CBM Webinar Highlights
December 19, 2018
Presented by Cate Kozikowski

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Topics in this recap:

1. CBM Marketing Instrument re-launch updates




Cate: Welcome everybody. I am so excited to share such great information with you today. This webinar is about Cashback Marketing (CBM) and specifically the launch of Marketing Instruments and your ability to purchase them through CBM using your Marketing Units (MU). Please grab a piece of paper and a pen or pencil so you can take some notes and be prepared when everything is live.

Of course we will explain everything to you first, then those updates will go live when the recap is released. There will be more updates on Monday, so do be aware there might be a little time in between when purchasing Marketing Instruments might be disabled temporarily while the next round of updates is completed. This recap will also be updated after the new updates are complete, so do check back here for additional info when you see it updated.

We are going to talk about the rules and multiple different Marketing Instruments, not just Special Marketing Campaign. If you will be doing any advertising through CBM you must refresh yourself on the Rules. You can find them in the CBM Terms, specifically those related to advertising, such as the Ethical Guidelines, The Advertising and Marketing Guidelines and specially the Products and Advertisement Policy.


1.- Ethical Guidelines:  It goes through the Basics. You need to be a real and legally registered business and provide real services and products. And please remember that since our network is family friendly, your advertising is expected to be family friendly too, it must be suitable for anyone 14 years and over.


(g) Advertising and Marketing Guidelines:  That goes through some general terms as far as that goes. We always follow the Ads You Can Trust Standard, which means that all advertising is checked and certified by a real person and only registered businesses selling real products and services are able to post advertising.

iii. Restricted Content: 

Cashback Marketing does not allow any form of pornography, illegal activities, gambling, weapons, hate, violence, or any other Marketing Content that is not viewable by the general audience aged 14 and over or restricted otherwise locally by law. See below for a list of restricted products and services.   
When Marketing Content is deemed unsuitable, as interpreted and judged by the Cash Back Marketing and/or UNICORN Support Team, Cash Back Marketing may ask that you remove the Marketing Content out of respect or may also remove the Marketing Content without notice at Cash Back Marketing and UNICORN'S sole discretion. Any Marketing Content that is removed for being Restricted Content is not eligible for any refund.


(h) Product and Advertisement Policy: That is a long list of things that are not allowed or allowed in very specific ways. If you have a question about it, please contact Support before you upload any advertisement.


  1. No commissions on spending MU. Commissions are distributed only on the purchased of MU. That means when someone spends their MU on a marketing instrument, there is no commission for doing that.


Marketing Instruments

Special Marketing Campaign (SMC): You may have known this as the Special Marketing Pool (SMP), now for clarity the name has changed to Special Marketing Campaign (SMC).

Since we are opening now for new MU to be spent on Marketing Instruments, we will give until the end of January for anyone to add MU if they want to participate.

Results will be seen 90-180 days from the close on January 31, 2019 at 12pm USA Pacific Time. So that means results will be seen sometime between April-July 2019.

Of course just like we have done in the past, a new SMC will open in February, so if you miss this one, you can always participate in the next one.

The benefit of the SMC first depends of what kind or MU you are using. If you are using a CBMD (the dollar based units), then the commissions will be up to US$60 per MU and if the commissions are US$30 or less, it is covered by the SMC Budget Back Guarantee, so you would receive your MU back and you can use it again how you choose. For those who have pre-ordered CBMD Units, you are eligible to collect Cashback on those units if the SMC Budget Back Guarantee is activated and your MU remains unused.

For the CBMT MU, it works exactly the same way, except the commissions are different because it is YEM based. The maximum commissions on a CBMT Unit is 6,000 YEM and if the commission is less than 3,000 YEM or less, then you would simply get your MU back. Do understand with the Cashback, it is limited to 365 days per MU. So if you have used the Cashback already, depending on how much is used, it would be available too if the Budget Back Guarantee is activated.


Banners Ads:

Finally we are having our Banner Ads! There are 2 types of Banner Ads: Top Banners and Normal Banners.


Top Banners - They are shown on the top of sites (before scrolling).

Normal Banners - They are shown on the rest of the page (after scrolling).


To start with we will have the 468x60 px. size Top Banner that shows on TwnklBds.

Step by step we will add more sites and banners sizes.


The next size to be added will be 728x90 px. and this size will have both a Top Banner and a Normal Banner to choose from along with many different sites where it can display, each added step by step.


Banner prices:

468x60 Top Banner = 2 MU / 10,000 impressions

728x90 Top Banner = 3 MU / 10,000 impressions

728x90 Normal Banner = 2 MU / 10,000 impressions


Additional Marketing Instruments will be added step by step. The next Marketing Instrument that is scheduled to be added is Radio Advertising.


There will be 2 options for Radio Advertising

  1. You create the ad script

  2. We help you with your ad script and provide the file with a global license to use it.

All radio advertising spots are 30 seconds in length (165 words) and there is a minimum of a 10 week spot to book a Radio Ad.


Do understand, the way Radio Advertising works best is that listeners hear your ad at the same time for multiple weeks in a row, this is why there is a 10 week minimum purchase on Radio Advertising.


Radio Advertising Pricing

  1. You create the ad = 4 MU (x10) = 40 MU minimum order

  2. We create the ad a global license to use = 6 MU (x 10) = 60 MU minimum order


Remember our quality standards for advertising, all advertising falls under our Ads You Can Trust standard, which means everything is checked by a real person and only registered businesses with real products and services can book advertising such as banners and radio advertising. Do be aware:

-We won't display any get rich or other fishy banners;

-No forex or matrix or anything like that is allowed.

All advertising must be family friendly and according to the CBM Terms, especially in the advertisers sections. And all advertising is checked, that means when you book an ad, it will not display immediately. It will go through a verification process and then you will see it approved or we will contact you if we have questions, and you’ll see it after that. So do be aware this is nothing instant, where you post your banner and it shows immediately, we have maximum quality standards and all advertising is checked by a real person.

And just to be clear: If there is anyone that tries to post something that causes harm, this may jeopardize your account, and also may have other legal consequences. Generally speaking I know we won’t have this challenge, just to be clear: do not do that.

So let’s take a sneak peak and see how you will buy Marketing Instruments in CBM.


With the new updates live on CBM, when you click on Marketing Instruments, it will open up this Marketing Instrument Usage section you see below.



When you click on BUY MARKETING, you will see the options below.






You will be able to read some information about the Marketing Instrument:

The Special Marketing Campaign (SMC) is perfect when you have no product, service, or business of your own to promote. Simply book your marketing budget, let our experts do all the work, and you share in the commissions.

For each Marketing Unit (worth US$30 in marketing budget) you book, you will receive up to US$60 in commissions. If commissions are $30 or less, your campaign is covered by the SMC Budget Back Guarantee and instead of commissions, you will receive your Marketing Unit back to spend again. Campaigns last from 90-180 days and results are shared at the end of the campaign.


When you click on SET UP CAMPAIGN you will enter your budget of Marketing Units to be spent.




Then when you click SPEND BUDGET you will spend your budget and the page refreshes and you can see the units you have spent under the campaign you have set up.

To be clear: When you SPEND your Marketing Units, they are spent, gone, used. If they were collecting cashback, they will no longer collect anymore cashback when you spend them. The only thing is if for whatever reason a budget back guarantee is activated, and you got your Marketing Unit back, if you still had cashback remaining, then you would be able to collect whatever cashback was left remaining while your Marketing Budget was unused.



Once more, when you click on BUY MARKETING, and choose…



CBMT SPECIAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN, you will go through a similar process, so let’s take a look at that next.



You will be able to read some information about the Marketing Instrument:

The Special Marketing Campaign (SMC) is perfect when you have no product, service, or business of your own to promote. Simply book your marketing budget, let our experts do all the work, and you share in the commissions.

For each Marketing Unit (worth 3000 YEM in marketing budget) you book, you will receive up to 6000 YEM in commissions. If commissions are 3000 YEM or less, your campaign is covered by the SMC Budget Back Guarantee and instead of commissions, you will receive your Marketing Unit back to spend again. Campaigns last from 90-180 days and results are shared at the end of the campaign.


When you click on SET UP CAMPAIGN you will enter your budget of Marketing Units to be spent.



Then when you click SPEND BUDGET you will spend your budget and the page refreshes and you can see the units you have spent under the campaign you have set up.



For Banner Advertising, again, when you click on BUY MARKETING, and choose…



BANNER ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN, you will go through a slightly different process, yet still very simply to set up, so let’s take a look at that next.




You see the banner options available. Right now it is auto-selected, so you would just click SET UP CAMPAIGN for the next step.



Then you fill in your link and select the image for your banner (you can also see what you choose previously for your reference).



You will see those selections filled in, click SET BUDGET to go to the next step.



Then you will click the SPEND BUDGET button to complete your order.

After your banner is approved, you will see it display on the appropriate website, in this case on TwnklBds, like the images below.




The TwnklBds banner will show on the main page, and also on the individual auction pages…




so your advertisement will receive great exposure for a wide audience.

Banners will also have a Budget Back Guarantee option, however the minimum order for that is at least 10 Marketing Units and there will be other criteria, so that will come in another step later. Whatever banners are booked now will not have any guarantee available. So do be aware of that.

As a reminder, only registered businesses offering real products and services will be able to place banner ads and all banners go through an approval process before being displayed. If you wish to set up a Banner Advertising Campaign, be sure your SafeZone Membership status and profile is selected and filled appropriately to speed up the approval process.

So those are the latest CBM updates, of course we will have more options and Marketing Instruments added step by step and we will keep everyone posted.

Thank you all so much. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of day or night and we will see you all next time Wazzuuuuub , and all the best!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team






Additional Info from Support:


Thank you to all our Partners, Customers, Supporters, UFM, and Members together, WE have all achieved much this year with our SafeZone network, Rainbow Currency and all the milestones in history that we have achieved. We are headed in the right direction and 2019 is sure to start off with great momentum, more history is the making, success, and growth of our project and network.


We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and very prosperous, joyous New Year 2019.


As this is a busy time for many of our TEAM and family, please understand that from today, Saturday, December 22, 2018 thru January 1, 2019 our offices will generally be on holiday. Taking a much deserved rest and time with their own families. Generally we will still be open, however hours will be limited and sporadic during this time, so please understand if you do not hear updates from us during this time. Rest assured that after the new year we will be moving forward full steam ahead. We will be back in the office on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.



As a gift to all members, please enjoy our annual Holiday Game.

Send us a screenshot of your best score and the top 3 scores will get a prize of 1,000 YEM for #3, 5,000 YEM for #2, and 10,000 YEM for #1. (Only 1 entry counts per member, top score received will be used.)


Email your screenshot before Dec 27, 2018 at 12pm U.S. Pacific Time to prizes@perfectinter.net

Click on the X-MAS GAME hexagon in the SafeZone to play.





New Marketing Instruments are now live on CBM!

More updates are coming on Monday. Be aware purchase of Marketing Instruments may temporarily be disabled in between for further updates to be completed.





New property is now listed on TwnklEstate (December 22, 2018)! Next new property will be listed Jan. 3, 2019.





Join us as we kick off 2019 on our next webinar to learn important updates.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 11am USA Pacific Time.


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