Unicorn Network Webinar Highlights
January 8, 2021
Presented by Cate Kozikowski with special guest Anthony Norman (CEO, Compliance Officer of Dragon Global)

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1. PerNum Multi Wallet updates

2. Bridge coin updates



Cate welcomes everyone with a hearty Waaazzzzuubbb!


She shared that earlier in the day, she has had the opportunity to have an interview with Anthony Norman, who is the CEO and Compliance Officer of Dragon Global.


Unfortunately, due to some technical challenges Anthony was not able to join the webinar live, however, they have been able to record some highlights of the interview and a small presentation for the webinar as well. 



[Start of interview]


Cate: Wazzzuuubbb and welcome everyone!


I am here with a very special guest today, Mr. Anthony Norman, from Dragon Global. Welcome Anthony!


Anthony: Thank you Cate, I am so glad to be here.


Cate: Excellent, I am glad that you could join us. Before we get into this very exciting presentation today, could you answer a few questions. 


Anthony: Absolutely, happy to do that.


Cate: Why did Dragon Global decide to work with Unicorn Network and the UAC Group of Companies? 


Anthony: Well to start with, we see a lot of opportunities and synergies in the way it has been structured and the way that the YEM currency is structured. As you look at many cryptocurrencies in general, you see a high volatility and quite frankly it’s not sustainable in the long run. But this is something that we do believe is sustainable in the long run, and it has a lot of synergistic effects with the services that we offer at Dragon Global including the equity services and market making. So, we think this is a perfect match, which I’ll show you later in this webinar as well. 


Cate: Excellent, well that sounds very exciting. So why do you think that YEM is the perfect cryptocurrency in this regard?


Anthony: As I said before, the way that YEM is controlling market volatility is a very important factor. Market volatility is obviously something good and positive when you are trading; as a part of Dragon Global, we are actually running a cryptocurrency hedge fund as well, but in the cryptocurrency world because of the market caps of the cryptocurrencies, you are very vulnerable to market volatility. So, you want to have volatility, but within reason. This is something where I believe that the YEM strategy approaches in a very solid way. And like I said, it’s a long-term approach. 


The second part is that YEM has a global reach; we obviously are looking to approach members from most of the world, and we think that YEM is something that is going to drive both liquidity and substance behind YEM as well, as we bring our market making and equity services to the partnership. 


Cate: Excellent! 


[End of interview]




Now, next we have the presentation from Anthony:



Hi everyone, welcome to this webinar for Pernum and Dragon Global. My name is Anthony Norman, I’m the CEO and Compliance Officer for Dragon Global. We are a UK-based Fintech firm that is now partnering up with Pernum. 


Tonight, we will talk about the new functionality of the wallet, and also, talk about a few points as it pertains to YEM and the stability of YEM, which we think is very exciting. 



Before we start, please read the disclaimer carefully. This webinar is NOT to be constituted as a legal, financial or tax advice (please speak to your own financial or legal experts for advice). This is an information-purpose only webinar. 



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The information in the presentation is subject to change without notice and DG assumes no duty to update the information. Dragon opinions and estimates (including financial statements or forecasts or suggestions of accounting, tax, regulatory or other treatments) constitute Dragon judgment and should be regarded as indicative, preliminary and for illustrative purposes only. In preparing this presentation, we have relied upon and assumed, without independent verification, the accuracy and completeness of certain information available from public sources or which was provided to us by or on behalf of the Company. In addition, our analyses are not and do not purport to be appraisals of any of the assets, securities, or businesses of the Company or of any of her entity. Dragon makes no representations as to the actual value, which may be paid or received in connection with any particular transaction, nor the legal, tax and/or accounting effects of consummating such a transaction. 


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We are Dragon Global Solutions Limited, a UK-based asset management firm with a solid background in corporate finance.




We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.


We are also operating in Sweden and Estonia for our cryptocurrency exchange. We have a very unique regulatory structure, together with the PerNum Wallet, which is operating under a Swedish Credit Union.


The beauty of this, is that it allows us to do a true cross-asset wallet where you can incorporate both CRYPTO, FIAT (or traditional currency) and other assets such as EQUITY, in the same wallet, which is a pretty unique feature. This is something that we’ve been doing for many years. Our speciality is this unique fusion between different regulatory platforms.


What we’ve done recently is partnering up with Pernum to provide you with these services inside your PerNum Wallet.


I’m now going to talk a little about these functions.


When the new PerNum Wallet functionality goes live, it means you are going to have a full cross-asset wallet.


We have a road map for the whole year with additional functionalities being rolled out. Primarily, what we’ll launch on first is a fiat and cryptocurrency wallet, and in addition to that (step-by-step), we’re going to expand the equity aspect component of the wallet as well. This is a really exciting thing, as it ties into the value of YEMas a cryptocurrency as well.



New Functionalities (that will apply to your PerNum Wallet):


● Fiat deposits – you will have the ability to make EUR and USD deposits, including internal transfers between the accounts.


● You can store your cryptocurrencies with us. We will start out with Bitcoin and Ethereum; other cryptocurrencies may be introduced over time. Especially in these times now, it is extremely important to have a stable and secure wallet for all these various cryptocurrencies.


● We are going to provide you with 3 Card types:


  • On a basic level, we have a virtual card that works with Apple Pay and Google Pay and is tied into your PerNum account.
  • Next level, you can order a basic plastic (physical) card, which is a debit card from VISA.
  • Very shortly, in about 2 or 3 weeks, we will implement our metal premium card for our premium members; this will come with a minimum deposit.


Following the metal premium card, we are going to roll out a range of premium lifestyle services such as:


  • Jets and yachts – we will have access to jets and yachts in a very unique model. Usually, such things come with a very high sort of minimum level of spending. But we have created a model, which we believe is very attractive. It allows you to have access, for instance, when you charter a jet, normally you have to spend at least 20-25 hours of flight time to get access. In this case, you can get access at very, very low levels, for example, as low as 1 hour, which is very unique. So, there is a lot of fun stuff in the pipeline here.


In addition to this, the wallet can hold Equity, which means, bonds, stocks and so on. The stock play is where we are really excited about the partnership with YEM, because we’re going to have some very exciting functionalities.



Now, we’re going to talk about the Bridge Coin and Equity in general:


What is equity? When I talk about equity, I talk about stocks (most of the time). Equity could be ownership in a building, real estate, bonds etc. It’s generally referred to as a security, or most of the time, but it doesn’t have to be. Now, when I talk about equity here, I’m talking about publicly-listed stock.


Corporate finances really are our hot spot here. Our team (and me personally) has been involved in over 15 reverse takeovers or public listings. In 2014, I executed the largest tech listing (a Unicorn Listing as it’s referred to (Unicorn meaning a company going public with at least a 1 Billion USD value, which is very suitable for you guys). This was done in Europe; a 1.3 billion Euro listing, and we did this in about 9 months of time. So, we have a very seasoned and experienced team working with equity.


How does this tie into YEM? Well, an important factor for YEM is that YEM is controlling market volatility well, and as with any currency you don’t want too much volatility. Volatility is good if you do day-trading (or any trading in general); we actually operate a hedge fund that deals with cryptocurrency, so you could think that this is a positive thing, but you want volatility within reason, you don’t want too much.


Once an asset or a security becomes too volatile, it becomes insecure. And even if there may be a lot of upside, the larger investors (the institutional investors), avoid something that is too volatile. This is why you see the really big institutional money going into, let’s call it, “boring asset classes”, like real estate.


So, what we have created is a very good bridge here. We have created a bridge-coin where YEM can actually be staked; you keep your YEM, but you lock it in or you exchange it for our bridge-coin, (we will be announcing the name very shortly). By doing that, the YEM will be used to back up public equity. Right now, we are working with a number of publicly-listed companies. They are primarily on the German market, but we are not at liberty to disclose the names at this stage, because we deal with public companies, but the plan is for this to be released on February 1, 2021, and at that time, it will all be announced to you.


What we do, is that we generate liquidity; we act as a so-called market maker. This means that we provide liquidity in these assets. In return, we actually charge in stock.


This is actually a fantastic model, because it means that YOUR YEM, just by holding it, is making a yield every month for you. So, suddenly YEM, just by holding it, starts generating you a passive income; it could be more or it could be less month by month, nevertheless, it is generating a stable income stream for you. So, this is why we think this is such a good thing.


Let me explain the reason why equity is so profitable in this context as we are doing it; generally, the public markets (call it end-consumers), are at the end where you have had so many people in between; you have had so many corporate finance firms, investment banks etc. So, actually the large margin is gone, but quite frankly, what I usually say is, that I put value at face to value. Now, I’ll give you guys an example to explain this: You list a company, and let’s say it’s worth 100 million, just to take a random number. It’s a private company, and the reason it’s valued at a certain number is, that it is based on the ability to sell it. Any kind of asset commodity or whatever it is, is obviously based on liquidity.


Now, if it is a private asset (a private company), it’s generally very hard to sell. But the minute you put it on the public market just because you CAN sell it, it is a tradable asset, then obviously the value becomes higher because it is easier to liquidate—in case you would need to. And this is the reason why the corporate finance game is so profitable. Basically, you can take a company that’s worth 100 million, put it on the public market and it is worth say, 200 million, just as an example. All this might sound very simple, it might sound very blunt, almost ridiculous, but actually, it is that simple. That of course, doesn’t mean to say that the work is easy; there’s lots of work involved, lots of legal work, such as regulatory framework you have to get through etc., but if you look at the upside it is very attractive. So you see, this is what we do.


The second stage of what we do, is to provide liquidity in these assets. So, this is what we call the SECRETS OF THE CORPORATE FINANCE INDUSTRY! I will expand on this in future webinars I will have with you guys as well. Right now, we are really at the sort of source; we are running our corporate finance business straight behind YEM and that means that you guys are closer to the actual source.


In addition to that we have our unique approach to market making. This means what we do is that we actually back up equity in different ways. Market making traditionally means that you put a “bid” and an “ask”behind the share price, which is a good thing, but the problem with this as well, is that you actually limit not only the possible downside to a stock, but also, the upside to a stock.


What we do, is we trade crypto assets and we keep buying and buying and buying in the market, because we know the way where the direction of the securities is going… you’ll be seeing a lot more of this (in future webinars).



YEM January Campaign:


● Our equity platform and bridge coin launching will be on Monday, February 1st (2021). We will launch the first wallet functions on Wednesday (Jan 13), then on February 1st we’re going to launch the actual bridge coin and equity platform. To make it a little bit more fun for you guys, we’re going to give you a lot extra!


To start on February 1st and for a limited time, all YEM purchases (through this program) will generate additional commissions PLUS FREE equity allotments from our upcoming cases.


Here is what you will get extra for those who participate in the bridge coin liquidity program:


For a limited time on ALL Bitcoin and Ethereum deposits into the bridge coin liquidity program, we’re going to pay 20% over the current market price on a daily basis – right now at the time of this recording, we pay over 50 000 USD per BTCY.


● For fiat and cryptocurrency deposits into the bridge coin liquidity program, for a limited time you are not only going to get YEM for the full value (meaning you keep your YEM), but also, you are going to get the same amount in equity tokens (100%), that will pay a dividend every month… meaning, that this keeps yielding month after month, so how nice is that? And this is the cool thing: only YEM holders are going to be offered access to these equities at these prices, at these incredible levels because you hold YEM!


● You can only use this using YEM, this is the beauty. YEM is a really becoming (it has always been), but now it is really becoming an attractive currency to hold.


● Guys, this is what you do: You stake your YEM, meaning that you start getting profits (and equity), but you get to keep your YEM; now how nice is that?


Whatever you do, don’t miss out on this campaign; as you see, you will be making a very, very nice profit instantly! And further good news: there’s more to come here!


(Note from Support: Do understand to participate in the bridge coin liquidity program, you will first deposit your desired funds into your PerNum Multi Wallet so that they can be added to the YEMChain, remember for example if you deposit EUR, you see EURY in your account on the YEMChain, BTCY for BTC, and so on, then in a second step, once the bridge coin liquidity program is available, you will deposit your desired funds into that program. Also understand if you simply want to spend your YEM to buy the bridge coin and sell that, you have that option too. And of course if you just want to deposit YEM, you do not need to deposit other funds, those other currency options are just options for you if you choose. There will be more info about this in the Jan. 13 webinar, more details are explained on that below.)



What’s next?


  • We will launch additional functionalities and weekly updates.
  • The first wallet functions go live on Wednesday (Jan 13).
  • Do a login and try the system out; do a test deposit or a transfer deposit, but do check it out and see how it works.
  • And follow our upcoming equity updates; there will be individual updates on this coming very shortly.


So, with that said, I wish you guys a nice weekend and hope you like our new PerNum Wallet. Many thanks, and goodnight!



Back to Cate:


Cate is super excited to hear all of this, as we’re sure you all are!


Now, we do want to point out so that you are all aware, and to avoid confusion: Anthony works primarily with a lot of securities and things, so he might have referred to YEM as a security as he explained things by accident. Remember YEM is a currency, it is NOT a security because it is not tied to a specific business and it’s only purpose is to be a currency.


This is all absolutely excellent and so incredibly exciting! There is one more exciting news to share with you all today:


This is very exciting news from the YEM Foundation.




“Dear YEM Holders,

Due to the current developments and prospect of what’s coming shortly and available for YEM and YEM related activities, and the huge gain in popularity of cryptocurrencies in general, the YEM Foundation decided to increase the price range for YEM by $0.8500. The new Trading Range is now from $3.3500 to $3.5500 with the first trade starting at $3.5300 at YEM EXCHANGE.”


This is so fantastic; you must all be super excited with all these incredible things happening with our YEM!!!


As Anthony mentioned, we will be having more regular updates about our partnership with Dragon Global and all of the functionalities and features and things that are to come very shortly. So, step by step, we will be having more information coming out, as we always do, and we will definitely keep you posted.


Judging by the feedback from the chat on the webinar, everyone was super, super excited!


As you know, we are also working on solutions for other challenges, projects and things, so keep an eye out for all these solution-solving updates; rest assured we will keep you posted on everything as it happens, as we always do.


That’s it for today, thank you so much for coming; there will be more information and updates coming on Wednesday explaining about some of the new features (talked about today)in the PerNum Wallet. 


Special Note from Support: be sure to come to the Webinar on Wednesday, January 13, 2021 for more info on these exciting updates happening in the PerNum Wallet, we will explain the first new features available in detail. See this WazzUb post below for details or register directly from the WEBINARS hexagon at Safe.Zone.



All the best to everyone, WAAAZZZUUUBBB, and we will see you next time!



With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, Anthony Norman, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team




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