TwnklChain Updates Notice
October 1, 2018
Posted by: Cate Kozikowski

TC Updates & PoW Requirements


Work is progressing on the TwnklChain updates. As it was discussed in the September 24 webinar, there are many updates happening for TwnklChain to provide additional transaction confirmations and more ways to collect free Rainbow Currency (YEM).


Proof of Activity (TC PoA) - many updates are underway, and more information will be announced in the coming days.

Current ways to collect YEM from PoA include:

Voting in Biggest Talent

Playing TwnklSoccer

Playing PrizeMania



Proof of Stake (TC PoS) - this is where you set aside some YEM in a special wallet and after some time, you will share in the fees from 1-2 nodes where transactions are confirmed. More details about this will be coming out soon, check back in the coming days for updates. This option is great for anyone with some YEM they can save for a while, no prior experience or special technology is required.



Proof of Work (TC PoW) - this is where a member wants to setup their own node to confirm transactions on TwnklChain. For those who are interested and experienced, please see the detailed info below.


*Proof of Work is for advanced members only. You MUST have technical knowledge, skills, capability, equipment, and resources required. This is not for beginners. *


  • Must have knowledge of cPanel and FTP and be able to upload and edit configuration files and the ability to create a CRON job.

  • Must be SafeZone member, and provide PerNum.

  • Must have a minimum of 500,000 YEM in associated PerNum Wallet.

  • Must have own server, and provide the public IP address of their server and also any associated domain name they have on it.


Node minimum spec requirements: - 2 cores with 1GB RAM, php7, php curl enabled



If you have what it takes to participate in the TwnklChain Proof of Work (TC PoW) nodes, please email your details including your PerNum, your server specs, and confirmation that you meet the requirements as outlined above. Only 1 node per member is allowed for TwnklChain Proof of Work.


You will receive further details after we verify your information.

For those who are confirmed, we will provide the code you will need to upload to the public folder at a later time after approval.


To apply send your details, with subject line “TwnklChain PoW” to service [at]


This notice is also posted as an October 1 Recap on for reference.


Thank you all!