not working with the property owner; we are, TwnklEstate.


So what I want to focus on next here is, first: how the TwnklEstate works with the property owner; so I want you to know as a TEC holder, you are NOT involved in this part of the TwnklEstate service; So this is what happens in the background before you see the digital Fractional Owner opportunity up on the website where you can buy, but first, we want to give you the background, because there’s a part of this which is very important to YOU.







So here, we are working with a real-estate contract that is known as a “Letter of Intent’, an important part of the contract, this is a piece of paper that the property owner goes ahead and signs saying, “I have the intent of selling this property to you at a specific price in the future.” And we (TwnklEstate) sign it and say, “Well we want to go ahead and buy it from you in the future at a certain price point.”

So right now, the important thing here is that this is known as “revocable”, that means, that either side can tear up that piece of paper and they aren’t obligated to each other. So, with a Letter of Intent, there’s a lot of sellers out there and we educate them about an option contract with a time period; they’re not going to get their money in 2 weeks; they’re not going to be selling their house and closing in a month (as is typical with real estate here in the USA); instead, they’re going to have an option that is open for 6 months, or 12 months, or 24 months, and that’s just going to sit there in the background. That is what they are signing, they say, “I understand that, and so, I will sign this Letter of Intent.” So that’s the first step.






OK, again, Letter of Intent (LOI), the owner agrees to sell the property to the company (TwnklEstate) at a maximum price with a fixed timeframe – 6 months, 18 months, 24 months.






Now there is the smart contract; this is dealing with the right side of that initial picture; this is TwnklEsate, and YOU the TEC holder. This is the smart contract that says, “Hey, we are going to work with you, we are going to offer this opportunity to you, and here is the option opportunity to go ahead and reserve Fractional Owner Rights (F.O.R.).”






Now this is describing the smart contract. It’s based on those details of the Letter of Intent that we signed with the property owner.


So we, TwnklEstate, are now dealing with you on the right side of that picture, and, we say: here’s the smart contract, there are 2 parts to it; the YEM (Twnkl) value, of which this contract is going to be exercised (that means, when the property will be bought); in my example when the Twnkl (YEM) is at 5 cents. We got it under an agreement, a Letter of Intent with the property owner; and at US$0.01, we are letting the currency rise in value, and at US$0.05 (that’s the YEM value here that you see referenced), that’s when the property will be bought. And, there’s going to be a timeframe – 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, anyone of those. And, it might be shorter than that.


The important thing here to mention, is that the YEM value (5 cents in my example), is what drives when we will go ahead and buy that property. If the YEM goes from 1 cent to 5 cents in a month (but we don’t say when, currency takes time, we don’t know what the market will do), but if, as a hypothetical, it takes a month to get there (from 1 cent to 5 cents), we (TwnklEstate) go ahead and buy the property then, in a month; we don’t wait the 18 months, as an example, that was put in the Letter of Intent. So the price of the YEM, drives when we will buy that property.


Dan: That’s the special thing about a smart contract; a smart contract is a contract that is “into the future”, and that will be exercised when exactly the fixed circumstances are happening. So that means, #1, we have a timeframe up to 24 months, and #2, we have a certain YEM value; so when the YEM reaches that value within the timeframe, that means, here we are; the smart contract is active, so now, we can buy the property and go to the next steps.


Matt: Absolutely!






So the smart contract is between TwnklEstate, the company, and the TEC holders, and so, the contract has to do with hitting that price point of the YEM and within a certain timeframe; so these are the 2 components you will take to the blockchain (TwnklChain).






Dan: So what we are doing as TwnklEstate, is that we create a property ledger on the TwnklChain. So remember, the TwnklEstate business combines real estate with blockchain and with cryptocurrency. We’ve heard about the real estate, we heard about the currency, and this is the blockchain part.


Matt: I want to make sure everyone understands this: What we do here at TwnklEstate is like backing a cryptocurrency by hard assets, real estate. So, it’s no small thing, that we are putting a house up on the blockchain and that property ledger is created on TwnklChain, because now you’re getting your cryptocurrency, and instead of being traded in thin air like say, Bitcoin, where it might be US$6,000.00 one day, and US$3,000.00 in 2 months, the actual value of the property is now giving the currency a legitimacy, if you will, or a stability factor.


Dan: Absolutely you are right. Now, what we are doing is that once we have a Letter of Intent signed for a certain property and we have created the smart contract saying, “OK, that’s the YEM value we’re ascribing for and that’s the timeframe.”

Now in the 3rd step: the property ledger is created on the TwnklChain. That means, for each property, for each house, there is 1 token with 5 decimals; so the house is turned into 1 token, that is, 1.00000 (5 zeros). Why do we do that? Because if someone asked me, “Well, if you have 100,000 Fractional Owner Rights (F.O.R.), why don’t you just make it 100,000 coins or tokens? Wouldn’t that be easier?” Of course, for the numbers that would be easier, but it wouldn’t explain what it really is. We are talking about a F.O.R., which means, you have a fraction of 1 property, therefore, you have a fraction of 1 token (1 token = 1 property) that is representing the property on the blockchain (TwnkChain). So that’s why we have the 5 decimals.


Matt: So if you have US$200 and you buy Bitcoin, which is at US$7,000 per coin, you’ll see it in your wallet as 0.029 Bitcoin, you have a piece of 1 coin. Similar to that, 1 token represents a property and the beautiful thing is here, you can put in just US$200 towards that US$500,000 property that TwnklEstate is offering; and you now own 0.0004, of that house – is that a good analogy Dan?


Dan: Exactly. So when you check your statement in the future at TwnklEstate, and you see, “Hey, for this property, I own 0.01 Fractional Owner Rights,” then you know exactly, “I own 1% of this property.” (0.01 = 1%). So that is much, much better and easier long-term than having 100,000 tokens, otherwise, someone might think, “I’ve got 1 token, I own a property.” But with 100,000 tokens, that wouldn’t be the case.  

So in our case, if you have 1 full token of one of the properties, you have not a F.O.R., you have the full property ownership rights, because you own the (1 whole) token, there are no other fractional token owners besides you (you own 100% of that property).  


So now the token contract contains the exact property details, which is: the address location, the lot size, the size of the (internal) living space, or any extras whatever is on that property, such as a pool or a Jacuzzi, or whatever. And, of course, the token contract contains, as well, all the smart contract details.


Matt: On the real-estate side, for most people here, some might be looking to buy maybe their own property, their own house with TEC, but many are buying F.O.R. because they see an income-producing property, which has rent coming in; it will have a lease with the tenant; those kind of details are also part of that token contract. So you see what you are buying such as the cash flow coming in on the rents, and so that’s obviously an added benefit, so you’re not just hoping the property goes up in value (as many people do and as real estate can), but you are also looking at the cashflow from that property.  


Dan: Yes, but I also have to say here to make it clear, it is the current, and therefore, it is the potential and expected cashflow, because when we have our contract with the timeframe of 6, or 12, or 24 months, as you know, things can change, so what we can display, is the current situation, which of course, is a good indicator of what can and will happen in the future. But, we need to point out that there is no guarantee, that when we talk about spending money on whatever, such as gold, shares or real estate, there’s NEVER a guarantee.  


Matt: Ever. I will just add that, “EVER”, and another fact here in Arizona where I buy property, all of our contracts have a 25pt. font, big letters initial page to every contract that someone signs as a buyer or a seller, and it says, “Real estate has risk (the market goes up and down), buy at your own risk.” After real estate tanked here in Phoenix 10 years ago, Realtors got their butts sued (as with everything, legal language comes with people getting sued), so that was an example of property values going down, but as we have talked about, that’s why you have ME, you have me to protect us from downside because I have a lot of experience to my best ability, and we’re not just hoping and praying that we buy a property and that everything just goes up and everything’s rosy; we plan to protect from the downside, but the downside is there is a risk.

The risk is traded off with the actual rewards. I (personally) have a chunk of money in a savings account; I checked my statement the other day (I have a rather large sum), and I got about US$2 worth of interest, because I’m getting 0.01% on my savings account – so there is no risk there and, conversely, I have 0.01%.

Now I put my money into real estate, with some of my own personal properties, and I get 30% profits; now there’s risk involved, as property values may go down, but, I get 30%. And so, for those who have not purchased real estate before, you need to understand that principle.

Now we as TwnklEstate, and you as TEC holders, we (together) have an added benefit or kicker that helps protect us, because we’re using the currency (YEM), and the rise in value of the currency as part of the strategy; and what that does to the overall profits to make them better for us, is that it protects us from risk, because we aren’t spending as much money when we buy that property.


Dan: So yes, that’s it, and that needs to be clear for everybody. We don’t have a written guarantee, but we do whatever we can to make it FEEL like a guarantee, at least one that the risk potential is minimized.

Let me give you an example to help you understand things. Let us take one of the apartments here in Germany. The price for 1 F.O.R. will be like 0.08 (I think) TEC, so a fraction of the TEC to purchase F.O.R.; in total it would be like 800 TEC to buy the whole apartment. So now, here comes the most important fact about our TwnklEstate strategy: we are offering this apartment to you NOW, which means once it is opened, you will be able to push the button; it’s already there.

Now you need to calculate how much did you pay out of your pocket for this TEC that you are putting in there. And then of course, you would need to say, “Wow,”, because you bought the Twnkl at 1 cent, and “Wow”, because for 800 TEC, it is $800!

If you bought Rainbow Currency at pre-ICO or during ICO in the early rounds at US$0.001 or US$0.002, you might say, “Wow, if I calculated, it is like $80 or $160.” We are talking about here how you can put this little amount of money (out of your pocket) into real estate for example, valued at $60,000-$70,000 USD, and so NOW calculate your risk.

What is the risk that the price of the property drops from US$60,000 down to $50,000 or $40,000 even US$30,000? We are still far, far away from what you have paid out-of-pocket for your TEC; and that is crucial to understand and that is why we have built this special TwnklEstate strategy, that you literally have a risk not to lose money, but your biggest risk is to make less money (we’ll talk a little bit more about this later in the presentation).


Matt: Just to follow up on that as it’s such an important factor here - normally before, people buying property, hard assets, with the cryptocurrency factor in play, as an example in the U.S.A., the U.S. dollar is worth $1 here in the U.S.A. (it may trade differently elsewhere), and you only have the value of the property going up or down depending on what’s going on in your city, that is, how fast houses are selling, if you fix it up or it’s a dump etc. So here the value of the property can go up, stay the same, or even decrease (a potential risk), but the currency trading up and down, (we’re at the bottom now, so can trade higher), but where someone bought in as that currency rose in value (as an example, Bitcoin started at US$0.01 and then went up to US$20,000), so it’s where you bought in; and as the currency fluctuates, as it goes up, that’s what makes your deal better.






Also one thing to note here: in an option agreement (visually in your mind, we’re going back to the left side of the picture – TwnklEstate dealing with the property owner), our Letter of Intent and then a real-estate contract which says the property owner wants to sell a property at US$100,000 as an example, and we will buy in 24 months, or when the Twnkl (YEM) goes up to 5 cents from 1 cent, as an example.


Now in 24 months if the YEM doesn’t hit the agreed level of 5 cents, it only goes to 3 cents; then we are not obligated to purchase that property. We can literally tear up that option agreement, and say, “We’re not interested, thank you very much.” So not only are we allowing and using the currency and its fluctuation to go up, and where you bought in at, to make value and decrease risk, but as with all very intelligent real-estate contracts (and I have done this with 100 million dollars’ worth of real estate), I always have an “out”. So if things don’t look like I want them to, when we’re ready to actually sign the contract and own the property, I give myself an “out” that does not contain financial risk. 

I look for buyers in situations where they will say they’re OK with that. But, many people aren’t OK with that and we simply say, “No thank you.” We don’t ever deviate from our plan and strategy to go ahead, and in 24 months when we purchase that property, or when the YEM goes from 1 cent to 5 cents in my example. Unless that YEM hits US$0.05 within that 24 months, we simply walk away. And so, if the YEM is at 5 cents, that means we’ve got a great deal because the currency has gone from 1 cent to 5 cents and we have more buying power; if it hasn’t, then we say, “No thank you.” In my example (earlier when we first got on the webinar here), I’d analyzed probably 1.5 billion dollars’ worth of property to buy 100 million. At times when I’d analyzed single-family homes as investments, I kept track and my ratio was usually out of 50 houses offered to me, I bought just 1! That means, I say “no” a lot, so you can think of me as the CNO for the TwnklEstate, the Chief “No” Officer!

I will be saying “no” a lot unless, in this case, the circumstances are just right, and the property owner agrees to terms that we (TwnklEstate) want, and we will never deviate from our strategy, period. And that is what gives the TEC owners that decreased amount of risk, increased amount of security, while buying property.






Dan: So now, after the Letter of Intent, someone wants to sell their property to us and we are interested in buying it. And we have a smart contract where we have clear rules with the YEM value we are expecting; with the timeframe we are expecting; we have the token contract, the blockchain ledger for the property on our TwnklChain. So now, we can put an offer on the real-estate website. (






So now, on the TwnklEstate website, you can read the property description, the expected revenue (that Matt was talking about), when he is saying, “Yes” to a property like the example described in our last webinar on Thursday (08/30), that is a property compared to the current value, not to the price (which is even better (lower price) that we can buy it for), but talking about the VALUE of the property where we are above 10% net profits per year on that property. These are really high-class properties, and of course we can receive these percentages now, and there’s a high chance that when the smart contract is active, that you can expect some kind of the same revenue, and of course, what we will share with you on our website is the price in TEC per F.O.R., so per 0.00001 (5 decimal points) token. And these prices, I’m pretty sure, are the smallest prices ever seen for real estate. Even if it is just a fraction, we are just talking about dollars, and in some cases, just talking about cents when you convert it into the dollar value.

Here is the next special thing; with TwnklEstate, there is no backdoor to paying with any fiat currency, U.S. dollars or Euros etc., or any other digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ether or whatever; the only currency that we are accepting at TwnklEstate is the TwnklEstate Coin, TEC. I’m pretty sure most, if not all of you here on the webinar, already own TEC which is the only currency we accept.

But for those without TEC, there is a place where you can get, buy, convert into TEC and that is at CCS ( and there you will see that you can buy TEC with only one other currency, and that is our Rainbow Currency (YEM), our Twnkl.


What does that mean?


We will attract people who have not heard about us yet, but they will learn about us tomorrow, next week, in 2 weeks, 4 weeks, whenever.

So now, they are interested and they say, “WOW,” when they calculate this at the current rate for YEM and the current rate for TEC, and we’re talking here about a timeframe of 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 (or 24) months – they say, “I can make a great deal here, so I am in, I want to have some real estate through TwnklEstate.” Well they need to go and they need to buy some YEM first and then with that YEM, they buy TEC. So that means, that the price that we have right now for YEM, is our fixed minimum price of US$0.01; it can’t go down, just up.

So now when you check at CCS, you see “AWWW” for something like US$260,000/270,000 worth of YEM available at 1 cent. So, “Woah, how long will that take to get through the YEM at the bottom?”

Matt, do you know anyone such as real-estate buyers who are buying US$100/200/300/400,000 or even more on real estate, in real life?


Matt: Yeah, absolutely – my goodness, in my network of folks, I’ve got guys that are very seasoned, that are worth US$800,000,000 (800 million U.S. dollars), some that are worth US$2-5,000,000, and real estate is their gig!


Dan: OK Matt, you have to promise me 1 thing (haha). Do not contact the 800 million U.S. dollar guy, as we don’t have enough YEM for him (big chuckles)!


Matt: I will tell everyone here, there is a reason I am involved and why I converted immediately (when I bought YEM) 95% of my YEM over into TEC; and that’s because, there is nothing out there currently in existence anywhere in the cryptocurrency market, where the cryptocurrency is backed by hard assets (such as real estate), and the result is that the actual cryptocurrency gains value because there is an underlying security, a hard asset, attached to that cryptocurrency; it’s not traded in thin air with nothing but people’s opinions behind it. And so, just with that fact alone (people’s opinion), Bitcoin gained in popularity simply because it got in the news etc., and (Bitcoin) is something that you can use to go ahead and invest and trade to buy low, sell high, that is what it is.

Now as a specific cryptocurrency, you can tie your Twnkl (YEM) to real estate through TEC, so now you actually have something that is not only new, but financially, so much more sound than any other cryptocurrency, so now you have supply and demand; now you actually have a desire from the open market to say, “Wow, I want that!”

Actually, it’s not only new, but the financial strength of that cryptocurrency (Rainbow Currency; YEM) is unlike any other, and this is the reason why I am here; because, the cryptocurrency, YEM, impacts the value of the real estate, and you have what I call “both and” meaning both upsides – currency and real estate. And that is nowhere else; everywhere else you have to depend solely on the market and the real estate values of the surrounding homes, etc..  


Dan: And that means if just 1 bigger real-estate buyer learns about us and says, “Wow, this is interesting, I see the double power here, cryptocurrency and real estate, wow, I love it!”

Now let’s talk about it; give it a try, that means for them, they might say, “I’ll spend 1 million U.S. dollar”, or whatever, so the smaller guys might say, “OK, I’ll spend 200,000 or 300,000 U.S. dollars.” So if just one real-estate buyer comes on board with just US$300,000, this buyer alone will eat up in just 1 transaction the whole US$260/270,000 in YEM available right now! So, if we were to see this real-estate buyer tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow, the price for YEM would already be, instead of 1 cent, but 0.011/.012 cents, and guys believe me, that means, we won’t just attract 1 real-estate buyer, but more real-estate buyers, for sure.


Matt: I think I told you, I have over 2,000 connections on LinkedIn (a business Facebook for those who don’t know) and most of those are real-estate investors, brokers, real-estate attorneys, so not just investors; but also getting this out to the world. So once we have properties that are up on the chain and fully subscribed with TEC owners, this will not be a slow process; I know the strategies and the way to get out to the real-estate arena – it’s going to be a lot of fun!


Dan: Well I know our members, so I need to point out one thing here: guys, you are the FIRST, so (rest assured) we won’t invite an bigger real-estate buyer tomorrow…and this real-estate buyer buys all the nice properties that we have, and you have nothing; of course, the properties that we talked about, the apartments in Germany, the houses in Arizona, of course that is for YOU, and you will be the ones being able to push the button. But, like Matt said, what we can show to potential real-estate buyers – “Look here, that was our first property, (these, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 properties), and they were gone in minutes or hours.” But I’m pretty sure it won’t be longer.


Matt: By the way, the value of those combined properties in value is at least 750,000 (3/4 million U.S. dollars).


Dan: Definitely, the 7 apartments in Germany are together about US$500,000, plus your U.S.A. ones, I’m pretty sure we’re hitting US$1,000,000.


Matt: We are; because Arizona’s properties are at least US$500,000 pushing US$550,000.


Dan: Therefore, we are definitely already above US$1,000,000 in value. And, we’ve just started, it’s so exciting!






So after the website offer, now it is YOUR time, now you can put (TEC) in your escrow for your F.O.R. (Fractional Owner Rights).






So now, you the members, all the work until here is all done by TwnklEstate. Now, it’s your time; right now, you are learning about it. In a few months or a year, this will be common practice for you; you’ll just go to TwnklEstate and see, “Oh, that’s a nice new listing, and I’ve got some TEC to spend.” So that’s cool!

So here is where your part starts (if you want to): you are placing a reservation for 1 or more F.O.R.. That is what you do; the push of a button, typing in a number, saying, “OK, I want that price for this property,” - I want 1 or 10 or 100, or however many F.O.R..

So now what is important, you don’t pay anyone for it; your escrow TEC payments are held in a separate wallet; and just in case, for whatever reason, as Matt described (in the unlikelihood) with some scenarios that could happen, why the smart contract is not activated – if that happens, you will be fully refunded. That means 100% fully refunded.

So if you put 100 TEC into escrow for a certain property and the smart contract connected to the property is not activated for whatever reason, you get exactly 100% of your TEC back – a full refund; no fees, it hasn’t be spent, nobody has control over it; it is in a separate escrow wallet for this particular smart contract – it cannot be spent or used by anybody before the smart contract is activated. This is very, very important for you to know.


Matt: For those who are not familiar with real estate, an escrow account is a neutral account that is not controlled by the company, TwnklEstate, or you, as a TEC holder. It is a neutral account that is there for the benefit of both parties.


Dan: In our case, it is on the blockchain and cannot be manipulated, and nobody can get anything from it. It sits there in a special escrow wallet until the magic happens and the smart contract is activated, or we definitely know that this smart contract, for whatever reason, is off. Then there is only 1 way; straight from the escrow wallet back to your wallet.


Matt: Yes. So, in real-estate terms, in the real-estate world, there are escrow companies. Everyone who’s bought or sold a house understands that. There’s a 99% chance here in the U.S. that they have gone through an escrow company, or an attorney acts as that role. And, the same thing there—it’s a neutral company that holds monies, and the contract, etc., to make sure that what is defined in that contract in writing is executed; and that there is no influential treatment given by either the buyer or the seller. Nobody can rip anybody off, for lack of a better word. It’s very clear.

The same thing for escrow here, for the actual F.O.R. (Fractional Owner Rights). One thing I want to mention: when someone puts their TEC into escrow, just like a real-estate transaction, when you put money into escrow (or your TEC in this case), that money is “parked” there. You can’t play with it. You can’t pull it out in a week, and then do something with it just because you want to. It is part of this transaction, for reserving the digital rights (F.O.R.); we have the option (to buy the property). Your TEC are parked there for the duration, the length, of that option agreement—until the property is bought.

Now, the YEM might go up from 1 cent (US$0.01) to 5 cents in 3 months, even though we have an 18-month option, in which case that money is put to use, and the property is bought in 3 months.

It might be 18 months where your TEC are parked in that escrow account. That’s why it’s a conscious decision. Success (profitable Real estate, real wealth) is not “go to Vegas and make money in 5 minutes.” It is a decision and it is a long-term strategy to stop getting 0.1% in your savings account, and (instead) get 10% through the real estate, through the cash flow. That takes time.

It might, depending on how hot the market is for the YEM —it could be quicker; or it might take the full length of that option agreement/the Letter of Intent; and your money is parked there in escrow. The great news is there’s no risk. But if for whatever reason the Smart contract does not come into full effect, you get your full amount of TEC back, but only your TEC—not TEC plus US$5,000; not TEC plus 20,000 YEM, or 10,000 TEC; nothing else. You get your original money that you put into escrow, back.


Dan: Exactly; because nobody was able to work with that money, and you don’t have to trust here an attorney, or notary, or an escrow company. That’s the wonderful thing about blockchain technology. It’s all digital, it cannot be manipulated. There’s nobody who could do anything with this. It is 100% safe on the blockchain. And, just in case it’s not used for the smart contract, then there is only one direction where this money can be transferred, and that is back to your wallet, where it came from.


Matt: And the point that I really want to hammer home is, that if you get your TEC back, and it did not increase in value, you just got back what you put in, there’s no complaining. That is the deal. You have not actually made money arise in profits on that TEC; however, you had no risk while your TEC was in escrow.


Dan: Exactly, yes.


Matt: You didn’t make money, but then again, you had no risk of losing it. That’s the part that people need to understand. They need to understand that just because they put TEC into escrow, if that house isn’t bought, they have no risk, and it goes back; but they also in that scenario did not make money. They didn’t have any risk of losing it; but they also didn’t make anything. They get their original money back.


Dan: Exactly, and they can hold it, or put it into the next property; or, of course, they can convert it back into YEM, or do whatever they want. So, it’s your TECs, and you can do whatever you want.






Dan: So, after you put your TEC into escrow for a specific property, your waiting time starts. The maximum waiting times fixed in the smart contracts are at least 6 months, and the maximum will be 24 months.






So, like Matt already explained, that doesn’t mean that if the TWNKL (the YEM) is reaching the value that was written in the smart contract earlier, after a month, after 3 months, after 4 months, or after 24 months’ smart contract—whenever that is fulfilled, we’re ready to buy.

So, these are your maximum waiting times; and these maximum waiting times are fixed in each smart contract, and can be different from smart contract to smart contract, from property to property. But before you push the button, you know your maximum waiting time. That is very important. And, then the actual waiting time depends on the trading value of the YEM; when the YEM reaches the smart contract value, TwnklEstate (the company) is buying property from the owner.






Here you can see it once more. We have 3 parties involved: we have the property owner, we have TwnklEstate (the company), and we have you, the Fractional Owner Rights (F.O.R) holder. We have TwnklEstate (the company), buying the property through classic real-estate contracts. All the legal paperwork, (all this handling until TwnklEstate Inc is written as the owner in the public ledger), all this is between the property owner, TwnklEstate Inc, and, of course, the authorities that have to do with the real-estate sales—and that is different from country to country.


Matt: That’s right. And here in the United States that will be, back East, (on the East Coast), it’s an attorney; here on the West Coast, it’s typically an escrow company. So the property, all of our contracts, are in escrow with those companies—real-estate purchase contracts, and option contracts (that we have the option to buy it), the Letter of Intent—all of those are the legal contracts that Dan is discussing. And that’s my world-that’s what I do.


Dan: And that is between the property owner and TwnklEstate (the company). You don’t have to think about it. We found Matt, and Matt looooves to do that stuff, so let him do it.

So, now between TwnklEstate and you, the Fractional Owner Rights holders; there’s the smart contract, you know it right from the beginning. There are your Fractional Owner Rights (F.O.R.) which you know all the details right from the beginning. And we have our blockchain ledger, and you’re literally reserving your space for a certain property on the blockchain ledger, by putting TEC into escrow.

Nobody can take it from you! This is absolutely crucial. The only factor is, “Is the smart contract active, or is it not active?” That is the only thing that is crucial. If it’s not active, you get all your TEC back. If it’s active, we buy the property; from then on your Fractional Owner Rights are on. You got it; you’re in the blockchain ledger as one of the holders of (digital) Fractional Owner Rights.






Now, this is what is happening after we (TwnklEstate) bought the property. We, TwnklEstate Inc, are the official, legal owners in the public ledger for this property. That means at that second, the smart contract is active—it is fulfilled; we own the property. That means, now, the escrow is released into our direction. If the smart contract is not active, and is off, you receive a full refund. If the smart contract is active, that’s part of the smart contract, the escrow is released to TwnklEstate; but that means now you have the Fractional Owner Rights.

You are the digital owner of the real estate. A digital owner means you have owner rights. So, now, this is what is starting now. We’ve talked about expected profit, expected return, expected revenue—whatever you call it. At the end of a year, there is profit to be shared; and now you receive your profit from your owner rights. So, now, if we (TwnklEstate) receive, for example, rent paid in U.S. dollars, you will receive your profit in U.S. dollars. If we (TwnklEstate) rent out property for YEM, well, then the profit is in YEM, and you receive YEM. If we rent out in any other currency, it would be for our bookkeeping, converted into U.S. dollars for fiat currencies, and for any other digital currency it would be converted into YEM—to make it easy to understand for everybody involved.


And, let me say one more thing, “Why do we share profit on a yearly basis?” You are 100% the (digital) owners. All Fractional Owner Rights means, in total, you the members, (digitally) own the property through digital owner rights. And that, of course, means all the profit that comes in is yours—that comes in from rent, or in case the property is sold one day, of course, the profit from selling the property, as well.


The profit is 100% yours; but, real estate has profits (that is cool); but real estate (the owning of real estate) has not only rights, but duties and risks, as well. And there is always something that can happen with the property—even if it is fully renovated; even if it is in perfect condition. Everything is totally fine, but it might be that tomorrow the air conditioner, or the heating system, or the water tank, or whatever, breaks for whatever reason; and then it needs to be fixed. And who’s paying for that? The owner is paying for that, right?


Matt: That is absolutely correct; and that is the part, if I may—that’s tied into the reason of why profits are shared yearly. When you have a house that you rent out, and you get US$1,000 per month in rent, as an example, in January; but in February you have to replace a toilet, and it costs you US$200—the plumber and the toilet. So, in February you get US$800, (US$1,000-$200 for the toilet). Because the numbers fluctuate throughout a year, that is why at the end of the year there is something called the net operating income.

Gross is what you brought in over all, but then, the net is: you had some expenses along the way, and whatever is left over is profits, that’s the net amount of income that comes in from a property. At the end of the year, which is very standard in real-estate (not just here, but everywhere), the profits are distributed and given out to the owners after the accounting for the year is complete—for accounting, for the ease of calculating things, etc.—and it’s very important to know that when properties are bought and analyzed (by myself, first), for the real-estate F.O.R. owner, we calculate and we estimate. We do a lot of due diligence, and then we say, “Well, just in case, since the toilets in that property are 15 years old. Just in case, we’re going to put into our calculations that 2 toilets are going to need to be bought that year.” Maybe not, but we put it in there as a buffer. So that when we analyze a property. Sure, some people are just “blue skies.” “You’re going to make every single cent as profit from your rents!”

Well, that’s not realistic; and that’s immaturity in the real-estate arena and world. You have to factor in your risks, which includes your expenses and your costs; we put them in our software and we say, “With all of those risks and costs, (accounting, etc.); every year there are standard costs, property management (there’s a fee for that), and we end up with the net income at the end of the year, and if that number makes a whole lot of sense, then we buy—and only then; which means there is a lot of due diligence on that property.

When I talk to a property owner, they have to give me a lot of information, and our contracts state that—about the house, about the property, what’s been going on with the property—so that we can forecast and give our best estimate. Is it rock solid? No, but it is our best estimate! (At 1.5 billion US dollars’ worth of practice, I’m better than your average bear when it comes to that.) That is what we do, so, when we get a property, and put it out to our TEC holders that it is a sound property.

So, the reason that the profits are given out annually, is what I just discussed.


Cate has a question for Dan:

Just to clarify—you had mentioned that, of course, if the profit is received in U.S. dollars, of course, the F.O.R. holders would receive their profits in U.S. dollars; if the profit was received in YEM, it would be paid out in YEM; but you mentioned other currencies. Could you just clarify that part, too? Will it be just U.S. dollars or YEM, or how does it go there?


Matt: Or in euros, etc? Great question, Cate.


Dan: Our two company currencies are YEM and U.S. dollars; so, all digital currencies would be converted into YEM, and paid in YEM; and all fiat currencies would be converted into U.S. dollars, because we will convert that in our bookkeeping as our main fiat currency, into U.S. dollars. So, those are the two currencies that we will use for payments.


Matt: That’s very important. We’re using the currency because of the benefits. We can use the rise in value as a very key, strategic idea to buy property, and get it at even greater discounted prices than we would if just going with cash.


Cate: Awesome. Thanks very much, guys.


Dan: Perfect. Yes. So, let’s go ahead. Matt, from your side, is there anything else? Just talking about the TwnklEstate strategy. Is there anything we have missed so far, where you think this needs to be shared?


Matt: No, and I think we will, obviously, field questions and get another webinar together; but I think the biggest questions were answered here today—the highest number of questions we had, had to do with “Are the TEC holders dealing with the property sellers?” No, that’s us, TwnklEstate as a company.


And TEC holders needed to know, “Am I getting profits in a month? What’s the time frame like?” And we answered that by saying, “We will have various lengths in our LOI (Letter of Intent)/our agreement/our real-estate contract/option contract with the sellers—6 months, a year, 18 months, (24 months). And that’s the outside window of their parking their TEC in escrow for the smart contract. Not only that, but we are waiting for the YEM to reach a certain “strike price,” going from 1 cent (US$0.01) to 5 cents in our common example here. That would be the strike price, where we actually buy the property, or take it down (out of circulation). So, that was another very common question that we had. (So also do understand, there is also the waiting time once you have the F.O.R. on a property (inside waiting time), as profits are paid out annually at that point.)


Risk was the third question. “While my TEC are in escrow, can they walk away; can they go away?’” We answered that, “No.” It’s a neutral escrow wallet. Your TEC are completely safe. And they only get one of two treatments: the property is not purchased; you waited. You didn’t receive any profits, while your money was in escrow; but neither did you lose anything. You get your money back, there are no fees.

Oh, by the way, this is what happens in the real-estate world—you put money in escrow, and you’re paying fees to that company, whether you buy the property or not. So, this is one of the great little benefits here of buying with TEC—you get your money back.

Or, the second option: we buy the property, and you now have (digital) Fractional Owner Rights. So, that was the other big question I think we had, Dan. Those were the core questions that we really wanted to answer here today.


Dan: Perfect. And I would suggest in a minute or two that we open the chat, so that members can post some questions; and we can see if we can answer them right away; or if it would be some kind of another presentation or something else to do. I know that some, or maybe even many members think, “Ok, guys. You got YEM for the TEC. When we sold TEC, we did not accept U.S. dollars. We have been accepting YEM only. So, how the heck do you want to buy real estate?” And it’s important to point out that real-estate owners are very, very interested in having some kind of a “booster;” and they see our cryptocurrency, Rainbow Currency, as a booster.

You know that we already closed contracts—not Letters of Intent. You know we already have bought real estate in Germany with our cryptocurrency. And the same owner who sold us real estate for Rainbow Currency, is the guy who now said, “Well, here you’ve got 5 more apartments.” And he’s not doing that because he does not believe in our Rainbow Currency. He believes in it. He said, “I know this will be a huge success, and that these real-estate deals will be my best real-estate deals ever!”

So, the same way he’s thinking is like other real-estate owners are thinking; because they see real estate as a strategy. That’s what they do. That’s how they build their fortune. They build a real-estate strategy.

Now, if they receive YEM from us, they ask us, “Ok, what can I do with YEM?” And, we tell them, “Well, you can buy TEC with your YEM, and then you can pick your next property. And because we’re very flexible at TwnklEstate, we can even build an exact real-estate deal, matching exactly what you expect.” So, for them it’s not about, “OK, I receive millions of YEM now. Where can I convert them into U.S. dollars?”

No! It is the circulation that we’ve always talked about—building YEM, and that includes a sub-currency, the TwnklEstate Coin (TEC.) That is an economy that we have built around our cryptocurrencies; and that is exactly the point of where we want to go; and that might answer the second question.


Q: “How and why do you think you might attract real-estate buyers?”

A: It’s exactly the same thing. With all the different real estate that we are able to offer, we will have so many—from the family (who wants to buy their own residential home for themselves); the small real-estate buyers; the big real-estate buyers, where it might be that one buyer is doing a 10, 20, 30 million-dollar deal through TwnklEstate. Not next week—but in a few months, or maybe next year.

And, our rules are clear: if you want to buy real estate at TwnklEstate, the only currency you can pay with is TEC; and if you want to buy TEC, you need to have YEM—that’s it. And that is the booster for our economy that we need. And once the YEM is above 1 cent (US$0.01), then it’s off the ground. It’s flying!

It will fly, and we will have exactly this circulation; and more and more, we will come to the point, and our members will come to the point, that they understand, “I don’t have to sell my YEM. I don’t have to focus on a fiat currency. I can just make it step by step, a little bit. I’m happy with my strategy that I have built here;” because we’re talking now about a strategy that brings you profit in return.

And even if you pay with cryptocurrency, you will receive fiat currency, as well. So, that is very, very important that you understand that this is a crucial part; but it’s just a part of our bigger picture.

And there’s one more thing, before we open the chat. I would like to tell you that we have already had these requests—people ask us, “Hey, I understand this with the YEM, and I understand this with the TEC, and I understand it with the (digital) Fractional Owner Rights; but what about the company? What about the business model for TwnklEstate? This is very attractive. Can I invest directly into the company?”


So, TwnklEstate will be a group of companies. We’ll have the main company in the U.S. as a company of shares; then, we will have, in different countries, wherever it makes sense, we will have sub-companies. So, the first company will be a company of shares in Germany; because we will be very, very strong in Germany with real estate, right from the beginning, as well.

But we are already talking in other countries with real-estate owners, with the real-estate brokers, with investors in other countries, as well; so, there will be more sub-companies all over the world. But the main company will be a company of shares in the U.S.; and because this is a real-estate services company and because the project is already public, we are only able to open the door to invest directly into the company for so-called accredited investors.

An accredited investor is a qualified investor; and if you’re one of them, or know someone, or you might talk with someone about TwnklEstate, and they might say, “Well, yeah. That’s all nice, but can I invest directly into the company?” Generally, yes, we’re open for accredited investors. That means the minimum amount to be invested is at least 5 figures, or US$10,000 and up. And it’s really just for accredited investors.

So, if someone is asking you, or if you, yourself, are interested, connect with us through one of our private channels, and we will see what we can do. But this is not that we are asking for any money or whatever. It is just that we have been asked, and that’s why I’m sharing it here. There is an opportunity, and it is for accredited investors only; and it needs to be talked about, before there is any decision to be made.


OK, that’s it from my side. Let’s open the chat, and see if there are some questions that we can answer right away; and other than that, we will close the webinar for today.


(Cate opens the chat.)

Q. (Dan reading:) If it happened that I become a property full owner, who will have the decision to sell that property—the full owner, or TwnklEstate Inc?

A. Of course, you, the owner. It’s good that we have the slide here on the screen (last image above). “Property is sold by TwnklEstate.” Well, you hold the Fractional Owner Rights. You hold, when you add up all the F.O.R.’s, the whole property. That means you decide.


If we see a good opportunity to sell a certain property, we would inform the F.O.R. holders, and they will decide. And if it’s more than 50% saying “Yes, sell it,” then it will be sold. Of course, if you are the only one, it is literally yours; so, that means you decide.



Q. Who owns the main company, TwnklEstate?


  1. TwnklEstate is part of the Unicorn Network; so our holding company, United American Capital Corporation owns TwnklEstate. Profits from the TwnklEstate, the company, goes to our Unicorn Holding, yes.



Q. Right now we’re only dealing with fractional owners; what happens if one member buys an entire property? How is profit shared?


A. Well, if someone owns the 100% F.O.R., then 100% of the profits go to that member, holding the 100% F.O.R., of course.



Q. What happens when we decide to sell?


A. With our real-estate strategy, we make it very easy for you to buy real estate, without the hassle. If you say, “Hey, I have 100% Fractional Owner Rights for the property, and I am allowed to be the legal owner in the public ledger,” you can request that the real estate is transferred to you, and to your name. So, then it is off the blockchain, it is yours in the real public ledger. But that means you have to pay the taxes, you have to pay the fees, you have to pay everything, whatever is involved for that transfer.


So, all this difficult (financial) part at TwnklEstate that we are covering is yours. So, if you have 100% F.O.R., then it’s yours. If you have 100% F.O.R., then you decide. And if you say, “I want it fully in my possession, and out of the TwnklEstate strategy,” it’s totally fine.



Q. Can I have the power point to show prospects?


A. (Cate:) I would say “no.” However, there’s going to be a whole webinar recap about it; and that would be the better thing to share; because it would include all of the information and questions being answered, and all of that stuff. So, you’ll have the full information when the recap is published, and that would be the thing that I would share more.


Dan: Yes, Cate, you are right.



Q. (Dan reads:) “How long would I hold the property before selling it?” Matt, that’s a good question for you.


A. (Matt:) Absolutely. And so, what there are in the arena of real estate, is that there are multiple strategies and multiple reasons why you buy property. Some properties are just meant to be kept, and they are what I term “little cash cows.” You’ll see some of these properties where the returns are very healthy—low price point; you’re not waiting for the properties to increase in value, double, etc. to sell them—you just want the cash flow.


So, that is one type of property where TwnklEstate, and the owners—we are going to have such a volume of properties. We have 12 or 13 in the first week. There are going to be a ton of properties; so we don’t have to make a decision to keep some, and then to re-sell others, because we only have 13 available. No. There are going to be a lot of properties.


So, some of them we will (my advice to TwnklEstate would be to) keep them. Some of these properties that I keep, I keep for 15-20 years—and the reason being, they pay for themselves; and then you’re dealing with the “house’s money,” as I like to say it. Once you’ve gotten all your investment dollars back from the cash flow, and you just keep receiving checks once a year, why on earth would you want to sell that?


So there is that class of property—a long-term hold.


Some that we buy, (are) at a discount to the market; although all of ours (the way I buy property), we will be buying profit when we purchase. In other words, it’s worth US$80,000, but we pick it up and are able to offer it to all the TEC holders for US$60,000. So, immediately, when we purchase, there’s value/money/profit there.



Some properties, the strategic play will be to buy low, and then soon sell high, and receive a chunk of profits. Some folks will want to take their portion off the table, and put it into their own checking account. Others, understanding the principle of compounding interest/compounding profits, realize (like I did)—on my first real-estate deal, I made US$1,300. It was a small one, way back in the day. And, now, 8 years later how is it that I’m buying a 20-million-dollar property? It’s because I kept my profits into deals. I sold one, and rolled the profits into another one. So, that will be our strategy on other properties.


So, the key that everyone needs to know, is that my background and experience will be applied to every property; and the local real-estate market for that property; the neighborhood of that property; the house itself, and the characteristics of that house; the economy of that city where the property is located—those are just 4 examples of what I’m analyzing. And that analysis, property by property, is going to be different. The analysis is the same (whenever it can be done; not all information maybe available worldwide; see the website for details on each property), but the results will be different. I let the numbers speak for themselves.


So, when a property comes in, it will fall into its own “bucket”—long-term hold; fix it up and re-sell it; do something with it to convert it into a different type of property, and then sell it. Each property will give up its secret into the most profitable approach, when you do a deep, thorough analysis (remember each property may be different).


And we’re going to have different buckets, and as properties come in, we’re going to determine which bucket it falls into, based on the numbers. And I’m a very strict, again Chief “No” Officer (CNO - I frequently say “NO”). When I analyze property, I’m very strict about adhering to the principles, and you don’t deviate. You do not change—even if someone says, “Well, that just sounds like a sexy property. It’s ocean front in Maui! You gotta buy it! It’s exciting!” NO. If the numbers don’t work, and if I don’t get the green light in my software, after analyzing it in depth; it might be pretty, and it might sound sexy, but it’s a “pass.” No, thank you. Next.


And so, that is the overall strategy. I hope that answered the question.



Dan: Yes, perfectly, thank you. So, someone is asking the question here:


Q. With what currency do the investors need to invest, U.S. dollars or TEC?


A. If we’re talking about accredited investors here, that would be fiat currency deals; so U.S. dollars.  



Q. Can we have a mechanism where we can sell our TEC directly to our own prospects?


A. No, the way is TEC vs. YEM, because it is part of our Rainbow Currency and our Twnkl economy that we are creating; so, they would have to go that way, for sure.


Matt: By the way, Dan, really quick. That’s what actually increases the value of YEM and the price (on CCS)--trading!


Dan: Of course! The higher it goes, the lower the TEC prices will be for future properties to be listed.


Because I saw one question:


Q. What will you, the company, do with the TEC?


A. Of course, we will put them on the market, as we need more budget in YEM; because we will sell them, of course, for YEM. So, that means at which price? The price that the market gives us! We are a business. TwnklEstate is a business; and of course, we’re selling TEC for the best price available, when we have TEC; right now we have no TEC. We have only YEM, and that is exclusively for the real-estate budget.


But, when we have TEC, when escrows are released, and the company has TEC, we will sell it on the market at the regular rate. So, the more YEM we receive from these sales, the lower the prices in TEC will be for future projects. So, once we have the circulation, the TEC are back at TwnklEstate, and we are selling them that means the prices will go down even further; so, this will be fun, definitely, for everyone.



Matt: To clarify there, if the price of the real estate, that we are getting at a cheaper, relative price; the value of the TEC or the YEM actually goes up, we’re looking for a profit. We’re giving an example, of a property that we actually took down at 5 cents (US$0.05), we got under LOI (Letter of Intent) at 1 cent; but, we want to buy the property at that 5 cents, while the YEM goes up to 10 cents.


So, everybody got in at the 1 cent, that’s where it is now; but as it grows over time, we insert ourselves (buy a property at a certain price point for the YEM), and then we put it under contract—6 months, a year—for it to go up another 5 cents, or 10 cents in the YEM. So, it’s a constant stairs-stepping-up, of increased value in the actual coin; and because we had to spend less dollars, we got in under one price; and then all of a sudden, the value of the coin went up, the inverse relationship is true—we got the property for a lower price. So, I think that’s what you were speaking of, right Dan?



Dan: Yeah, definitely. And here’s one more thing that we have to point out—another question.


Q. When TwnklEstate sells the property, which amount will you take as the base to calculate profit?


A. Here’s the thing. When we sell a property because the majority of the F.O.R. holders voted to sell, of course, the full amount received as a sale price, is what is split (evenly) between the F.O.R. holders. So, when the property is sold, it’s not just a profit. You paid for the property in TEC. It is yours, so that means, of course, the full price is split—even more money than you might have expected, based on your question.



Q. When going for a smart contract, can we go for probable rent received from that property?


A. Yes. You will read about that—most of the properties that we have right now, are already rented out. So, what we can tell you is which rent is coming in right now every month, which is not guaranteed for when the smart contract is active, and when the profit is started to be shared with you. Of course, it’s a good indicator that you can see what the value by the rental value on the market is.



Matt: And, Dan, touching on one item there—when it comes to rental properties, I’m a huge supporter/investor in cash-flowing properties (not a property that we just wait for the value to go up), that brings us cash along the way. While the property is under LOI, or an option with the seller—that 6 months, that 12 months, whatever time it takes for the YEM to go up to that higher “strike price”—the seller, if it’s already rented out, is keeping the cash flow, the rent.


We do not start receiving rents until we buy the property, and the smart contract is executed. So, I just want to be sure that that’s clear. While TEC are parked in escrow, there is no cash flow coming in from a rental property that we are buying, that we have under contract.


It’s only when we actually receive the title to the property, that we bought it; that we start actually becoming the ones that the rent comes across to; and by “we” I mean the F.O.R. (Fractional Owner Rights) holders, that purchased the property token. That was raised, and I wanted to be sure that was made clear.



Dan: We have a lot (of questions), so I think it’s the best to collect these questions. Many of them are of the same direction, just a little bit different, but the main question is the same. And some questions are very special to a personal situation, and nothing for a public webinar; but could be answered in a one-on-one conversation.


Just one thing, because I know that something that you like to do, as well.


Q. Some property that you’ve been holding for years, for more than a decade. Others, you’re flipping them right away. Will there be flipping opportunities, as well?


A. I’m pretty sure the answer is “yes,” but, of course, no immediate opportunities, because the TwnklEstate strategy is always about buying somewhere in the future. So, that might be the 6-month smart contract timeframe.


For example, it was just said, that if the YEM goes up a little bit, we will buy this house; and the only reason we buy this house is to invest some more that would be calculated into the value for the TEC, and then the only thing we will do is renovate this house and make it look and be “new,” and then sell it right away.


So, Matt, will we have properties like that, as well?



Matt: Absolutely. That has been 80%-90% of my business model for 14 years. You can hold long-term, to just having cash coming in, to what I call “keep the lights on.” And then, you also have the quickest way to actually have your capital grow, is to have it dropped into a property valued at “X” dollar price, or “X” YEM price; and then go ahead and see the lift quickly; and then, go ahead and re-sell.


Dan, to add to your point, the whole time up until the point that we buy that property, while the TEC is in escrow by our TEC holders—that can be 6 months, or 12 months, or 18 months. But when we take the property down (that means we buy it), then from that point, we determine how quickly we want to re-sell it; and, like you said, after a vote of all the (F.O.R.) owners.


Now, I’ve got the strategies that for my flips, on average, between when I bought them, and their mine; and I had them renovated and resold; usually, that number was around 90-100 days, with good, significant upside. Some were a week—believe it or not! It varies. It varies on the property; it varies on the condition.


Once we actually own the property, after our waiting period of the option, waiting for the YEM to get to a certain “strike price” –which, by the way, is a flip in and of itself. The value of the currency is rising, and thereby, in effect lowering our purchase price, comparatively. That is because we’re using the currency and that factor, that dual/parallel factor: property value and currency value—that is in and of itself a type of lift, or a flip.


But, yes. Once we take the property down, to answer the question, we can hold it for a short period of time, or a longer period of time. And what my determining factor is: is the amount of profit that can be had at that moment, and then what you can do with that profit to grow it. If you can turn a property very quickly, and put those profits into another property—instead of holding one property for a year, you had three properties over a year, because you turned them quickly, that can yield very good results!


It’s all in the analysis. The numbers will speak for themselves. Folks will learn, the way I present the numbers so clearly, you’ll see (remember information on each property may vary). Sometimes you can make more with one property over a year, instead of three properties. The numbers will speak for themselves; and, literally, my 6th-grade daughter would be able to say, “Dad, go that way! You want to do that with that property.” That’s the way I work (again worldwide, information may vary, see the website for details).



Dan: Perfect. Thank you.


Ok, there are a bunch of questions related, and I would say the last one for today. All other questions will be answered in the next, special webinar, or in a special file that we share on the website, or the FAQ, whatever.


Q. (About costs surrounding buying properties.) A real estate is insured, so who has to pay for the insurance?


Q. Do people have to pay taxes and paperwork in fiat money? Are there any extra costs, and so on, and so on?


Guys, that’s the nice thing about the TwnklEstate strategy—TwnklEstate Inc is the public, legal owner. Of course, TwnklEstate Inc. is paying all these costs, and this is calculated into the price. So, when you see the value of a property, and calculate the TEC that we ask as a price, you will find out “Well, this is higher than the direct value.” For a reason, because all these costs need to be covered; but it’s covered by TwnklEstate, the company. You don’t have to pay any extra money (for regular and accounted for expenses as stipulated on the website for that specific property).


You just push a button (be sure to read all the info on the website BEFORE you do). You put your TEC in escrow. When the smart contract is active, the escrow is released to TwnklEstate the company, and that’s all you have to do. Now if you say, “Hey, I want to be the public owner of this property. I have one full token. I own all the 100,000 F.O.R. for this property, and you want it in the public ledger under your name, then you have to pay for the taxes, and everything else.


And talking about monthly costs or yearly costs, like insurance, that’s why we say that the profit is paid once a year—after all the costs have been deducted. And, of course, there will be (Matt correct me if I’m wrong) for every property there will be a detailed report. Right?



Matt: Yes. (Do understand that some information that is normally available in one country may not be available in another, and TwnklEstate Joint Venture Partners may have varying degrees information available; do read all the specific detail on each property carefully BEFORE you make any decisions.)



Dan: Money in, and money out.



Matt: That’s right. (For the USA) I use QuickBooks (for properties worldwide, local software used may vary). Each property has its own accounting, to give everyone an idea. Things are not only detailed out to the penny as “expenses” along the way, once the property is purchased; but with my software, as I was analyzing so many houses, I had to develop my own software. I’ve probably analyzed over 20,000 houses in 14 years. To do that, you need an analysis software, which I had to create (it may not be available in all areas). And all of those costs are put into the estimation and the forecasting.


So, there are no surprises—the buying costs, the holding costs along the way, any renovation costs, and selling costs. Those are all factored in, right up front. There are no surprises (to the best of TwnklEstate’s ability, remember there are no guarantees and real estate comes with rights, duties and risks). There is (generally speaking but not guaranteed) never an “Oh! We forgot about that one! Oh, my gosh!” And so, when  you say, “Yes, we, TwnklEstate the company, are owning the property, that we take care of those costs—you’re absolutely right (except for what is stipulated for each property on the website). They’re all factored in (regular and accounted for expenses, be sure to read the specifics on each property BEFORE pushing any buttons). There are no “Gotcha!’s” in my world—which means our world (to the best of TwnklEstate’s ability, remember there are no guarantees and real estate comes with rights, duties and risks).



Dan: Thank you. Now, I think we should really say goodbye for tonight. There are several more questions, but they all have already been answered, or they can be answered at a later point.


One final question:


Q. When TwnklEstate puts the property on the market to sell, are perspective buyers required to buy with TEC, or is fiat OK?


A. (Dan:) No. If we put it on the market to sell, we want to make profit for the owners; and that, of course, will be in fiat currency. Well, if the owners vote for it; it could be YEM, as well. If it would be in another currency, then it would be converted into one of our two main currencies, in the group of companies, which is YEM and USD (so, Rainbow Currency and U.S. dollars). That’s it.


There are several questions about “When do we go live?” and that, of course, includes “When can I finally push the button?”

Guys, there will be a webinar recap for today—we’re talking about 2 ½ hours now. It will be posted as soon as possible.


You will see updates on the website. We may activate the member area before that time. But, pushing the button, we really need to make sure that you understand. And hopefully, you learned from today’s webinar, that it is really important that everybody understands the whole story before making decisions. Because this is not something like, “today this,” “tomorrow that.” When you push the button for an escrow that means you make a decision for 6, 12, 18, 24 months. So, you really need to know what you’re doing; and that is why we decided to take the time to explain it really step, by step, by step, by step.


I have to say, thank you, Matt, for taking your time to explain this. I know you have a lot on your mind—other webinars, a series explaining things and different aspects and so on. So, thank you for being on board. We’re proud to have you on board as a part of our Unicorn family here. And it’s really a pleasure working with you.  



Matt: Thank you, Dan. And thank you everyone for attending. And just know that for me, heading up the real-estate acquisitions, it’s a responsibility, and a burden that I feel on my shoulders to personally make these properties as strong and as safe as possible. And I will do that with your TEC, just as with the US$100,000,000 I’ve invested and bought in real estate. And I treat it with more value than my own. And that’s what I’m doing here, with your TEC; and that’s how we’ll build the value of the company, and all boats rise together. Thank you, Dan.



Dan: Cate, are you still with us?



Cate: I am! Thank you so much for that.



Dan: Please take over, Cate. Be proud to be a Unicorn; and always, HAPPY HEALTH! Thank you, guys.



Cate: Alright, thank you, Dan. Thank you, Matt. This is sooo amazing! I know I’m filled with all kinds of questions for myself, too! So, you guys are not alone. Definitely, we will have this recap out as quickly as possible. It will take several days. Do have patience. No one is going to miss anything. Nothing is going to open between now and the recap being posted.


Take this time. Learn. Do your own research. Do your own due diligence, just like we always say.


And have a great time, guys! This is so exciting. We’re doing it—just like we’ve always said, just like we’ve always done—we are doing it! In our own way that helps all of us together. We share success. We care, and we share. This is our business model for our whole, entire network. And the more you see us release these projects, you see that we stay true to that business model. We stay true to our 8 core values; and this is how we do business. We’re here to do business in the best possible ways, creating win-win-win situations so that everybody wins, because that’s totally possible! And so, we’re here to do this.


Thank you so much for joining us. It’s been a very long webinar. We still have almost 200 people here after 2 ½ hours, so you guys are troupers for sure! We appreciate you all—even if you couldn’t make it to the webinar today, we appreciate ALL of our members, worldwide.


So, thank you all again. WAZZUUUB! Remember, EEBOOX! You can download your free eBook, so go check that out. Definitely TwnklBds: we have lots of awesome things happening there. So, check that out. And remember,, the national voting—4 new countries were added today, and 4 more will be added tomorrow. So be sure to vote for your favorite artists. We have so much great talent this year; it’s amazing!


TwnklSoccer, too! The first will start in 3 days! Pick your favorites. Who’s going to win? You decide! So, good luck to everybody! These are fun times, and we’re just getting started. Can you imagine? Think of where we’ll be in a year. It will be absolutely amazing!


Thank you all so much, and we’ll see you next time!


Dan: Thank you, bye-bye.


Cate and Matt: Bye-bye, now. Bye everybody.


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, Matt Burrow, Dan Settgast, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team





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September 14, 2018 Updates:

TwnklChain updates: Work still continues, the team is still sorting out some issues on the commissions coming off hold, so that will take a little more time to be regular, however you can now see your TwnklChain history for all coins and tokens in Transfers to and from CCS for YEM and TEC are available, as well as making purchases on EEBOOX,, and More updates are underway and we will keep everyone posted as soon as they are available.




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For now those with questions, please see the following recaps for further details (Aug 17, Aug 20, Aug 24, Aug 30, and Sept 3).


Due to the length of the September 3, 2018 webinar recap, English will be the only official version (a translation widget is provided for convenience on that recap). If you have any questions, be sure to ask, our wonderful Support Team is there to assist.


Come to the webinar on Tuesday, September 18, 2018, the opening date of the properties on the TwnklEstate website will be announced.




In other updates... the TwnklSoccer website is now open and available for you to place your bets. 


There is a TwnklSoccer reflink in WSS keep in mind that the TwnklSoccer affiliate terms in WSS and other info will be updated as needed, the reflink works already now, so that can easily be used, and the banners are not changing, so you can use those too right away. 




August 25, 2018 Updates for Everyone: Regarding the updates for TwnklChain, work continues...

As it was announced, the ability to transfer YEM/TEC to CCS has opened and trading is available for those currencies on CCS as well.


Couple things understand and to check before you do any transfers:

1. Is your account verified at CCS? If not, do that first, you will receive an email confirmation once verified.

2. Is your FREE PerNum listed in your CCS Profile? If not, do that before transferring.

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4. Understand that by transferring from your PerNum Wallet to CCS, you will be confirming that balance, so be sure it is correct first.



Folks do understand when it comes to CCS, they are based in Europe and their Support Hours are Monday to Friday from 8am till 6pm CET, so that means US Pacific Time 11pm-9am .... So if you have a challenge, do have patience, contact CCS through their live Support chat for fastest results during their normal business hours and rest assured they will assist you.



Regarding the other functions connected to your PerNum Wallet and the TwnklChain, work still continues connecting everything back up and many functions are still paused including commissions coming off hold and transfers to and from TwnklBds, we thank you for your patience and understanding during these updates.


Rest assured when each function comes back online, we will keep everyone posted. Until then, please do not try to use any of these other functions including transferring YEM to and from TwnklBds.


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Thank you everyone, pass it along and we will keep you all posted as soon as we have further updates.








For several reasons it is crucial to change the trading symbol for Rainbow Currency on the TwnklChain. Today we have been informed by Etherscan that they refuse to change the token name and symbol from Twinkle/TWNKL to Moved/MOVED for the old, abandoned token without giving a reason.


Thus, there is a token with trading symbol TWNKL on the Ethereum blockchain and we have no power to change it. Pages like CMC request a unique trading symbol to be listed there and therefore we must change the trading symbol for our Rainbow Currency. So, we decided to change the trading symbol for Rainbow Currency on the TwnklChain from TWNKL to YEM.


YEM = Your Everyday Money


Just to be clear:


The name of our blockchain is still TwnklChain


The name of our currency is still Rainbow Currency


The names of our denominations are still Rainbow, Glitter, Twnkl, Dan


Why Twnkl and not Twinkle?


1) we have branded everything to Twnkl

2) a company from Asia just launched a token on the Ether blockchain, and they named it Twinkle


Of course, we will still fight with Etherscan to change the name and symbol of old Twinkle/TWNKL to avoid any confusion.




Trading is now live on CCS for TEC and YEM. You are able to transfer to and from your PerNum wallet and CCS. Be aware that if you do a transfer out of your PerNum Wallet, you are confirming your balance to be correct.

As noted in the recap above, Ishaq’s blog will be updated with these updates as soon as possible. If you need assistance with learning how to do things, please wait for those tutorials and info to be published before taking any action.

Also be aware the standard TwnklChain transfer fee of 0.1% will apply to all transfers (paid in YEM). If you are transferring out of your PerNum Wallet, the fee is deducted from your PerNum Wallet.

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F. Don't constantly tag random people on your posts. That function is meant to tag a person who may be in a picture, or tag someone that needs to take attention to that post because it is relevant to them.


G.  Don't add people to groups without their permission. This happens to me all the time and it is very annoying. You can send invitations and that gives the person the option to join, ignore, or simply delete your request.


H. Many members have posted marketing material that can be used and shared, graphics and videos that can be shared, and ideas on better marketing practices. Always be mindful to personalize things that you use and be sure to keep information accurate. If you see something that you like that has not been given to share or use, always contact the owner of that material and ask their permission before doing anything with it.


I. If you create your own Pages, Groups, Blogs, etc., be sure you comply with the terms of use of the host. Be sure you comply with our Affiliate Guidelines for Social Media and Internet Activity. You can view them here: 





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